Chapter 154: Shameless Qiao Zheng Hong

Qiao Zheng Hong kneeled on the ground and lowered his gaze. He was really finished this time.

“Your Highness, please check thoroughly. This has nothing to do with me.”Even at this time, he still thought of evading his responsibility. He was simply looking for trouble.

Xiao Qi Feng sneered aloud: “General Qiao, are you saying that I’m mistaken?”

“I wouldn’t dare, Your Highness.”

“But from the way I see it, your actions seem to tell me otherwise.”

Seeing how furious Xiao Qi Feng was, the ministers present there dared not to speak out. They just kept their heads down and listened.

“Since you feel that I’m slandering your reputation, then let’s have a look at something else.” While saying this, the people had brought in the testimony that clearly stated all the transactions that another party had with him.

Seeing the testimony, Qiao Zheng Hong’s first thought was that it was fake, but then he thought that Xiao Qi Feng couldn’t deceive him with such a false testimony. Therefore, the testimony must be true.

“General Qiao, what do you have to say?” With anger in his eyes, Xiao Qi Feng glared at Qiao Zheng Hong and questioned him.

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Qiao Zheng Hong had nothing to say. At this moment, Li Cheng walked out: “Your Highness, what General Qiao did was unforgivable. As a general, he colluded with the robbers and did things that oppressed the people. He must be severely punished, otherwise it will be repeated in the future and the lives of the people will be threatened.”

“Master Li is right.”

“Your Highness, you must punish him severely.”

Xiao Qi Feng who had been seated on the throne all this while, looked at the situation. His expression was unreadable. In the end, he raised his hand and everyone fell into silence.

“Qiao Zheng Hong, do you know that you’ve committed an offence?”

“I know.” Qiao Zheng Hong clenched his hands into fists on the ground while clenching his teeth.

Xiao Qi Feng sneered at Qiao Zheng Hong: “Very well, I will have to take back your position as a general and your general residence. The Qiao family must move out immediately.”

Qiao Zheng Hong’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that Xiao Qi Feng would directly remove his position as the general. His expression suddenly changed: “Your Highness, Qiao Tian Chang is also a general, and he has to stay in that general residence as well.” Although this sentence was said in euphemisms, everyone knew what he really meant. He wasn’t satisfied with Xiao Qi Feng’s decision.

“Qiao Tian Chang has already left the capital long ago. As for no one knows where he is now, he had already said last time that he has nothing to do with Qiao Family.” Xiao Qi Feng simply spoke the truth.

Everyone in the room knew how ugly Qiao Zheng Hong’s expression was at the time when Qiao Tian Chang became a general.

That time, Qiao Tian Chang just stared coldly at the person who kept cursing him. His face was calm while he waited for the person to finish. After that, he cut off his relationship with his father, Qiao Zheng Hong, at the Golden Temple and declared that he no longer had anything to do with this man in the future.

Qiao Zheng Hong didn’t care at all that time. However, now that he was to lose everything, he actually tried to use Qiao Tian Chang to save himself. It was very shameful.

After cutting off the relationship with Qiao Zheng Hong, Qiao Tian Chang disappeared the next day. Probably only the emperor knew where he went.

Qiao Zheng Hong’s expression was a little ugly.

“Your Highness, although what General Qiao did was unacceptable, he’s quite meritorious…”

“Grand Tutor Lin, are you saying that my punishment is too serious? We have an official of the court that colluded with robbers. Do you know how serious this offence is?” Xiao Qi Feng focused his gaze at Grand Tutor Lins face and asked gently.

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Grand Tutor Lin’s expression stiffened. Then, he bowed in that instant. Qiao Zheng Hong was his son-in-law, that was why he tried to speak up for him, but now… He had just basically injured himself in the leg with a stone.

If an official colluded with robbers, the consequence was to execute all three generations of that official. Now, the emperor was only withdrawing his position and residence. It was quite a light punishment.

“Oh, you..”

“Enough, if you all think that my punishment is too serious, then I invite all of you to have a look at this.” Xiao Qi Feng threw a booklet to the ground. In it contained the collusion between Qiao Zheng Hong and the robbers. Half of what the robbers took was sent to Qiao’s residence.

The booklet was passed around. After reading it, everyone’s expression changed. People who wanted to speak up for Qiao Zheng Hong earlier, all became silent.

Qiao Zheng Hong didn’t know what they saw and he became worried.

Xiao Qi Feng looked at Qiao Zheng Hong’s curious look and said: “It seems that you’re very curious about what they’re reading. Since you’re so curious, then have a look at it yourself.”

When Qiao Zheng Hong finished reading the booklet, he immediately fell to the ground. He was finished.

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