Chapter 17: The Terrifying and Romantic Night in an Inn of the Nameless Town Part 1

In the vicinity of a nameless town, Clyde went out to fetch water, but beyond his expectations, he brought back Valkyrie. From the very beginning, Valkyrie Cynthia, one of the seven Great Valkyries of this different world’s God Race, had known that she was not Clyde’s opponent, but she had still attacked him. Now, she greatly regretted that decision. Clyde had not even been the target of her original mission. For her arrogance, she had lost big this time. Not only had she been effortlessly defeated by the other party, but her bare body had also been completely seen.

“Miss Cynthia, you and I are from different camps. Why should I take you away?”

“This… you want remuneration? I don’t have anything. Wait; don’t go! What do you want?”

The sky darkened, and Cynthia could no longer persist. Her aloof tone from before became much gentler and softer. She knew that there was a big disparity between her and Clyde’s strengths. She had just taken a glance at him, and she had already been injured to this extent. In addition, she felt like all her energy had been stripped away. Such a strength surpassed even Light God King, the master of the Divine Realm. For sure, Clyde was at least on the same level as the God of Creation.

“I have not finished thinking about what to ask for yet. Let me take you back with me first, Miss Cynthia. Please don’t move randomly and struggle; otherwise, I can only leave you out here.”

Cynthia felt humiliated as she nodded her head and let Clyde carry her in a princess-carry style. In the Divine Realm, she had always been an aloof existence. Not to mention carrying her, her many pursuers hadn’t even had the chance to hold her hand. However, beyond her wildest imagination, an existence from a hostile camp had seen her naked and was now carrying her in a princess-carry. This made her feel too ashamed to show her face.

Clyde didn’t care about Cynthia’s thoughts. He wouldn’t decline a chance to carry a beautiful girl free of charge. In the past, he had carried a similarly naked Lucifer, but Lucifer’s Lolita figure couldn’t compare to Cynitha’s onee-san type figure. The feeling was completely different. If it were not for him being unable to transform into a regular humanoid form, he would have already lost control and done strange things to Cynthia.

Cynthia also seemed to be worried about Clyde doing strange things to her; thus, all along the road, she took the initiative to chat with Clyde, wanting to distract his attention and not allow him the time to think about bad things. Clyde quickly found out about her past. Cynthia was one of the seven Great Valkyries of the Divine Realm. This time, she had descended to the Mortal Realm to crusade against the former Steinbeck Suzerain who had turned into a demon. After a mere hundred years, former Steinbeck Suzerain Duke Andrew had become a very troublesome existence.

Originally, to deal with demonic creatures on the level of Duke Andrew, there was no need to deploy a Valkyrie, just an ordinary combat angel was enough. However, according to the Divine Realm’s latest investigation, a hundred years ago, Duke Andrew had obtained a corrupt divine artifact called “Ghost Introductory Chapter” and demonized. After hiding for over a hundred years, that corrupt divine artifact had emitted a radiance, causing Divine Realm to detect it. The divine artifact radiance that those mercenary groups had noticed was precisely the one emitted by this “Ghost Introductory Chapter.”

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Valkyrie Cynthia herself was rather impatient. She hadn’t even brought along the combat angels under her leadership and directly descended to the Mortal Realm alone. As a result, she had encountered Clyde who had the status of a Great Old One along the way. It was fortunate that she had not been killed on the spot and that Clyde had had no intention of killing her. Otherwise, Cynthia might have become the first Valkyrie of Divine Realm to mysteriously die in some desolate, forgotten place.

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“Miss Cynthia, I have purchased Steinbeck Fief. I will deal with the matter of former suzerain Duke Andrew. Your Divine Realm doesn’t need to take the trouble of interfering here.”

“But, like this, I cannot explain it to the God King!”

“Then, you don’t need to explain anything. Let God King come and talk with me.”

“Clyde, you… you don’t have any relation with Demon Realm, do you?”

