Chapter 400: She Became The Target

Seeing that even boys in first grade were complaining about stress, several boys at the cafeteria laughed, “Brother, it won’t be easy to maintain your top grades.”

“This is normal. We are crushed IQ-wise, memory-wise, and study-wise. The first-grader, Ye Jian will be the best of all.”

The first grade boy wasn’t tall. He was about 170 cm tall, and he had a few pimples on his face. He was an easy-going and refined boy.

He didn’t feel any pressure about Ye Jian’s arrival. He smiled and replied, “Each thing can be handled with its own method. We don’t have to compare our results with Ye Jian’s. As long as we maintain our achievements, we’re good. We will only stress ourselves out if we compare ourselves with her. Besides…”

He paused slightly and continued, “Besides, I think Ye Jian’s very easy to get along with. If we don’t understand anything, we can ask her for help. We can help each other to improve. I don’t think she’ll refuse to help us.”

“Yep, I also think that Ye Jian is very easy to get along with. Ye Ying? Hey, she’s not easy to get along with it, and she’s not as beautiful as Ye Jian either.”

“What the heck! You’re always staring at girls.”

Along the way to the cafeteria, the five boys chatted and laughed. Ye Ying, who had been walking behind them alone, listened to their conversation. She could feel her blood boiling in her chest.

Feeling the hatred growing stronger in her heart, Ye Ying bit her lower lip so hard that there were even some teeth marks left on them. Ye Jian, Ye Jian! I hope you die! As long as you’re alive, I’ll never have a good day!

No, I must find a way to chase her away. I must! It would be for the best if she could disappear forever and completely from this world!

Initially, Ye Ying wanted to go to the cafeteria to eat, but then she turned around and ran to the snack stand.

Ye Zifan was ready to leave work. However, when he saw the landline showing the school’s phone number, he quickly sat down and picked up the phone. “Hey, Ying Ying. It’s your first day of class, how do you still have time to call me?”

“Dad, Ye Jian came to First Provincial High. It wasn’t even impossible to search for her results. It was rather because the provincial education bureau intentionally concealed her results. Dad, what should I do? The whole class adores her now. I finally got into the class after so much hard work, but then she appeared.”

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What? Ye Jian had arrived at First Provincial High! But he didn’t even have her results!

Ye Zifan calmed himself down. His eyes instantly became gloomy as he questioned, “Did she say anything?”

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“What? She didn’t say anything. She only said that she was admitted to First Provincial High because of her results. In fact, Dad, she’s ranked fourth in the entire province!” Ye Ying gnashed her teeth as she mentioned the results, her features gradually becoming distorted. “Dad, you mustn’t let her be in this school. You mustn’t! I can’t lose to her. I want her to disappear from this school! Completely disappear! Dad, you must help me, be sure to help me!”

In the midst of a wave of turbulence in his heart, Ye Zifan felt his heart slow down half a beat. Even the provincial education bureau had come forward to protect Ye Jian. So it was true: there was someone who had her back!

“No, Ying Ying! Calm down! Listen to me. Ye Jian must have someone secretly helping her. Let me tell you something. Since you’re in the same class as her, you must pay attention to see who’s helping her, so that I can check it out. Only then can we act!”

“Remember, Ye Jian’s well-prepared. You mustn’t care about her too much. You must act calmly. Also, you must maintain your good relationship with those high-ranking officials’ children. When the time comes, we can let them handle Ye Jian. You mustn’t act hastily, do you understand?”

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