Chapter 20: The Transformation of Evil God and Fallen Valkyrie Part 2

The demonized former suzerain Duke Andrew had dispatched a large number of demonic creatures but still couldn’t find the whereabouts of Valkyrie Cynthia. After searching fruitlessly, the demonic creatures could only return empty-handed. Valkyrie Cynthia seemed to have vanished without a trace.

“That fellow Andrew is truly trash! Even after cultivating for over a hundred years, he cannot affect the big picture.”

“Cynthia has already advanced to Legend Ranked Valkyrie. The spy we hid in the Divine Realm just sent a piece of secret information! It seems that she has just advanced to the legendary rank.”

“Legend Ranked Valkyrie! Isn’t that a thing that was rumored to have occurred several thousand years ago? It’s actually real!”

The two shadows floated in the sky above Steinbeck Fief. They overlooked the entire Steinbeck Fief while discussing Divine Realm’s matters. Both of them were shrouded in a dense dark fog. Average people couldn’t see them.

If it were not for their old enemy Cynthia, one of the seven Great Valkyries of the Divine Realm, suddenly descending to the Human Realm, these two also wouldn’t have rushed out of Demon Realm to keep a lookout over everything. However, neither of them could find the Valkyrie’s position. After descending, Cynthia had been active for a short period of time, before suddenly disappearing without a trace. No one knew where she was now.

“Of course, it’s real. Even other Valkyries didn’t know. Allegedly, all were surprised.”

“Let’s return to the Demon Realm first. In any case, we two cannot defeat a Legend Ranked Valkyrie. We have to let His Majesty know. Fortunately, Cynthia is the Valkyrie who advanced. Since she isn’t much of a warmonger, it won’t change the overall situation. If those especially warmonger Valkyries had advanced, that would have been troublesome.”

The two shadows finished speaking and prepared to leave. A dark red six-edged star teleportation magic array appeared not far away in front of them. Just as they were about to leave, one of them gazed toward the direction of that discarded inn where Clyde’s party were staying. She seemed to have sensed something wrong.

“What’s wrong, Lilith? Isn’t that just a discarded inn? What’s so good about it?”

“No, nothing. I just smelt a girl’s fragrance. It seemed like a first-rate beauty’s.”

“Forget it; don’t delay our proper business. We should quickly return and report this new development.”

If she had not been stopped, Lilith would have visited that small inn to check out this strange occurrence. Fortunately, she had been stopped; otherwise, she might have also become another victim like Valkyrie Cynthia before she had realized what was going on. The two shadows entered that dark red six-edged star teleportation magic array and disappeared without a trace. It was inconvenient for them to stay here for too long, if by chance, they were discovered by the Divine Realm, they might have been pursued by a horde of Valkyries.

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Even against solely Valkyrie Cynthia who had just advanced to Legend Ranked Valkyrie, these two demonesses would not have any advantage. Thus, in order to avoid an embarrassing loss, they reasonably chose to withdraw instead of investigating this matter that might attract Cynthia’s ire. As for the matters here, they left them for demonized former suzerain Andrew to handle. After cultivating for over a hundred years, Andrew still couldn’t be considered to be even an ordinary demon lord. They had determined that there was no value in supporting him.

In the bedroom of the discarded inn’s second floor, Clyde, who had already transformed into a humanoid form, was enjoying Valkyrie Cynthia’s entire body. Although he couldn’t truly take the “last step” with this beautiful Valkyrie, there were still other interesting plays that could be made. Now, Cynthia’s entire face was red, and she lacked even a hint of her previous aloofness and Valkyrie prestige. Panting, she just weakly lay on the bed.

“Don’t keep kissing me. Untie me okay? In any case, I cannot defeat you.”

“No, you are beautiful like this. Don’t even mention it.”

At this moment, Cynthia looked truly charming. In her heated state, she had already forgotten her faith and oaths as a Valkyrie. Her words of rejection, no matter how one heard it, they lacked any power. It seemed like she merely protested to defend some frail fragment of her pride and to further seduce Clyde. At that time, the door suddenly opened, and Princess Saras wearing nothing directly walked in. Her snow-white body was firmly bound by a red rope. The style of binding was a shameful tortoise-shell binding just like Cynthia’s. She even wore a red leather collar around her neck with a chain attached to it, exactly the same as Cynthia.

“Sister Lucifer, what is this?”

“Nothing, Big Sister Saras herself is willing. What, Big Brother Clyde, don’t you want her? In these three days, although you cannot make any true moves on Cynthia, Big Sister Saras, is fine.”

Behind Princess Saras, there was a similarly naked Lucifer. This bloodkin Lolita already seemed to not mind being stark naked in front of Clyde. She lightly pushed Princess Saras, and Princess Saras directly fell towards the big bed after taking a few wild steps while trying to balance herself. She was blindfolded with a black cloth, and a small red ball gagged her mouth. When she fell onto the bed, she happened to fall into Clyde’s bosom, nearly knocking him down onto the bed. Her plump fruits also pressed against him, nearly making this Evil God lose his self-control.

Clyde had yet to reply, but Lucifer had already left, locking the door from the outside. Now, Clyde had Princess Saras in his bosom, and behind, there was Valkyrie Cynthia with a heated expression lying on the bed. Under these kinds of circumstances, it was too difficult to control himself. Moreover, Princess Saras seemed to be the real winner. Because she was not the Valkyrie, she didn’t suffer the same restrictions. In addition, Clyde now had the appearance of a dashingly handsome man.

“Lucifer, why are you running away so quickly?”

“Big Brother Clyde, enjoy them nicely. I will not accompany you. If by chance, I were also eaten, what would I be able to do?”

Lucifer went to rest with witch Ista. Peering curiously at the scene, Clyde could see the circumstances of the next door through that special wall. He saw that Lucifer went straight to the bed without wearing anything, but the witch Ista was unexpectedly exactly the same. She also went to bed without any cloth. The girls around him were truly each bolder than the other: they truly didn’t fear him losing control and doing bad acts with them.

“Princess Saras, you! This…”

“Clyde, of course, this is the payment for your previous employment. You are so handsome. In the past, since you always wore such a heavy cloak, I thought that you were really ugly. Sorry!”

After the small red ball as well as the dark blindfold were removed, Princess Saras saw Clyde’s appearance. Afterward, she didn’t struggle, rather blushing like Valkyrie Cynthia. Clyde was a little embarrassed. He didn’t want to take Princess Saras in front of Cynthia. After all, Cynthia could be regarded as having been the first to roll into his bed, so it was inappropriate.

“Clyde, you can do whatever you want with me. I am not experienced, so you… you can teach me.”

“Eh, teach! Princess Saras, then I will teach you something! By the way, Cynthia, I am doing wrong by you! Please don’t look!”

“Do whatever bad things you two want to do, wait… don’t…”

Clyde put the blindfold and red ball back on Cynthia. Afterward, he picked up Princess Saras and walked toward the other side of the bed…

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