Chapter 394: Stiffened Ye Ying

Without sitting down, both of her hands pressed against her side of the desk, and she managed to squeeze out a stiff smile, “… Excuse me. I’m just shocked since Ye Jian is my sister. She left home for about a year, and she didn’t contact our family during that period. That’s why when I saw her just now … That’s why I was surprised.”

Her hands were pressing against the desk forcefully, to the point her hands were starting to become drained of color. Even the veins on them were starting to pop up.

Ye Jian cocked her eyebrows; there was no need for her to explain anything, but her attitude had just explained everything.

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You’re still the same, Ye Ying, yet your skillful play on words with two meanings has improved.

To say that she had left her home and did not contact her family … Wasn’t that the same as saying that she was a problematic student?

A problematic girl who left her home for about a year … It’d be a wonder if she were a good student!

Hear how treacherous her words were!

The more important thing was, although she set her up, she managed to explain why she had made a fool out of herself!

 That was why she said that her skillful play on words had improved.

However, Ye Ying could probably fool the students, but if she thought that she could fool a teacher, especially Teacher Tong, who was this old, that was simply impossible.

At that time, Teacher Tong vaguely understood why Principal Cao originally wanted to place Ye Jian into Class Six instead of Class One.

As it turned out, the reason was right in front of her.

A very forced explanation, but at least the majority of students believed it. Of all the things that she shouldn’t do … She shouldn’t have belittled her classmates so slyly! Even more so when the person in question was her sister.

In the very first meeting, Teacher Tong’s impression of Ye Ying had immediately plummeted to the negatives.

She pushed up her spectacles, and she did not look at Ye Ying, who was still standing up. Instead, she smiled at Ye Jian, “How about you introduce yourself?”

She saw that Ye Jian still maintained a composed, shallow smile, and did not panic even though things didn’t go according to plan. Even her expression seemed unchanged, and a calm and collected atmosphere surrounded her. A trace of a smile surfaced on her serious face. When Ye Ying was obscurely degrading her, how could she not figure it out with her intelligence?

She didn’t clash head-on with her; instead, she just treated her actions with a smile. One must know that sometimes, a smile is the greatest weapon! It represents tolerance, it represents refinement, and even more so, it represents a person’s morals and character!

She then added after that, “I believe that there are many students who are more than willing to communicate with you.” With that said, she had, without a doubt, made her intention as a teacher known. The hidden meaning behind it was: Teacher will support you.

She didn’t know how many of the fifty-nine students understood it, but at least Ye Jian and Ye Ying were both crystal clear on what it meant.

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Ye Ying, whose breathing had hastened, bit down forcefully on her lower lip, trying her best to calm herself while she slowly sat down and stopped herself from looking at the podium.

In her heart, she was planning what she had to do to change her impression on others while also tearing down Ye Jian’s image.

On the podium, Ye Jian’s smile was like a ray of sunshine that landed on the leaves outside the window, radiant yet full of vigor. “Hello everyone, I’m Ye Jian, a transfer student. I took a one year break from school. After taking part in the high-school entrance exam this June, I’ve re-enrolled in First Provincial High. Taking the issue of age into consideration, after pondering about it for quite some time, I still believe that it is most suitable for me to continue in Grade 11.”

She snuck in a humorous sentence while the atmosphere was still slightly frigid. With An Jiaxin taking the lead, other students started laughing, breaking apart the frigid atmosphere, returning to the previous lively atmosphere.

“It’s a pleasure to be allocated into Class One and to be able to spend time with all of you gifted individuals. It is also fate. If there’s anything I don’t understand academically, I hope everyone will be able to help me out. Thank you.”

It was a straightforward introduction, but with that, she had also addressed the most important things. Firstly, she took a leave from school for a year; secondly, she took the high-school entrance exam this year; thirdly, she was a grade skipper!

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