Chapter 107: Night Talk

Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City was really surprised that she had completely forgotten about the messy thoughts she had had on the way up.

She had seen too many scenes since childhood, but this scene was beyond her expectations.

The room wasn’t really big, but it was at least dozens of square meters!

Even if the bags were filled with other things, antiques on the ground were already worth quite a lot.

Are these all… fake?

She instantly thought of this, because she couldn’t imagine how valuable all of this would be if they were real!

She wanted to ask him about it immediately, but Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. led her two steps forward, before speaking to her slowly.

Firstly, he went to the window and closed the curtains, then he turned all the lights on.

So many things had suddenly appeared in the house, causing him to feel an invisible pressure. It was no wonder people say that too much money would only give you more fault!

“Are these… all real?”

Finally, Xia Rongrong couldn’t hold back. Her eyes widened as she asked Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai nodded. He didn’t know how to explain it now. He didn’t think much about it when he brought Xia Rongrong over. It was just done on impulse.

But now, he didn’t know what to say.

With Xia Rongrong’s cleverness, he couldn’t think of any excuse to explain the situation.

Sure enough, after the shock, Xia Rongrong’s expression slowly became serious.

“Do you know… where all these came from?”

As soon as Su Qiubai heard her words, he shook head.

He had to explain this clearly.

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At least his answer made Xia Rongrong relax a lot, but then she became nervous.

Disregarding the age and cultural values of the antiques, if they were real… they were incredibly valuable.

“Let me handle this. All this must be moved out from here!”

As Su Qiubai was trying his best to think of an explanation, Xia Rongrong spoke up.

Unlike the wild ginseng last time, this time Xia Rongrong offered to take care of the matter.

The reason was very simple. She was very worried that Su Qiubai would be hurt because of these things, so she was already thinking of a solution.

After listening to her explanation, Su Qiubai felt a special feeling. He stood there watching Xia Rongrong in silence. Finally, he couldn’t help but whisper, “You really don’t care about where these things came from?”

Xia Rongrong looked at him, and finally nodded.

“I believe you!”

It was only three words, but it made Su Qiubai feel touched.

“I can assure you that there are no problems with all of these antiques. They have never appeared in this world before.”

Taking a deep breath, he looked at Xia Rongrong and said this.

This sentence might reveal his secrets, but he didn’t think that that was important anymore now. He could trust this woman in front of him!

 Xia Rongrong smiled at his serious expression.

Perhaps it was because this man could always make her feel warm and calm that she had such an unusual trust in him.

Subsequently, under Su Qiubai’s guidance, Xia Rongrong simply looked at the antiques in the room. The more she looked at them, the more surprised she was, especially at the antiques from the Qin and Han dynasties. Some were even older.

She finally understood exactly what kind of miracle Su Qiubai had brought her once more.

The crisis that the Xia Group was facing before was nothing now!

She could just take a few things from here and display them at the trade fair, and the crisis would be solved.

After the two of them counted the antiques, they came to a rather shocking number. There was nearly 400 pieces!

These were antiques! They weren’t simple things!

“We can take a tenth of it to feature in the trade fair. We should be able to auction them out. Don’t move the rest for the time being. It’ll be very troublesome if you’re been noticed.”

Sitting on the sofa, Xia Rongrong thought about it for a moment before saying this to Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai just simply nodded because he was quite dizzy at the moment. He had never encountered such an event before, so naturally, he chose to unconditionally believe in Xia Rongrong.

“If we can have an official authentication of these antiques, then there’ll be no problem. Even if others find out, they won’t be able to do anything about it, but…”

Xia Rongrong seemed to have thought of something, then stopped halfway through her words.

“But what?” Subconsciously, Su Qiubai asked.

“There are very few of such accreditation bodies, and generally, they’re usually unwilling to do this kind of thing. What’s more, there are too many antiques here. All antiques with unknown origins has to bear certain risks…”

After listening to this, Su Qiubai had no idea how to resolve this, so he remained silent once again.

“But it doesn’t matter, there’ll always be the right opportunity. Now, we just need to get the authentication of the antiques for the trade fair.”

Xia Rongrong faced Su Qiubai and reassured him in a tone that was deliberately relaxed.

Because of this, Su Qiubai felt that the problem wasn’t big. However, Xia Rongrong felt the opposite. To her, this was the biggest problem.

The room fell silent once more. Su Qiubai suddenly recalled a message from Ying Zheng9Ying ZhengQin Shihuang10Qin ShihuangYing Zheng or Emperor Yingzheng or Emperor Yingzheng.

Ying Zheng had advised Su Qiubai that if he wanted to be truly safe, the best way to avoid the threat of that person was to have the strength to compete with him. And in this society, building a huge consortium was a unique choice!

As long as he had a consortium that few people could challenge, he would always have an immense amount of power and strength!

Glancing at Xia Rongrong, and then thinking of the Xia Group, Su Qiubai suddenly had some thoughts that he had never had before.

 “Rong Rong, do you want to make the Xia Group a super group?”

 After hesitating for a moment, Su Qiubai finally decided to ask this.

Xia Rongrong, who was still thinking about the batch of antiques, suddenly lifted her head; she didn’t quite understand what Su Qiubai meant.

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Looking into Xia Rongrong’s eyes, Su Qiubai suddenly felt that if he didn’t let Xia Rongrong know the truth, and just let her make this choice, it would be another scam.

If one day, something bad really happened, he might be in pain for the rest of his life because of this matter.

Therefore, Su Qiubai struggled to come up with a solution in his mind for a while. He decided to tell Xia Rongrong the whole truth, and no matter what she chose to do, he would respect her decision.

“Actually, here’s the truth. I have an enemy that may still exist at this moment. He’s very strong. He may be strong enough to attack the whole country. He hasn’t noticed me yet, but that day may come any time, so I have to be strong as soon as possible. With a large amount of power, I can protect myself… Do you understand?”

Su Qiubai felt a little confused about what he was saying, so halfway through the conversation, he asked this softly.

Xia Rongrong nodded; the look in her eyes was extremely serious.

“Because I don’t have much time left, that person may find me soon, and then he could kill me easily… but if there’s a super group supporting me, the outcome of the situation may be different, at least then if he wants to attack me, it won’t be that simple, so…”

Su Qiubai didn’t finish his sentence but he believed that Xia Rongrong should have understood him.

The room was completely silent. Xia Rongrong looked into Su Qiubai’s eyes. Although she didn’t know what was going on, she could feel that Su Qiubai’s words were true.

On the other hand, after seeing Xia Rongrong fall silent, Su Qiubai suddenly became nervous.

Even he himself felt strange. He wasn’t nervous about the dangerous situations Xia Rongrong had to face if she rejected him. He was more worried about… the rejection!

Just as the time was moving very slowly and that Su Qiubai couldn’t help but feel at bit at a loss, Xia Rongrong smiled.

“I assure you that no matter whenever or whatever that you may face in the future, I and the Xia Group will always stand by you, whether we live or die!”

No one would be able to understand what a girl meant when she said this, especially if the words were said by Xia Rongrong.

The Xia Group was her the result of her hard work, but now… she chose to entrust the entire Xia Group to this man!

She was too aware that if one day, the incident that Su Qiubai mentioned actually happened, her decision would be the one deciding the consequences.

But she couldn’t care much, that was why she said that they would support Su Qiubai whether they could live or die!

Su Qiubai rested his gaze at Xia Rongrong, who was standing close to him, and suddenly there was an impulse that he couldn’t suppress.

Without hesitation, he held the woman like a fairy in his arms tightly…

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