Chapter 396: Face-Off With You

“Ye Jian, the score required to get into First Provincial High is very high. How did you get in, after a leave of absence? All of us put in the hard work to get here, and no matter how good your results are, given that you didn’t have Biology, Geography and P.E. scores, how did you get here?”

Ye Ying asked this very slowly. Her voice was also filled with grace, and even contained a hint of a smile, “I apologize, I don’t harbor any ill-will. I just wanted to ask how you managed to get into First Provincial High and skip a grade into Grade 11, and even get into the most difficult class to enter, Class One, under such difficult circumstances?”

“It’s not that I’m trying to target you or anything. I just want to know whether you got in fair and square.”

That wasn’t just Ye Ying’s thoughts. She was very smart, asking the thoughts of the other half of the class aloud, who did not accept and believe that Ye Jian really was that capable.

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After noticing a few students nodding their heads because of her words, Ye Jian started to grin. Ye Ying, as long as you’re not afraid of becoming a fool, I’ll play along with you!

She looked at all the students with clear eyes, instead of just looking at Ye Ying alone. She replied calmly and with tranquility, “Since everyone managed to get here with their own strengths and abilities, then so did I.”

“Like Ye Ying said, indeed, I did not have marks for Biology, Geography, and P.E. However, the lack of these scores didn’t influence my entrance exam, and they also weren’t able to become obstacles along my path to enter First Provincial High.”

Before she had continued speaking, a student stood up and spoke, “I believe in Ye Jian. She’s a person who was able to participate in competitions overseas with her own strengths. It is impossible that she is unable to attend First Provincial High just because she has taken a year off school.”

As long as there was one, then there would be a second one, and soon, most of them starting standing up.

“I believe that too. Two years ago, I participated in First Provincial High’s elimination competition alongside Ye Jian to decide who would attend the Global Olympiad. During class, her answers in the class were always quick and on target; she never made a mistake in the exams!”

The show of strength two years ago had created a lasting impact till now, causing those who knew Ye Jian, and those who had also seen Ye Jian’s ability firsthand to believe in her capabilities.

With everyone inputting their own remarks, they managed to build a great wall to deflect all those lies and slanders.

After enduring this for so long, An Jiaxin, who couldn’t hold it in anymore, stood up. She rushed to the forefront of the classroom and shouted, “I’m Ye Jian’s middle school classmate, I guarantee this with my life, Ye Jian managed to attend First Provincial High entirely out of her own abilities!”

Finishing that, she turned and stared daggers at Ye Ying. She spoke through gritted teeth, “Ye Ying, you’re still the same as in middle school, the same old despicable and nasty person! What do you mean by ‘family,’ that’s so ridiculous! Since when did you guys treat Ye Jian as a member of your own family? Countless times, your mother…”

If she was allowed to continue speaking, it would only worsen the situation. Ye Jian, who didn’t want to disturb the school leadership on the first day of school, slightly raised her voice and stopped her friend with a somewhat heavy smile. “Jiaxin, let’s not speak about things of the past. Thank you for defending me, but allow me to explain this myself.”

After saying that, Ye Jian swept a glance at Ye Ying. Immediately, she realized there was thick disappointment that flashed past her eyes. With alarm bells ringing in her heart, Ye Jian’s gaze immediately darkened. Did I miss something?

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She quickly glanced at Teacher Tong, who remained silent and had a very serious expression out of the corner of her eyes. Ye Jian then vaguely understood the whole picture. She … she understood what she had missed.

Ye Ying wanted to extend the influence of this, and extend it to the point that the school leadership was forced to make a move! So she would be able to leave a deep impression that Ye Jian was a ‘worrisome individual’ in the hearts of the school leadership on the first day of school!

If that happened, then many opportunities would slip past her, simply because she was a student who was prone to causing trouble!

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