Chapter 388: Do You Want To Sleep Together?

That wasn’t all. Ye Jian also added at the end, “There’s also something I have to tell you, the guy that went to Hua Jun Hotel went to the hospital yesterday, and his complexion didn’t look too good. I suppose there’s something wrong with his body. Miss Liu Zhen, my suggestion is that you should also go for a checkup.”

Before that, the receptionist could still lean on the marble counter for support. But after that, Ye Jian’s words immediately caused her legs to give way, finding herself slumped on the floor.

The other receptionist on duty next to her had no clue about what had just happened, so she immediately walked towards them and apologized, before calling for security personnel with the intercom.

Ye Jian used a voice that only the two of them could hear. It could be said that she had saved the receptionist’s last remaining ounce of dignity.

After entering the elevator, Xia Jinyuan started guffawing, “You’re really someone who can’t be taken advantage of. No wonder Uncle Chen is fine with you going out alone.”

“Even if I’m being taken advantage of, I still need to know what I’m being taken advantage of, like what just happened. I just talked some sense into the receptionist and informed her not to act so unhealthily! Do you think everyone’s like her?” Ye Jian blinked her eyes playfully, joy surfacing in her eyes, “Besides, what I did can be counted as a gentle reminder.”

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Gentle reminder? The little fox had put the receptionist’s whole being in a state of shock.

After pressing the button to their floor, Xia Jinyuan exclaimed in a tone which she couldn’t tell whether it was fake or real, “You managed to take down what you saw with those surveillance tapes and was able to pull information out immediately to teach someone a lesson. Little Fox, from the looks of it, I can’t leave any unfavorable evidence for you whenever I do something in the future.”

The exact whereabouts of that receptionist and who she had been with … She had only entered the provincial city this morning, so the only possible explanation was that when the Transportation Bureau mobilized the surveillance system, she had memorized everything after looking through them.

Her memory was incredible, and her brain storage was also incredible. Would the military allow her to become a nobody?

It was evident that was definitely impossible.

The military had to always grasp her whereabouts and her movements. It was like that time in the desert. After confirming their identities, the ‘Control Tower’ Command Center stopped sending scouts.

When Ye Jian was faced with his conversations where she was unable to differentiate whether it was real or fake, her intuition told her that it was best for her not to continue.

She lowered her head, pretended to yawn, and replied with sleepy eyes, “I’m so tired, I wanna sleep earlier.” The elevator door opened with a ‘ding’, and as she finished her sentence, she left the elevator first with her agile body.

“You’re that tired? Do you want a cup of coffee to stay awake? Or we can still have a heart-to-heart conversation in our room.” Xia Jinyuan walked out of the elevator with a smile on his face. It was as if there were magical powers in his husky voice in such a still night. His languid yet seductive voice floated forward from behind her, “I’m in the room next to yours. If you want to have a chat, you’re welcome anytime.”

Ye Jian hurried her pace and rushed towards her room’s door. After swiping the card, she entered and closed the door with a “Bang” … The dangerous man with the playful scent was back!

She gently patted her chest, then slapped her forehead, slightly annoyed. That was rude … She didn’t even say “Goodnight” to him!

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She calmed herself, then reopened the door, “Xia … Ah…”

After opening the door, she immediately noticed the black figure standing in front of the door. She was caught off guard and let out a scream in shock. Instinctively, she punched the black figure’s jaw.

“You purposefully opened the door to punch me?” The black figure, also known as Xia Jinyuan or Major Xia, had an even quicker reaction; he sidestepped and turned, moving backward, thereby evading Ye Jian’s fist.

He looked at her cheerfully, “I just wanted to say ‘Goodnight’ but almost ended up being punched in the face.”

In the middle of the night, faced with such a dangerous yet elegant man, Ye Jian’s footsteps stopped at the edge of her door. Standing there, she replied in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, Captain Xia, I … I only tried to punch you out of instinct; it wasn’t intentional. Also, goodnight, see you tomorrow.”

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