Chapter 18: The Terrifying and Romantic Night in an Inn of the Nameless Town Part 2

Late at night, a large number of demonic creatures broke into the small town. Because of the appearance of Valkyrie Cynthia, the already demonized former suzerain Duke Andrew dispatched a large number of demonic creatures to find the whereabouts of Valkyrie Cynthia so that he could prepare to escape. Sniffing about, these creatures made a ruckus in the middle of the night.

However, because of Lucifer’s handiwork, those demonic creatures couldn’t discover the inn. They could only linger around the ruins and futilely sift around. The activities of these demonic creatures were limited to the night. As long as the barrier held on until the next day, even without Clyde making a move, these demonic creatures would disperse on their own.

Clyde had thus saved himself a lot of trouble. He didn’t want to intervene too much in the affairs of other people. Just before, had it not been for Valkyrie Cynthia carelessly clashing with him after she had dealt with ogre warriors, he would have quietly fetched the clean water and returned to the nameless inn. Although the surroundings of the inn were already filled with demonic creatures, Clyde had returned to his room at ease.

After returning to the room, Clyde understood the meaning of Lucifer’s mysterious smile when she had pointed out his room. A big gift waited in his room. It was a gift beyond his expectations. Located on the second floor, his room and the room of Lucifer and the other girls were separated by just a simple wall. As for the inn’s first floor, no one stayed there.

After being cleaned, this small room had been meticulously arranged. The atmosphere was very warm, and there was a pink colored large bed at the center. No matter how this room was examined, it looked like a special love room from a love hotel, especially the lighting. Red candles illuminated the room, and this red light increased the warmth and pink aura within the room. In addition, he didn’t know how Lucifer had done it, but it seemed that a particular kind of perfume had been sprayed in the room since he could smell a simple but elegant fragrance.

What shocked Clyde the most was the beautiful scenery exposed on the large bed. Valkyrie Cynthia sat on her knees. Her entire body was still in a bare state. She looked very alluring. Her snow-white legs were parted to the left and right, exposing her precious scenery in a shameful W-sitting posture. In addition, her body was bound by a red rope. The tying-up style was a tortoise-shell binding, exactly the same as Princess Saras had been in before. Perhaps, Lucifer had learned it from the princess. Clearly, that bloodkin Lolita’s talent in wicked erotic aspects far surpassed ordinary people’s.

Cynthia’s complexion was bright-red because of her embarrassment. Both her hands were bound behind her back by the red rope, and she couldn’t move them at all. She was helpless to resist a man’s advances. Her mouth was gagged by a small red ball, making her unable to speak a word. Around her neck was a red leather collar, which made her feel especially ashamed. In addition, fa long iron chain fastened to the ceiling was attached to that collar, making her unable to adjust her posture on this big bed and leaving her in this alluring state without respite.

Lucifer had also used a black cloth to cover her eyes. Now, Cynthia couldn’t see anything. Although she sensed someone had entered, she didn’t dare to move randomly. She could only stay on the bed and tremble, awaiting her fate. At this moment, Cynthia didn’t have even a hint of her arrogant Valkyrie air about her: she was just a damsel in distress.

From the red leather collar around Cynthia’s graceful neck, a small sign hung. On it, the word “Gift” was written. Due to Lucifer’s certain wicked tastes, she had used a red string to hang two small bells from Cynthia’s two red buds peaking her bosom. With each of Cynthia’s nervous breathes, those two plump fruits rose and fell. Those fair and soft red cherries appeared particularly tempting, especially with the pleasant to hear bell chimes that added a kind of special flavor.

The big bed was a double bed. Fidgeting, Valkyrie Cynthia quietly waited for the arrival of the master like a sacrificial offering. Cynthia was very embarrassed, but no tears fell. She had never experienced such a matter before. She was a pure goddess. Naturally, if Clyde wanted to guide her, it would be very simple.

On the big bed, Clyde saw a note left by Lucifer. Everything had been Lucifer’s. Valkyrie Cynthia was not Lucifer’s opponent. Even if she had been in her peak state, she would not have been able to defeat Lucifer, let alone in her current injured state. Lucifer had toyed her into this shameful serving posture by gradually dominating her.

“Big Brother Clyde, you can sign a special contract with Cynthia according to the method written below. Don’t be impatient! Be sure to finish reading. By the way, there is a pleasant surprise on the right wall!”

Clyde read through the note left behind by Lucifer. Sure enough, it described the contract. According to Lucifer’s brief explanation, as long as he signed a contract with Valkyrie Cynthia, he would gain a regular human appearance that he could transform into it at any time. It would no longer be necessary for him to wear his current terrifying appearance as a Great Old One that no one could look straight at.

According to the regular procedure, this ceremony required a Valkyrie to give the contractor a blessing, which was regarded as approving the other party’s qualification to transform into a person. In general circumstances, no goddess would give any evil god this kind of approval unless certain special means were used like this situation, after all. Now, as long as Clyde held Cynthia and stayed together with her until the third day’s dawn, the approval ceremony would be regarded as complete.

Naturally, there were several restrictions. In these three days, Clyde couldn’t make a move on Cynthia. He could kiss and caress her, but he absolutely cannot take the last one step. Otherwise, the ceremony would be a failure. In addition, the Valkyrie would also die if the ceremony failed. After reading the restrictions, Clyde’s heart was quite tangled. This ceremony was truly a test of temptation! Before crossing the world, he could have been regarded as a normal man. When hugging a naked alluring Valkyrie girl in bed for three days, it would be difficult for him to resist making an error, especially after she’d been wickedly dressed up by Lucifer. It made it even more tempting to commit a crime with Valkyrie Cynthia.

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However, Clyde’s test of self-restraint was not limited to only this. He looked at the right wall according to the directions written on the note and found that that wall was made of transparent materials. After Lucifer’s magic modifications, the wall had directly become a wall that could be seen through from his side without allowing those on the other side to notice that anything was wrong. On the other side of the wall was an elegant bathroom. At this moment, the figures of Lucifer, Saras and Ista playing in the water could be clearly discerned. 

In the next-door bathroom, Lucifer and the other two directly took off all their clothing. Even their panties and bras were placed aside. Afterward, they jumped into the bath. Because a bathtub had not been installed, the three of them used the showers. They stood still directly below the showers, waiting for clean water to spray out and wash their bodies. Clyde could clearly see those three shining white figures.

The figures of Lucifer and Princess Saras were very good, Clyde had already seen everything of theirs before, but Ista was different. He had not noticed before while Ista had still been wearing her clothes, but Ista’s figure was actually quite hot. She actually crushed the gorgeous Valkyrie Cynthia tied up in bed with him in terms of figure. The magic lines forming decorative patterns on her body greatly increased her mysterious beauty.

“Lady Lucifer, Mister Clyde will be fine with that lady, right?”

“Big Sister Saras, of course he will be fine. By the way, remember, when you later accompany my big brother, you must not wear any cloth. Even a piece won’t do, and you also have to put on this.”

“This… that is too embarrassing, can I…”

“No, Big Sister Saras, don’t be shy. It’s not like you have never tried this before.”

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In the bathroom next door, Lucifer incited Princess Saras like a devil to make her wait for her turn to serve Clyde in the next room. Upon seeing the red rope and red leather collar in Lucifer’s hands, Princess Saras blushed and nodded her head in agreement after hesitating for a short while. As for Clyde watching from the side, he was already in a daze. Wasn’t this simply increasing the difficulty level of the test?




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