Chapter 392: Long Time No See, Ye Ying

Class One was a class where there were more boys than girls. There was a total of 60 students, 46 of whom were boys. There were only 14 girls!

Science classes usually had more guys than girls, and that was the exact opposite of the humanities classes.

Ye Ying and An Jiaxin were both decent looking, so there were already boys that had started making comments about them in the dark.

Someone spoke up and said, “There are sixty students, don’t you guys think we’re one person short?”

As time crept closer to the self-study period, the empty desks in the classroom started to fill up one by one. Very soon, only the desk that was located by the door didn’t have an owner; the rest of the students were already there.

“He’s right. There are only fifty-nine students here. Who’s the late person? There are only four minutes until the first period.”

“So bold, they dare to race the clock on the first day of school.”

Until the bell signaling the start of the self-study period rang, the desk nearest to the classroom door remained unoccupied.

A student said in a soft voice, “Could it be that they’re sick? The teachers will get angry if they arrive late on the first day of class, you know.”

Ye Ying glanced at them; there was only a cold smile in her eyes.

Class One was the most competitive. They had the so-called elite students. Becoming the teachers’ main focus on the first day of school almost equaled being the bottom of the class. 

Very quickly, he could hear footsteps coming from the hallway outside. The student seated nearest to the back door was bold; he quickly peeked his head out and took a glance and saw Teacher Tong walking with another girl while smiling.

“They’re coming; they’re coming, it’s a girl! D*mn, I only managed to see her calves; her skin was so pale and bright! She’s definitely a beauty!”

“Really? Quick, sit properly!”

“Shush! Teacher Tong is our older sister, don’t you dare bully our older sister!”

In a moment, there was no other sound in the classroom other than the sound of pages flipping. From that, one could see how well the students in this class could restrain themselves.

Teacher Tong did not make Ye Jian enter the classroom immediately; instead, she went in by herself.

After she noticed that all of the students were neck-deep in their books and none of them were whispering with one another, she walked to the podium and started teasing her students, “Every one of you is really able to hold it in; you’re not even making small-talk. From what I can see, this isn’t normal.”

Once she spoke, she could hear all the students in the class let out a long breath of relief. The more daring ones even said while laughing, “We’ve just started classes today, and we’re all good, obedient, rule-obeying students. We never ever make small talk!”

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“Really? I also saw you peek your head out to see whether I was coming.” The person who spoke was the male student seated nearest to the back door. Teacher Tong did not criticize him; instead, she had a kind smile on her face, “Today’s the first day of school, and not all of you are quite familiar with one another, so we’ll be having self-introductions during this morning self-study period.”

Noticing that her class was starting to become more lively, Teacher Tong raised both of her hands, and the whole class immediately quieted down. “First things first, let’s welcome a new student who will be joining our class for the coming year. All of you must have heard her name, but none of you would have met her personally. Now, come, let’s welcome our newcomer with a big round of applause.”

So she wasn’t late; she was a transfer student.

Ye Jian appeared in the door frame, hugging her textbooks while her classmates were applauding. She first politely bowed towards Teacher Tong, then bowed again to her classmates inside the classroom.

“Ye Jian! Why are you here!” Everyone was still clapping; however, someone suddenly stood up from her seat. She shouted in a sharp and shrill voice, “Why are you here!”

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It was Ye Ying. She was the only person in class who had stood up. Her beautiful features were contorted into an extremely mean and ferocious look at that moment. She even raised her hand and pointed at Ye Jian with one of her fingers, surprised and angry. Even more than that, she had an expression that showed that she couldn’t accept this.

Her voice was loud and stuck out exceedingly from the sounds of clapping. The girl seated right next to her furrowed her eyebrows and tugged on her skirt, “What are you doing, Ye Ying? All eyes are on you.”

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