Chapter 395: I’ll Make it Impossible for You To Settle this Gracefully

She didn’t boast about her being a grade skipper. Instead, she used a tone that was unmoved by both favors and insults and just said that there was an ‘issue of age’ and played down her own strengths … If she could use two idioms to describe Ye Jian right now, they would be: as deep as an abyss and as tall as a mountain, and receptive as an echoing canyon!

Before Ye Jian walked off the podium, amidst the sound of clapping, An Jiaxin, who was so happy in her heart that she couldn’t restrain herself, stood up with an expression that seemed as though she shared the honor with Ye Jian.

An Jiaxin’s voice was full of cadence and spoke with high spirits, “Ye Jian really is something! When I was her classmate, even our seniors in Grade 9 would ask her questions whenever they were troubled academically! Also, she has an amazing memory. A book, okay, we’ll use this book about politics, she only needs to flip through it once! She really only needs to flip through it once to remember everything!”

With her speech, the murmurs amongst the students grew louder. A boy stood up, his eyes shining like stars while he stared at Ye Jian, “I know, I know, Ye Jian, I know who you are.”

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“You won the gold medal in the Global Olympiad competition two years ago. During the quick-answer oral question rounds, you answered the question first with the correct answer every time and won time bonus points for our country’s team.”

“I also know that last year, you should have continued high school in Anyang City, but the news reported that you didn’t want to be a guest student and couldn’t accept the school’s actions of framing you. That was why, in a fit of anger, you tore apart your acceptance letter in an impressive manner.”

“I still…”

While the boy was praising her, the other boys were so amused that they started hitting their tables.

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“Student Ye Jian, I know you too! Things like impressively tearing apart your acceptance letter … That’s something that only you would dare to do! Because you have the confidence to do so!”

“I really did not expect myself to attend the same school as Ye Jian. Oh my goodness, I have to tell my parents when I get home.”

“So you took time off from school. We all thought that you had transferred to somewhere else and was studying there.”

All the voices that landed in Ye Ying’s ears immediately became ear-piercing. It became a sound that made her insane. Under the desk, her hands gripped the corners of her skirt tightly; there were even wisps of blood surfacing at the corners of her eyes.

Ye Jian, Ye Jian! You goddamned b*tch! You’re definitely my nemesis. From the moment you were born, you were destined to be my bane!

Why did you come back, why did you come back!

What shameful thing did she do this time? What dark deals did she make to enter First Provincial High?

A person who shouldn’t appear in First Provincial High, who shouldn’t have appeared inside a classroom ever again … On what grounds do you dare to enjoy the praise from your classmates and from the teacher!

On what grounds! What grounds!

The sounds of the students’ never-ending praises directed at Ye Jian were like fertilizer, causing the sprout of envy in Ye Ying’s heart to grow like wild grass. It gnawed on her sense of reason bit by bit, causing her to grow more and more uneasy.

The whole classroom’s atmosphere became more active, and it was only by Teacher Tong’s hand that everything started to die down. She cleared her throat and laughed, “You guys should learn more from student Ye Jian here. If you believe that your results aren’t bad, and you are still able to get into universities after taking a year of absence, then I won’t stop you guys from doing just that.”

Teacher Tong’s voice was the last straw; it caused Ye Ying’s last remaining bit of calmness to collapse. However, her brain was still very much awake; she had even thought up a malicious plan to deal with Ye Jian.

Did she want to go to school? Ha! I’ll let her go to school with an ‘explosive bang’!

In the quiet atmosphere, Ye Ying slowly stood up, her gloomy eyes staring at the podium with a ferocious, ominous intent in them. She glared at Ye Jian, who was receiving all of the student’s praises. Following her action of standing up, the classroom grew quieter. It was so quiet that even the drop of a pin could be heard.

Meanwhile, all the students’ gazes landed on her; nobody understood why she had stood up once again.

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