“Miss Cynthia, I know nothing about Demon Realm. Can it be that you want to give me a referral?”

“No, no! I was just casually asking. You don’t need to take it to heart. Truly, please don’t take it to heart.”

Cynthia was helpless against Clyde’s tyranny. Now, she was his captive, but at least, he didn’t belong the Demon Realm. If that changed… Divine Realm and Demon Realm had fought for countless years. They had deep hatred against each other. The number of demon lords that had died in her hands was countless. It was good that Clyde was not a person on the side of Demon Realm; otherwise, her ending might have become very miserable.

Those ogre warriors killed by Cynthia emitted a thick smell of blood, attracting a large number of demonic creatures. Those demonic creatures crazily devoured their corpses, making frightening chewing sounds, but those demonic creatures didn’t notice Cynthia’s traces because when Clyde held her in his arms, her Valkyrie aura was completely covered by Clyde’s evil god aura. They were basically unable to detect her unless Clyde released her.

Cynthia also seemed to understand this truth. Although she was unwilling and had many conflicting feelings in her heart, she still nestled in Clyde’s bosom. Now, his broad chest was the only safe place for her. The demonic creatures didn’t bother Clyde. They were occupied with chewing and eating those ogre’s corpses and had no time to pay attention to a person who appeared to be one of them.

When Clyde carrying Cynthia returned to the small inn, Lucifer and the others had already finished cleaning. Upon seeing that Clyde was carrying a naked onee-san, everyone was dumbfounded. Saras had an unclear expression, but Lucifer and Ista also bore strange expressions. With their greater strengths, the two could clearly sense the God Race aura on Cynthia’s body.

“Big Brother Clyde, where did you capture this big sister? She looks very interesting!”

“She fell from the sky. Do we have enough room? Arrange a room for her.”

“Clyde, she, however, is an enemy. I cannot feel at ease if she stays beside us, so let her stay together with you!”

“Big Brother Clyde, I will help this big sister dress up. Give her to me!”

Lucifer unintentionally showed an evil smile. She took a step forward and took Cynthia from Clyde’s bosom. No one knew how she did it, but with her Lolita figure, she carried Cynthia, who had an onee-san type figure, and walked away. Cynthia looked a little nervous. She had also noticed that Lucifer and Ista were both evil existences. One, she suspected to be of Blood Race, and the other, she suspected to be a witch. Even she couldn’t clearly see through their strengths. God knew where these terrifying existences had popped out from. They were even more terrifying than those past Demon Kings who had tyrannized Ximengsi Continent! It seemed like besides for that human girl, this was a party of veritable monsters.

Not long after Clyde had returned to the nameless town’s inn, the demonic creatures of the entire Steinbeck Fief turned out in full force. Roaming about, the night was filled with the constant roars of fearsome beasts. After the appearance of Valkyrie Cynthia, former suzerain Andrew was quite nervous. He knew that he was not the Valkyrie’s opponent. Even after hiding for over a hundred years, he was still unable to escape the eyes of Divine Realm. Thus, he had dispatched a large number of demonic creatures, intending to first investigate Valkyrie Cynthia’s position and then seek a path to escape.

Shortly after Clyde had sat down, he heard noisy footsteps outside the nameless town. Based on the commotion, he guessed that a large number of demonic creatures had surrounded this nameless town. He walked over to the door and looked outside, opening it by a small crack. Squinting his eyes to see in the dark, he saw a large number of shadows entering the nameless town. According to his visual estimates, there were over ten thousand. These fellows were truly idle! They were running around in the middle of the night and had come to disturb his peace.

“Big Brother Clyde, ignore them. I’ve used Big Sister Ista’s treasure to cover this place with a magic barrier. They cannot see this place.”

“That’s good, Lucifer. You have such an evil smile… Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing! Big Brother Clyde, quickly go rest! I have already arranged your room.”




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