Chapter 398: Empty Schemes Turning Into Laughing Stock

This was using softness to conquer strength, using flexibility to ward off others’ overbearing actions. Who was lovely and who was vile, which one of them was easier to get along with … As long as they weren’t blind, the students would be able to figure it out eventually.

Teacher Tong really liked Ye Jian, who possessed gentleness within that strong exterior, who was calm and had been brought up cultured. Listening to that, she laughed, “About that, I actually prepared it beforehand.”

“The universal reaction towards this year’s high school examinations was that it was very hard. We had also taken a look at it; this exam was the hardest in the past five years.” Teacher Tong pulled the drawer in the podium open. She took out a kraft paper folder. Inside it were Ye Jian’s test papers, “However, student Ye Jian’s results managed to get her fourth place in the whole province. Under such highly difficult circumstances, and not having three tests which could help increase her marks, she is more than qualified to attend our First Provincial High with these results.”

After Teacher Tong had finished, only waves of gasps could be heard in the classroom.

She managed to get fourth place in the whole province without the presence of three subjects to increase her marks … Didn’t that mean that her results were nearly perfect scores?

The classroom was dead silent. None of the students continued chatting among themselves. None of the students looked at Ye Jian with doubtful gazes anymore. It was unbelievable, it was unimaginable … She actually managed to get fourth place in the province in the high school entrance exam.

Fair and square, Ye Jian was using her own strengths to tell the whole class that she had used her own results, entering First Provincial High fairly and squarely. Who dared to question it?! Who dared to doubt it?!

“Besides having three marks deducted from her essays, our classmate Ye Jian had perfect scores in the rest of the exams. In the event that she had the three other subjects, she would definitely have been the top scorer of the whole province,” Teacher Tong said while walking off the podium, and she placed the test papers atop Ye Ying’s desk. She exclaimed, “You kids, if you dare to say that our examinations has lost its impartiality and trustworthiness, then that would only cause our education system to forever be unable to return to its original prestige.”

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“After a decade of strenuous studies, student Ye Jian has experienced unjust treatment, but she was not discouraged. She used her own abilities to once again obtain the chance to attend school. Ye Ying, come, your results aren’t bad. Now, look at the mathematical questions here, then close the test booklet and try to solve the last couple of questions on the blackboard.”

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With the test booklet in her hand, Ye Ying’s facial complexion seemed like it could open a dyehouse. Many different colours intertwined each other on her face.

Gradually, tears filled her eyes. She looked at Teacher Tong helplessly and said while sobbing, “Teacher, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this deliberately, I just wanted to know why.”

“Student Ye Ying, Teacher Tong has no qualms about you wanting to know why. However, your actions have once again hurt a student who previously received unjust treatment. That’s why the person you should feel sorry for isn’t Teacher; instead, it should be Ye Jian.”

If those tears were flowing just to conceal her dark side, then in Teacher Tong’s eyes, Ye Ying’s tears were not worthy of forgiveness. Neither were they worthy of sympathy.

She placed the other physics paper in front of the boy who was the top scorer in Grade 10. Then, she placed the chemistry paper in the hands of another boy who had decent results. She then placed the Language test in front of a girl, “Here, all of you look, the fairness and trustworthiness is placed in the papers right in front of you.”

“As to why student Ye Jian can skip grades into Grade 11, originally, I didn’t want to put extra pressure on you guys, but now, I can tell you all about it. Ye Jian took this year’s university entrance exam paper and finished it within the time limit. With her results, second tier universities are absolutely not a problem for her.”

“How many among you can be like her, studying one year in Grade 10 and managing to attain scores that exceed the requirements for second tier universities? The most important thing is, Ye Jian even left school for one year.”

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