Chapter 399: Shameless Person, Ridiculous

Hearing that, Ye Ying almost tore the test papers in her hand in half.

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The shock on her face was even more evident. Both her eyes had a dead glare on the papers. What! This d*mned lass managed to exceed the requirements for second-tier universities! Impossible, how can she surpass me? She hasn’t attended high school for more than a day, and she managed to exceed requirements for second-tier universities?

“Wow, that’s really impressive! Her steps are really neat, it’s the same for the rest of the questions. This is expected from someone who has participated in the Global Olympiad. The last few questions are quite difficult. If I were to try them now, I might have to give it my all.”

Ye Ying’s temporary desk mate had decent results in the sciences. After taking a look at Ye Jian’s test papers, she never stopped letting out sounds of praise.

She was so filled with admiration at Ye Jian’s test papers that she didn’t notice the storm brewing on Ye Ying’s face. At any moment now, a thunderstorm would ensue.

Ye Jian had returned to her temporary seat. She had a tall stature and was extremely eye-catching when seated at the front, so in the upcoming rounds of self-introductions, the students who walked onto the podium would take a glance at her before starting.

When it was Ye Ying’s turn to introduce herself, a boy started teasing her, “We all know you and have all remembered you already.”

Inadvertent remarks were usually the ones that inflicted the most pain, especially towards people like Ye Ying, who always wanted to show off and present her sense of superiority. The boy’s teasing was like a dagger that firmly plunged into her heart … causing her to be reduced to the class’ laughing stock.

When she walked off, she swept a cold glare at Ye Jian. She wanted to warn Ye Jian and show that she wasn’t scared of her. Who would have known that Ye Jian didn’t even spare a look at her? Instead, she was chatting with the girl seated behind her about something, a smile lingering on the edges of her lips.

Ye Ying, whose eyes were stung by that scene, withdrew her gaze. After sitting down, she acted as though she was a prideful peacock, using those beautiful feathers to camouflage herself, hiding away that venomous heart of hers.

The morning study period that lasted half an hour wasn’t enough for all sixty students in the classroom to finish their self-introductions. After the period had ended, Teacher Tong seemed like she had forgotten to ask Ye Ying to complete those questions on the blackboard. When the bell rung, she left behind these words, “The next two periods will be the Mathematics test. Students, you will only have ten minutes to mentally prepare yourselves.”

How was that mental preparation? It was already akin to a bolt from the blue.

While the students were mourning and wailing, An Jiaxin rushed in front of Ye Jian as if nothing had happened, and she hung on to Ye Jian as though she was a koala.

“My Jian-er, you’ve actually hidden the truth from me this whole time!” An Jiaxin, who had spent the summer break watching costume dramas, hadn’t even started walking when she spoke in a very weird accent, “Why didn’t you tell me anything that day! Speak up, why didn’t you tell me?”

Ye Jian almost passed out from being strangled by her. “Because I want to peacefully go to high school, and I didn’t want something like last year to happen again, don’t you know!”

“Okay, you’ve convinced me! I’m quite happy now, so I’ll forgive you this time.” Once again being classmates with her best friend, her heart was filled with more joy than when she had made it onto the leaderboard. The smile on An Jiaxin’s face was so wide that even her eyes were about to become slits on her face.

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There were only ten minutes between periods, and all the students who had conversed with Ye Jian realized that if they had introduced themselves once, then Ye Jian would be able to accurately remember their names. By the time the mathematics and language tests were over, which also meant that the whole morning had passed, she had already memorized all the names of the students in the class.

“IQ and memory are used to determine how skilled people are. I’m extremely impressed. With IQ and memory like hers, she can pick from any of those famous universities.”

“She’s too impressive. There’s absolutely no way to compare ourselves with her. There were two tests, and she finished both within the first period. Stressful, this is really stressful.”

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