Chapter 19: The Transformation of Evil God and Fallen Valkyrie Part 1

In the vicinity of the nameless town, the demonic creatures lingered around. Because of Lucifer’s concealing magic, these demonic creatures couldn’t see the inn and could only prowl the surroundings of the inn without any purpose. Although the demonized former suzerain Duke Andrew had sent a large number of demonic creatures to investigate, he had yet to find even a trace of Valkyrie Cynthia.

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Valkyrie Cynthia, one of the seven Great Valkyries of Divine Realm, seemed to have evaporated from the Human Realm. There was no trace of her. This made Andrew very anxious and tense. He feared that Valkyrie Cynthia would suddenly appear in front of him and annihilate him. Although all Valkyries opted to fight openly, he couldn’t rule out unexpected circumstances.


Divine Realm, Valkyrie Palace

In a round table, all the remaining Valkyries sat in a circle, holding a meeting. It had already been a period of time since they had lost contact with Valkyrie Cynthia. When the golden cross on her neck had been destroyed by Clyde, Divine Realm had immediately lost her contact coordinates. They were only certain of one thing: Cynthia’s spirit tablet still radiated its eternal radiance, proving that Cynthia was not facing any fatal threats.

“What’s going on with Cynthia? It’s like this every time. She left without even taking her combat angels. Sooner or later, she will suffer a loss. This won’t do. I will take some people and go search for her.”

“Lumina, aren’t you too impulsive? Only two Valkyries can set out at one time unless there is a catastrophe on the level of world destruction. Cynthia has rushed out, already occupying a quota. Besides even without any combat angels with her, there shouldn’t be any big problems.”

“Margaret, originally, this task was arranged for you, but Cynthia rushed out instead. Wasn’t this a good chance to achieve a positive evaluation for yourself?”

“I also never expected that. Who asked Cynthia to be so impatient? However, since she has already rushed out, what can I do?”

The seven Great Valkyries of Divine Realm weren’t completely united. Regarding Cynthia’s matter, the other six Valkyries had different views. Some proposed to continue observing and some proposed reinforcing her. Nevertheless, since Cynthia’s spirit tablet had experienced no changes, it proved that she had not run into any great danger. This situation might just be due to a temporary loss of contact. Rashly dispatching Valkyries and combat angels to reinforce her might just deal a blow to the prestige of Valkyries.

In terms of strength, even if all the Valkyries were dispatched, they would not be the opponent of the Great Old One Clyde. Sending them one by one like this would be even more hopeless. While the Valkyries were busy arguing with each other, the Valkyrie spirit tablet belonging to Cynthia suddenly emitted a dazzling radiance. Its brightness directly surpassed the radiance of all the other Valkyrie spirit tablets. Compared to Cynthia’s current spirit tablet, the spirit tablets of the other Valkyries appeared much dimmer.

“Advanced! Cynthia actually advanced. This is impossible! Only God King has the ability to make us advance. Jumping directly to the highest rank… Has such a matter ever happened before?”

“Margaret, where are you going?”

“I am going to look for Cynthia and ask! Don’t stop me; this task was originally arranged for me, and I want to receive this opportunity to advance.”

“No, you have already lost your chance. I am comparatively more suitable to go.”

“Why are you all struggling? Just wait for Cynthia to return, and we will know everything. Her spirit tablet is still here. It is impossible for her to flee. She will return to report for certain.”

The requirements for a Valkyrie to advance were relatively high. Sometimes, it would take cultivating for over a thousand years for a Valkyrie to advance by a single rank. Jumping several ranks in a short time and directly achieving the strongest Legend Ranked Valkyrie level like Cynthia had just done was simple a fantasy, but the facts were before their eyes. These Valkyries couldn’t refuse to accept this difficult truth. Cynthia’s spirit tablet really proved that she had already advanced to the final step of Valkyries, instantly becoming the strongest Valkyrie.

It had already been over six thousand years since the previous Legend Ranked Valkyrie had appeared. All the remaining Valkyries had various kinds of envious expressions. They wanted to know what kind of fortuitous encounter had Cynthia encountered to be able to scale the summit in one step. However, if they knew Cynthia’s current plight, no one knew whether they would still be envious of her.


Discarded inn of a nameless town

In the secret room on the second floor, Clyde sat on the bed holding onto a stark-naked Cynthia. Cynthia flushed. Experiencing Clyde’s gentle caressing all over her body, she felt like her entire body was on fire. Not long ago, she had been touched all over her body without her being able to resist; now, this bad fellow was kissing her beautiful face as if it were a delicious treat.

Cynthia was still in W-sitting posture. The other party could take her final chastity at any time. This posture was especially tempting to make a male commit a crime. After a round of kisses, Clyde was slightly dissatisfied. He temporarily took off the red ball gagging Cynthia’s mouth and removed her black blindfold.

Cynthia’s purple eyes were no longer cold and detached like they had been the time when they had first met. They were completely soft and gentle. She was so bashful that she didn’t even dare to look straight at Clyde. Now, she noticed that Clyde’s appearance was already not the indescribable appearance of a Great Old One that she had seen before. Instead, he had turned into a handsome black-haired man. In his black devilish eyes, her shy face was reflected.

Without having to put much thought into it, Cynthia preferred Clyde’s current appearance to his original terrifying appearance. The attractiveness index of his current appearance already surpassed many Mr. Perfects of the Divine Realm, especially with his devilish aura, it directly accelerated Cynthia’s heartbeat. This goody two-shoes angel had fallen for a bad devil. Their current posture was quite warm and ambiguous. In addition, since both of them were completely naked, they looked no different from intimate lovers.

“You… what have you done? Don’t look at me! Don’t…” Shifting about, Cynthia tried to control her blush as she bashfully tried to adjust her hands to cover her private parts.

“Cynthia, don’t move randomly; otherwise, I won’t be able to control myself.”

“Mm, don’t act recklessly! I beg… beg you.”

Cynthia could feel something hard poking her and realized that she shouldn’t play with fire any more. Now, with her tempting appearance, the more she struggled the more it would stimulate the other party’s desire to conquer her. Thinking about this now, the other party had not only seen her everything, but he had also touched her everything, and now, he was starting to kiss her everything… If this went on, wouldn’t he… Thinking to this point, Cynthia felt embarrassed to death. But, what frightened her more was that she unexpectedly didn’t feel any disgust at all. Instead, an indescribable expectation inundated her. To her surprise, she looked forward to having Clyde continue doing more naughty things to her.

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“Cynthia, your first kiss… can I take it?”

“Clyde, why are you asking this while knowing the answer? I… can I refuse you with this appearance? Wait… wuwu.”

Just after Cynthia spoke these submissive words, the other party directly kissed her. The other party snatched her first kiss. In fact, her first kiss was a shameful French Kiss. Nevertheless, after hesitating for a little while, she gave up her initial impulse to bite his tongue and allowed the other party to perform all kinds of invasion. During the kiss, the energy of both sides converged and circulated, directly causing Cynthia’s advancement.

Because the strength gap between the two sides was two great, when the contract was established, the weaker party was supplemented by the stronger party. Thus, Cynthia benefited greatly, but even after advancing to become a Legend Ranked Valkyrie, Cynthia was still not Clyde’s opponent. Cynthia felt that, if this went on, she would become the first fallen Valkyrie in the history of the Divine Realm. Although she knew this would definitely be a disgraceful, she couldn’t resist any of Clyde’s actions, and even if she could, a small part of herself admitted that she wouldn’t. She could only wait for the other party’s arrangements.



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