Chapter 21: Steinbeck Fief shrouded in black fog Part 1

Ximengsi Continent’s southern part, periphery of Steinbeck Fief

After three days, Clyde’s party set out once more, finally abandoning that small inn. Now, their party had an additional member, Valkyrie Cynthia. Cynthia had descended to the Mortal World to deal with the corrupted former suzerain Duke Andrew. Since her mission had not yet been completed, Cynthia temporarily couldn’t leave. Now, her inner feelings were in great turmoil. How could she explain the matter of her sudden advancement to Legend Rank Valkyrie to the other Valkyries and Light God King?

Cynthia was too embarrassed to reveal that the way she had advanced to Legend Ranked Valkyrie was through signing a contract with an Evil God and spending time together naked in bed with him for three days and three nights. Although Clyde couldn’t be regarded as an Evil God of this world, it still didn’t change the fact that God Race and Demon Race had hostile relations. Even if he was an Evil God who came from another world, there would still be some friction between their factions.

Thinking about those shameful experiences of the previous three days and nights, Cynthia’s face became bright red. Other than not taking the final step, Clyde had taken advantage of her entire body, performing all kinds of wicked erotic acts. Fortunately, Princess Saras had been there to help; otherwise, she alone might not have been able to endure Clyde’s invasion.

At that time, Princess Saras had given herself to Clyde, but like Cynthia, Clyde too hadn’t take the last step with her because he had wanted to fully have them when they were alone. With three people doing it together, it might not end up being a perfect memory for them. Nevertheless, he had kissed them practically everywhere. In fact, he hadtaken their first kisses; merely, at the last step, he had stopped.

In the end, Princess Saras and Valkyrie Cynthia had used their hands according to Clyde’s wicked directions to resolve his burden. Originally, Clyde had thought that using their little mouths was a better choice, but that method of serving was too wicked. He had worried that since this was both ladies’ first experience, they might not have been able to accept such a wicked serving method, and he hadn’t wanted to force them. After all, he would have plenty of time to guide them later.

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After they were teased into an extremely aroused state, Princess Saras and Valkyrie Cynthia had completely discarded their elegant images and eagerly crawled onto the big bed, letting Clyde play with them however he wished. At that time, they were already unable to control themselves, their writhing throes of passion completely beyond their control. If Clyde had  truly wanted to take their final chastity, it would have been very easy for him.

Cynthia in a replacement suit of ordinary silver battle armor had a slightly red face while recalling her special experiences of these past few days. Clyde had destroyed her personal divine artifacts and equipment, and without access to the resources of the Divine Realm, she was unable to find any replacements for them; thus, she could only use this ordinary suit of armor. A sudden jolt made her blush deepen: the cool feeling on her chest reminded her that she wore nothing beneath this armor.

Princess Saras was a lot more relaxed. Now, she didn’t need to worry about being sold by Clyde. She had already used her body to pay for his past employment. Even if Clyde was a bad person, he didn’t look like a person who would be willing to sell his own woman. At this moment, unlike Valkyrie Cynthia, she wore a simple, white one-piece dress. Furthermore, she wore underwear beneath her clothes unlike Cynthia who was completely bare.

“Cynthia, after you complete your mission, don’t return to Divine Realm! Stay with me!”

“Clyde, after completing my mission, I must return to report its result. Of course, since we have signed a contract, you can summon me at any time to discuss various matters.”

Now, Cynthia’s expression when gazing at Clyde was very gentle. Sometimes, when she thought he wasn’t looking, she’d stare at his handsome face and dream of being in bed with him. They had been on intimate terms for three days and three nights. That skin ship had made this aloof and reserved Valkyrie gain a feminine taste. But, thinking of the issue of two opposite camps, Cynthia was worried about censure from the other Valkyries; after all, her current conduct was akin to betraying her faith by fraternizing with the enemy.

“What’s wrong, Cynthia? Are you worried that your companions will not understand? No problem! Whichever Valkyrie has a problem with our relationship can come find me. No matter how many come, I will make them all ompletely understand!”

“Clyde, is it fine to attract their attention? That is not a good idea!”

“Cynthia, this, however, would be worth it since it’s all for you! Just think, if all the Valkyries became like you, everyone would be equal. If everyone betrayed the Divine Realm, then your joining me would not be regarded as a betrayal. You would also feel a lot better.”

Valkyrie Cynthia was truly unable to refute Clyde’s extremely heretical idea. What the other party had said was correct. If all seven Valkyries became fallen Valkyries, Cynthia wouldn’t need to bear such a great guilt. In the depths of her heart, a terrifying thought to secretly help Clyde tame the other six Valkyries appeared. Although such a terrifying thought only materialized for a moment, it was enough to prove that Cynthia’s belief in Light God King had already begun to waver. If she had been her previous self, such a thought would have never appeared in her mind.

While Clyde’s party had hid in the nameless town’s inn, many mercenary groups had snuck in to search for the divine artifact. Among those mercenary groups, there were many higher ranked mercenaries, at least compared to the previous groups, and their equipment was also far superior. Clearly, these mercenary groups were of much higher quality.

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Nevertheless, the ending of these mercenaries was also easy to predict. The dark-red bloodstains along the way were the only proof that they had existed until today. Although they had been well-equipped, as before, they were unable to change their fates to be hunted. In Steinbeck Fief, where no one had set foot for at least one hundred years, these mercenaries who had come to seek the divine artifact had brought some rare vitality in this spiritless Steinbeck Fief.

“Here, the dark aura is very heavy. Duke Andrew must already be close to becoming a Junior Demon Lord. Please be careful; I cannot participate in this.”

Before arriving at Duke Andrew’s residence, Valkyrie Cynthia and Princess Saras both blushed and expressed together that they would not participate. After their intense intimate moments with Clyde, their bodies were still a bit numb. In addition, they also couldn’t freely move their legs in the short term due to the numbness. Pleasure could be very exhausting. Therefore, in order to avoid exposing this embarrassing state, Cynthia and Saras had a tacit understanding and excused themselves from Clyde’s proposal in unison.

The former suzerain of Steinbeck Fief, Duke Andrew, had controlled this fief for over a hundred years after he had turned into a demon. Whichever city he chose to occupy would be shrouded in a large amount of black fog, and upon entering the region shrouded by the black fog, any trespasser would clearly sense and be intimidated by his dark aura. In addition, this black fog would give away the position of any existence besides existences from the same camp as Duke Andrew, yet by coincidence, Princess Saras and Valkyrie Cynthia didn’t want to enter. However, this worked well strategically since one was from Human Race, and the other was from God Race. Entering the black fog would simply expose their whereabouts and objectives.

Clyde made a simple arrangement and told all of the girls to stay behind in the carriage. The demonized Duke Andrew was not even a match for Valkyrie Cynthia, no need to mention Evil God Clyde who was far stronger than Cynthia. Therefore, Clyde intended to go and try defeating him alone. It would be best to settle this alone, since there would then be no need to trouble the other girls.




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