Chapter 16: Terrifying Night in Steinbeck Fief’s Nameless Town Part 2

Clyde coincidentally encountered the Ogre Army. The combat power of these ogres crushed most human soldiers. They were very troublesome existences. It was very likely that this discarded military camp had encountered the attack of these ogres and had been wiped out.

Because of Clyde’s special attributes, he could understand the conversations between these ogre warriors even if they were rather drab and solely focused on sacrificial offerings and so on. Nevertheless, unless they attacked the discarded inn within the nameless town, Clyde didn’t care. After tailing these ogre warriors for a short distance, Clyde planned to leave as he didn’t want to let Lucifer and the others wait too long for him.

At that moment, a dazzling golden light illuminated the entire discarded campsite, and a golden phantom descended from the sky. The instant that phantom landed on the ground, countless golden lights flashed through the horde of ogres, and numerous ogre warriors near her were cut into two. In addition, the shockwave of her arrival sent nearby ogre warriors flying.

Facing the foe who had descended from the sky, the ogre warriors had no power to resist. They just raised their maces and huge axes but were killed before they could mount a counterattack. Clyde was not sent flying by the shockwaves, but he didn’t like this aura. It radiated a hostile feeling.

After the smoke and dust had dispersed, Clyde finally saw the appearance of this fellow. She was a Valkyrie with long purple hair. Her purple hair hung down loosely to her waist area. She wore a silvery Valkyrie-style revealing armor. The pair of black stockings emerging from her skirt armor was especially conspicuous. Her upper body armor consisted solely of a breastplate and shoulder guards. Her belly button, shoulder and exquisite collarbone as well as a significant section of her soft bosom were clearly visible.

That Valkyrie also wore a feathered helmet. Now, her beautiful purple eyes were coldly observing everything in her vicinity. Her weapons of choice were a long lance and a huge shield. Her lance emitted a crimson radiance, and her huge shield had a moon-patterned symbol. Both of them were, without a doubt, divine artifacts. Even though they were far away from each other, Clyde felt an aura that made him feel hate.

That Valkyrie’s attractive index was excellent. Her facial features were exquisite and perfect without a flaw to nitpick. In addition, with her status as a goddess and her aloof temperament, her charm increased a lot. Her figure was the best among the women Clyde had encountered; moreover, her cup was also the largest, practically wanting to burst out of her breastplate. Along with her every movement, her bosom would sway. This made Clyde seriously doubt whether this Valkyrie wore anything under that breastplate. Just thinking about this matter would stimulate other people.

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Looking closer, this Valkyrie wore a golden necklace that hung a golden cross on her bosom, displaying this Valkyrie’s belief. Clyde didn’t want to associate with the God Race since his own attributes leaned towards Evil God. Even if he was an Evil God who came from a different world, the God Race of this world wouldn’t get along well with him. At first glance, he could deduce that this aloof Valkyrie was someone hard to speak with; therefore, in order to avoid an unnecessary fight, Clyde intended to slip away.

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“Halt, you… Are you…”

“I am just a passer-by. Don’t mind me. I just came to fetch water.”

However, the Valkyrie had already noticed Clyde. Under her “Light of Divine Punishment” just a moment ago, the entire group of ogre warriors had been annihilated. However, Clyde who had been watching from the sidelines emerged unscathed. It would be strange if that hadn’t attracted her attention. Could it be that he was that evil suzerain? Being able to ignore “Light of Divine Punishment” after just a hundred years. Wasn’t this cultivation speed a little too fast?

“Big sister, I didn’t have a choice before, but now, I just want to be a good person. Can you give me a way to survive?”

“Don’t explain. Darkness cannot be forgiven.”

Valkyrie Cynthia immediately launched an attack. She didn’t give the other party any chance to explain his innocence. Clyde’s invisible pressure was too great for her. Even as one of the seven Great Valkyries from the Divine Realm, Cynthia felt a kind of powerless feeling of being unable to defeat him, which greatly worried her. Deciding that her only chance for victory was a sudden attack, Cynthia dashed over with a standard knight charge. The divine artifact “Carny Lance” in her hand directly thrust towards the position of Clyde’s heart.

Clyde helplessly turned around and met the enemy head-on. He didn’t dodge but stood still, waiting for Cynthia’s attack to arrive. After a short pause as it struggled to break the stalemate, the divine artifact “Carny Lance” successfully broke through the invisible defense barrier around Clyde. Cynthia quickly launched a follow-up strike, but to her terror, she discovered that her lance couldn’t advance any further. It seemed that her lance had met a barrier even a divine artifact couldn’t break.

At this time, Cynthia subconsciously raised her head and glanced at Clyde. As a result, she saw an indescribably terrifying scene and stood dazed on the spot. She was the second girl after Lucifer who had remained alive after looking straight at Clyde’s true face. However, compared to Lucifer, this Valkyrie’s situation was much worse. The divine artifacts “Carny Lance” and “Broad Holy Shield” directly broke into pieces along with her Valkyrie armor.

This cloth bursting effect was exactly the same as Lucifer’s. Clyde’s previous speculation proved correct: this Valkyrie was not wearing anything under her armor. Once her outer armor was destroyed, all her secrets were completely exposed. Cynthia’s face became bright red. Her original indifferent and aloof temperament instantly fell apart. After she was suddenly laid bare, even such an aloof girl lost control of herself.

After looking straight at the Great Old One, the divine artifact-level equipment all over her body disintegrated. Even that pair of black stockings was not spared. She immediately knelt on the ground and used both her hands to barely cover those bountiful fruits on her chest. Clyde could see bloodstains seeping out the corners of her mouth. This proved that she was not comparable to Lucifer. At that time, Lucifer was also laid bare, but she hadn’t suffered any internal injuries like Cynthia had.

“Big Sister Valkyrie, I already said I just wanted to be a good person. There is no need for this. I am leaving!”

“Don’t, don’t go! You… do you want to leave me here!? You… you are a demon!”

When Clyde prepared to leave, Cynthia became deathly pale. Now, she was in a severely injured state without any equipment or method of contacting the Divine Realm. In that brief clash a moment ago, even her golden cross necklace had been destroyed. It was a treasured item to contact the Divine Realm.

In Steinbeck Fief, various kinds of demonic creatures became active at night. If by chance, she was jointly attacked by those demonic creatures, the consequences would be too ghastly to contemplate. It would be better if she were directly killed. If encountering certain particular demonic creatures, for instance, slimes and ogres, an 18+ forbidden drama would ensue. Just thinking about this, Cynthia subconsciously clamped her snow-white legs, exposing her fearful thoughts.

“Big Sister Valkyrie, what do you want? I am just passing by. Can it be that you want me to send you back to Divine Realm? I can’t do it!”

“Take me with you, I apologize for my past impulsive actions.”




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