Chapter 106: Taking You To See The Treasure 

Standing outside of the office, Luo Qing was initially curious about what Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. was doing by coming to the company building at such a late hour.. Seeing them holding hands in the office, she gasped softly.

This was really too shocking!

Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City had become the president of the Xia Group at such a young age. Men always felt that it was very difficult to match up to her. Even if some men felt good about themselves, Xia Rongrong never had any special feelings for them.

But tonight…  what was this? Was this a game? Or… a confession?

Luo Qing was so nervous that she couldn’t speak. She had always been curious about what kind of man this shareholder was. She didn’t expect to see him display such courage!

She suddenly began looking forward to the reaction Xia Rongrong would have.

Would she be angry? Annoyed? Or would she… go crazy?

At that moment, Su Qiubai was stunned as well. He could swear to everyone that his actions were completely incompetent, and he didn’t know why he had this strong desire to protect Xia Rongrong. It was this that made him grasp Xia Rongrong’s hands.

But… what should I do next?

Su Qiubai felt his heart skip a beat as he looked at Xia Rongrong’s beautiful little face. He felt slightly dizzy. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this way. Therefore, he just continued to hold Xia Rongrong’s hands quietly, but in his heart, he was ready for her reaction, whatever it might be.

As a result, Xia Rongrong just stared at him unexpectedly, then she gently grasped Su Qiubai’s hand in response. A hint of shyness could be seen in her eyes. When Su Qiubai loosened his grip, she quickly took her hand away.

The whole process seemed to be very simple, but only Xia Rongrong knew what she had just experienced in her heart. She had never felt this kind of touching…and sweet feeling.

Feeling her little hand gently move away, Su Qiubai suddenly felt at a loss, but in the end, he pretended to touch his nose, and turned away to cover up his embarrassment.

Luo Qing was probably the most shocked person.

She thought that Xia Rongrong would be angry, and her expression would also definitely be distorted out of anger. After all, even in her eyes, Xia Rongrong was really perfect! This shareholder was quite strong. But frankly… she felt that he seemed to be quite incomparable to Xia Rongrong. But… who would have expected this!

Xia Rongrong actually moved her hand away shyly!

Mamamia… What is this!

Perhaps, as a man, Su Qiubai wasn’t aware of it, but Luo Qing clearly understood the meaning of this action.

Xia Rongrong… had a crush on Su Qiubai. In fact, it was an extraordinary feeling!

This speculation made Luo Qing recover from her shock. In her mind, the position of this shareholder suddenly rose to the same position as Xia Rongrong.

The two people in the office didn’t know that their simple actions had caused such a big impact on the assistant.

The embarrassing situation slowly diluted a little, so Su Qiubai took the lead to speak.

“Erm… What happened actually? I mean… Maybe I can help.”

Looking at his embarrassed appearance, the arrogant look in his eyes previously had completely disappeared. Xia Rongrong chuckled lightly. This smile confused Su Qiubai. He thought that he had done something wrong. He looked to the left and right before focusing on Xia Rongrong once again.

“Xiao Mu told me that the company was cheated?”

In order to ease his situation as soon as possible, Su Qiubai took the topic directly.

Sure enough, because of his words, Xia Rongrong’s face became cold.

Xia Rongrong wasn’t sure if she should trouble him any more. After all, this man had helped her too much. Besides, with the company’s current state, she felt that even Su Qiubai couldn’t help her now. 

“Let me know. I’ll help you!”

Perhaps it was Xia Rongrong’s hesitation that made Su Qiubai say this and take a step forward.

Xia Rongrong looked into his sincere eyes, took a deep breath, and told him the whole story.

About half a year ago, Xia Group had already noticed that batch of goods. The person in charge was an old man who had worked for the company for decades. He had no problem following up with the goods. Finally, after a discussion with everyone, the decision was made to accept the goods.

But, who would have expected that after the acquisition, and the money had been transferred, the company found out that all the goods were imitation goods? Even the old man went missing along with the cheater! The problems involved in this shipment were very complicated, and the amount lost was almost 80 million dollars.

Now that this incident had happened, it was as if all the company’s funds had been squandered. The most important part of this issue was that the advertisements of this batch of goods had already been promoted. By then, if the company couldn’t produce it, the loss would be even worse!

That was why Xia Rongrong was so stressed.

On one hand, she hoped to find those scammers as soon as possible, and on the other, she could only try to maintain a normal operation of the entire company. Although the incident had happened for less than a week, it was really too stressful for Xia Rongrong.

The most important thing now was the trade fair half a month later. If the company couldn’t produce any goods then, the Xia Group would face their biggest blow!

After listening to her explanation, Su Qiubai felt even more distressed. However, this incident was difficult for him too. If it was just a question of money, he could help her. After all, he had so many antiques at home, he could just sell a few of them. But the crisis now was the trade fair. How could he help?

There was silence in the room for a few seconds. Then, Su Qiubai asked casually, “What are those goods anyway?”

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Without any hesitation, Xia Rongrong replied, “They’re antiques…”

After saying that, she noticed Su Qiubai’s expression becoming slightly abnormal; his eyes were slightly glazed over.

“What happened to you?” Xia Rongrong asked this, confused.

Su Qiubai responded violently to her question, asking, “So you’re saying that as long as there’s a batch of antiques that can appear at the trade fair, then the Xia Group will be fine, right?”

Xia Rongrong looked at him strangely, but finally nodded.

Upon seeing her nodding her head, Su Qiubai felt that this was slightly comical. He didn’t expect things to be so simple; they just needed antiques!

It’s so easy!

Since Su Qiubai didn’t respond, Xia Rongrong started telling him her concerns, “The money is not an issue. The problem is to produce the antiques at the trade fair… We have contacted many collectors, but people aren’t willing to…”

Before she could finish speaking, Su Qiubai interrupted.

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“Come, follow me to a place.” As he spoke, he was already trying to help Xia Rongrong to pack things up.

Xia Rongrong was confused. She had just begun telling him how to solve this problem earlier, why was his reaction like this?

However, Su Qiubai didn’t let her know the reason even after she asked him. He just urged her to follow him quickly, and that she would know the reason when she got there.

Although Xia Rongrong didn’t understand why he had suddenly become so mysterious, it was indeed getting quite late. So, after saying goodbye to Luo Qing, Xia Rongrong followed Su Qiubai.

Along the way home, Xia Rongrong asked Su Qiubai about it several times, but he still refused to speak.

The taxi was parked downstairs, and he took her upstairs. She suddenly nervous, this guy… couldn’t possibly…

Xia Rongrong thought of this silently as she followed Su Qiubai upstairs. The more they walked, the more chaotic her mind became, the more ideas she had, and the more nervous she got.

Su Qiubai surely didn’t know that Xia Rongrong was thinking too much. All he wanted to do was to show her his precious treasures at home.

Finally, after opening the door, Su Qiubai pulled Xia Rongrong in.

After switching on the lights, Xia Rongrong, who was really nervous, saw an incredible scene in front of her.

Wang Cai and the little white dog were lying on a pile of jade jewelry, and beside them were boxes and bags filled with jewelry. The whole living room… was like a pirate’s treasure cave!

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