Chapter 153: Unlucky

Qiao Tian Chang eagerly rubbed his body against Ning Meng Yao: “Alright. It’s good to be back, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll ask Grandmother Qin to prepare something for you to eat.” Ning Meng Yao said with a smile.

Qing Xue and the rest quickly went to prepare warm water when they saw Qiao Tian Chang. Ning Meng Yao went back to her house to get the clothes she made for him.

During the past few days, she was like a demon making clothes for Qiao Tian Chang. She made ten sets of clothes, a number of undergarments, and shoes.

Ning Meng Yao put the clothes in the booth partitioned from the bathroom: “Tian Chang, I’ve placed your clothes here.”


Qiao Tian Chang took a quick bath and came out. He spotted the new clothes, shoes and socks, and undergarments on the table.

Reaching out for the clothes, a smile was plastered on his face. This was the first time anyone made clothes for him.

He quickly put on clothes and shoes. With his long hair untied, he walked out.

“How is it? Do they fit?” Upon seeing him, Ning Meng Yao asked.

It was a navy blue summer clothing with some nice patterns embroidered on it. The shoes were also a set with the clothes so the whole set looked very matching.

“Yeah, it fits well.” Qiao Tian Chang moved his body a little and it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

“That’s good. I also made some other things for you. You can take it when you’re going back later. I noticed that you didn’t have many clothes.” Ning Meng Yao helped Grandmother Qin to put the food on the table while she spoke to him happily.

Ning Meng Yao thought that this was a natural thing to do but Qiao Tian Chang was taken aback at first, but was soon very happy.

What a nice feeling this was.

Not caring about others who were present, Qiao Tian Chang walked to Ning Meng Yao’s side and hugged her waist from behind with a happy smile on his face as he said: “It’s great to have you, Yao Yao.”

 “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Qiao Tian Chang shook his head.

He just felt warm in his heart. He was contented. He had never felt this kind of feeling before.

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“Alright now. Come, eat quickly. You can have some rest after eating.” Ning Meng Yao patted his big hands on her waist and let him loosen them.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded and sat by her side. While he was eating the food prepared by Grandmother Qin, he complimented: “Grandmother Qin’s food is the best.” Qiao Tian Chang was completely satisfied.

“Since young master likes it, I’ll cook for you every day.” Grandmother Qin was happy. Looking at Qiao Tian Chang’s gorging expression, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded: “Thank you Grandmother Qin.”

After he finished eating, Ning Meng Yao looked at him curiously: “Why were you away for so long this time?”

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“Initially, I could come back half a month earlier, but my plan was ruined by someone, so my return was delayed.” Then he told Ning Meng Yao about the robbers.

The robbers really did have quite a connection with Qiao Family. To be exact, the robbers were from Qiao Family.

One of those robbers was Qiao Zheng Hong’s subordinate. At that time, Qiao Zheng Hong seemed to have already chased him out. And that person was the boss of the robbers.

They found a lot of letters were written to and from Qiao Zheng Hong in his room. It seemed that this time Qiao Zheng Hong wasn’t just simply being downgraded.

There wasn’t any evidence before, but the evidence that Qiao Zheng Hong colluded with the robbers was now in the hands of the emperor. This time, even if he escaped death, he would surely be punished otherwise.

“He’s looking for trouble.” After listening, Ning Meng Yao could only said so.

Qiao Tian Chang had a satirical smile on his face: “He was too confident of himself. He thought it would be impossible for others to discover. Or that even if he was discovered, no one can do anything to him. After all, he still has a lot of merit in his hands.”

“I see. I’m afraid he’s unlucky this time.” Luckily they were prepared this time, if not, the situation would be troublesome even if they had evidence.


Sure enough, Xiao Qi Feng saw the evidence the next morning and became furious.

When Qiao Zheng Hong looked at the evidence, his face turned pale. How was this possible? He didn’t receive the news at all. What in the world was going on?

“General Qiao, can you tell me what’s going on?” Xiao Qi Feng threw the records in his hand at Qiao Zheng Hong.

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