Chapter 393: They Look Like They’re About To Fight

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All the students in the class were seated, except for Ye Ying, the sole person who stood up as if she had suddenly gone crazy. Her voice was so shrill that not even the clapping sounds could mask it.

The students sitting behind her were lucky that they had only heard her piercing shriek. For those students who managed to see her expression from their seats, every one of them was stunned by the mean and ferocious look on her face.

“Oh god, this Ye Ying is extremely frightening.”

“That’s so scary; it’s like she became the evil witch in those western novels. She was so gentle and kind a second ago, but now, she’s so evil and fearsome!”

“Oh dear, her features are all contorted together, where has her beauty gone!” The boys were only concerned about her beauty, while the girls were concerned about whether she was kind or mean.

The clapping from the front seats gradually stopped after they took notice of Ye Ying’s fierce expression. Meanwhile, the clapping from the back seats also stopped eventually because of Ye Ying suddenly standing up and not sitting down even after moments had passed.

“What’s going on? What is Ye Ying doing? What did she scream out? I didn’t hear it.”

“Me neither, she just stood up suddenly, pointing her finger at the newcomer, and that all happened before I even comprehended what had happened.”

“Stop talking; Teacher Tong doesn’t look too happy right now.”

The classroom atmosphere, which was originally rising in enthusiasm, was disrupted by Ye Ying’s crazed actions. All the students, who didn’t have a clue about what was going on, looked at each other, then at Teacher Tong’s serious expression, and they all swallowed their words.

The classroom suddenly became extraordinarily quiet. Ye Ying, who had a mean gaze, was strongly pulled back to reality by her deskmate’s tugging, and she woke up from her trance slowly.

After coming back to her senses, Ye Ying could only feel that her vision was dimming.

She saw that all the students were looking at her with odd gazes. Those were the gazes shot at those who were not accepted, at those repelled by others, and even those hated by others!

…What has she done? What did she say?

Ye Ying, whose body was starting to tremble uncontrollably, tried to make her body relaxed and tried to force out a smile onto her face, to better explain her loss of composure.

But the more she wanted to relax, the less she was able to, and the more she tried to smile, the more it accentuated her contorted features.

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That was a very odd and peculiar scene, like decaying vines withering atop broken walls while brandishing their claws. It looked extremely sinister.

While the atmosphere was starting to stiffen, there came the sound of desks and chairs being moved from the back of the classroom.

“Aiyo, my dearie! You … you, you…” An Jiaxin, who had slow reflexes, finally managed to regain her senses after being shocked. At that moment, she jumped so far that it seemed like there were springs installed underneath her shoes that went “boing.” She cheered, “Oh, my classmate Jian-er, you … you actually kept this fact from me!”

This time, An Jiaxin became the second student who stood up. However, there was a difference; her face, filled with joy, had a distinct contrast with Ye Ying’s fierce expression.

She didn’t stop there. She even spoke to Teacher Tong in a slightly disorganized manner, “Teacher Tong, Teacher Tong, I know her, I know her! We were classmates in middle school, and in the same class! She’s the idol of the whole class! She…”

“Student, if you keep continuing that, then it won’t be your middle-school friend’s self-introduction anymore.” Teacher Tong did not scold her; instead, she motioned for her to take a seat. “We’re not in a rush. Every student will have their chance to introduce themselves.”

While Teacher Tong was speaking, the girl, who was Ye Ying’s deskmate, had a gloomy expression on her face. She tugged at her skirt and spoke in an unhappy tone, “Hurry up and sit down!” She then mumbled, “Why am I so unlucky, having to be your deskmate from the first day of school…”

This wasn’t the result Ye Ying wanted to achieve!

If she really sat down now, then, it meant that she had lost. It would make all the students in class loathe her, dislike her, and avoid her!

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