Chapter 397: Profound Scheming Is Still Useless

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Something was wrong, and she also managed to drag An Jiaxin into her schemes!

An Jiaxin was one of the people who had incited this conflict. She was a student who had worse results compared to Ye Ying, and she would also be involved if that happened. It would definitely leave a bad impression on the school leadership, making them think that she was someone who was “motivated to see the world in chaos”!

She had indeed improved; this was a crafty scheme that could kill two birds with one stone!

Ye Jian, who saw through her scheme once again, faced the students. She faced the current predicament without fear and maintained a slight smile on her face. She spoke with clarity, “I managed to get in with my own abilities, that’s why I am qualified to stand here, that’s why I’m qualified to skip grades! My results are enough to indicate that I have, as all other students have, managed to get in First Provincial High fair and square.”

“Maybe none of you may believe that, but that is the truth. I do not have any exams to boost my marks, yet I am still capable of getting into First Provincial High. This is my own strength!”

Her voice was very calm, but there was a towering and boundless grandeur around her. Each of her words were as heavy as a ton, making the students who were listening to her words feel their hearts trembling in place.

The confident Ye Jian was akin to a tall, insurmountable mountain, towering above them majestically!

Ye Ying almost laughed out loud after hearing that, “Your results aren’t even checkable, so how is that fair and square?”

“That’s odd, Ye Ying, didn’t you just say that you haven’t seen me in more than a year so you acted weirdly just now? So now, why are you mentioning the fact that you can’t even check my results now? Did you try to check it?”

With a confused expression, Ye Jian looked at Ye Ying, whose face was stiffening up. She spoke in a casual tone, as if they were just chatting relaxedly, and asked her, “There’s one thing that I still don’t quite understand. Only I know my own student number, and the results of exam students can only be checked by teachers. Student Ye Ying, may I ask how you knew that my results were uncheckable?”

“You knew how to check my results, but didn’t know whether I had gone home or not. Don’t you think your words are contradicting yourself?”

The one who had grown wasn’t just her, Ye Ying. In the year that they hadn’t seen each other, Ye Jian clearly understood how she should counterattack Ye Ying’s tricks.

After seeing through her schemes, dealing with it in a composed manner was just enough.

The gazes of the students directed at them were dark and gloomy. All of them were students in Grade 11; there was only a year or two before they were adults. They knew a thing or two about the ways of life. At that moment, even students who were extremely muddle-headed were able to see through Ye Ying’s inappropriate mannerisms.

She was clearly trying to make fun of Ye Jian.

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“I … I was just worried about whether my older sister was coming back or not. That was why I wanted to check your results. Besides, you also had your reasons when you had to take a leave of absence last year. You … you shouldn’t be so anxious, you can just tell us that you got in with your own abilities.” Ye Ying’s complexion wasn’t just stiff; even the muscles in her face were frozen in place.

Her gaze was fluttering about unnaturally. She avoided the important things and dwelled on the trivial stuff, “I too believe in my sister’s abilities, but you had to stand out and explain so that the other students know that you got into the school fair and square.”

This wasn’t something that could be clarified with explanations. Even if she did manage to get into the school with her own abilities, Ye Jian also knew that whatever happened today would plant seeds of doubts in the hearts of her classmates and cause her high school life to be in turmoil.

The corner of her lips curved upwards. With a smirk, Ye Jian replied, “Indeed, my results weren’t able to be checked, but that’s not because I didn’t get in. Instead, it was because there were people who had framed me last year, so as preventive measures, the Provincial Education Bureau decided to hide my results from prying eyes.”

Finishing that, she made a slight turn to the side and said to Teacher Tong, “Teacher Tong, may I ask for a favor? Can you tell them the results I got on the entrance exam so that student Ye Ying can rest assured?”

She wasn’t angry, and neither did she criticize Ye Ying’s behavior. She just explained it neatly, and she didn’t even reveal a single hint of anger!

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