Chapter 401: The Jade Represents An Identity

Upon hearing that she still had to bear with Ye Jian, Ye Ying immediately started crying.

But she still listened to Ye Zifan’s advice. She cried as she replied, “I understand, Dad. I’ll pay attention to who is helping her secretly. When the time comes, only then will you come forward.”

“I’ll definitely step up for you! But not now.” Ye Zifan’s heart sunk. He was very worried that his daughter would lose hope because of Ye Jian’s arrival. After a sigh, he had an idea. He held on the phone tightly and whispered, “Ying Ying, you must hold on to the jade carefully! That jade has great effects! Even if there’s someone helping Ye Jian, she is just a mere citizen with little achievement after all.”

“You, on the other hand, won’t be an ordinary citizen in the future. Believe me, stay calm! After we investigate this thoroughly, we can take our revenge on her. It’s not too late yet.”

Ye Ying was stunned. Why was he mentioning the jade again?

It seemed like something unusually important. Was there any secret behind this jade? The jade actually belonged to Ye Jian!

“Dad, is that jade so important? I’ve heard you mention it countless times.” Ye Ying took out the jade that she wore as a pendant. It was an expensive jade, so when she was with the high officials’ children, she would take it out as a facade.

Originally, Ye Zifan wanted to hide the secret until she went to college, but after a moment of silence, he nodded and replied, “Yes, it’s important, very important! It’s a representative of an identity!”

A representative of identity?

Ye Ying’s heart became excited. In joy, she exclaimed, “What you mean is that as long as I have this piece of jade, Ye Jian’s life is in my hands. Is it, Dad? Is it!”

She was anxious to know the secret, so her tone was eager and tempered.

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“Yes, Ying Ying, so…”

Ye Zifan hadn’t finished speaking when Ye Ying hurriedly continued, “So, I don’t have to be jealous of her results, right? Because even if her grades are good, she will never be as good as me?”

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After a good laugh, Ye Ying’s eyes focused, and she asked in confusion, “However, I still don’t quite understand. How does this jade represent an identity? Dad, tell me, I need some comfort. I don’t want to lose to that stupid lass Ye Jian.”

Ye Zifan knew that once he revealed that the jade represented an identity, his daughter would definitely probe about it until she found out the whole truth.

With a sigh, he whispered, “I’m not very clear about it myself. When your aunt passed away, this piece of jade was sent to us together with her relics. Not long after I became the village chief, I received a phone call, warning me to keep the jade safely, and that I mustn’t reveal it to Sun Xueqing’s daughter.”

Sun Xueqing was Ye Jian’s mother.

“As for this piece of jade, I kept it at that time because I thought it was worth some money. It was until my career was smooth-sailing and got promoted to the title of mayor that a city’s top leader approached me personally and told me that someone was helping me secretly.”

How could there be no complaints in the world, and how could there be people who willingly helped others!

After thinking about it, Ye Zifan guessed that the man behind the jade had helped him all this time.

Therefore, he said that this jade represented an identity. If it wasn’t someone with high-ranking identity, how could that person have helped him?

“But, Ying Ying, this is just my guess. You must keep up your efforts! Her grades are good, so you must be better than her! My baby daughter is smart, so how can you be beaten by someone who has been under you for her whole life?”

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