Chapter 389: Infuriated Little Fox

The room door closed again with a ‘click’ as though she was running away from a pervert’s teasing.

Outside the door, Xia Jinyuan’s slender fingers lightly rubbed the corner of his brows. He seemed helpless, but the coldness between the corner of his eyes when he treated the receptionist a while ago was gone. In fact, the coldness had long been replaced with warmth.

He mumbled while chuckling, “Foolish girl, if I really want to go in, do you think a door can stop me?”

However, he just wanted to tease her for a bit.

Thinking about the scene that had happened at the front desk, Xia Jinyuan’s pupils, which were filled with gentleness just a second ago, were now filled with a cold, harsh glare.

Even a receptionist dared to guess the relationship they had with each other. It was possible that others would also react in the same way. In fact, it was even possible for some rumors to spread.

From the looks of it, the little fox distancing herself from him was the correct decision.

He would leave immediately as soon as his vacation was over, so naturally, he wouldn’t be the one to hear those rumors.

But the little fox was different! This place was somewhere she would be spending the next two years in. If he appeared every now and then and spent time with her in a very intimate way, the little fox would have to bear all the rumors and slander directed at her after he left.

All he thought about was how to spend time with the little fox in close proximity, but he deliberately hadn’t thought too much about the consequences of his decisions, and that all of his actions would bring unnecessary trouble into the little fox’s life.

The sound of water flowing echoed within the bathroom and stopped after a while.

The door was pushed open, and a pair of long, slender yet muscular legs stepped outside. With a white object flashing through the air, a clean white bath towel could be found wrapped around his slim and muscular waist.

The phone that was placed on the head of the bed had already rung a couple of times. His hair was still wet; beads of water still hugged his body tightly while he picked up a towel to dry his hair. He slipped on some sandals and walked toward his bed.

Military men who had just come out of the shower were really sexy. The muscles on his body looked so perfect that they seemed like the handiwork of God. Every corner was perfect, and every corner was also the pinnacle of attractiveness.

When he sat down, the muscles on his waist produced a sexy curve; none of them lacked the power that a man ought to have.

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“You’re still up this late?” He spoke with a deep voice, bringing along some mist with his voice. His languid voice made him seem like a noble walking through the streets of villages, seducing the innocent and beautiful village girls, “You can stay up, but I’m going to bed.”

“If there was an adult woman by your side, do you think you would be able to sleep?” A woman replied, mirth audible in her voice; she was Xia Jinyuan’s older cousin. She was also the secretary of one of the heads of the province and was an extremely talented and capable woman.

Xia Jinyuan scoffed and replied lazily, “Xia Yiwei, you’ve gone to the Transportation Bureau in the middle of all your work and hurriedly headed back; you really are a busy person.”

Someone was openly and bravely sizing up his little fox right behind his back. How would he not notice that?

“No matter how busy I am, it still won’t stop me from wanting to take a look at what the teenage girl, whom Sir Xia is so fond of, is like, ” Xia Yiwei casually put her feet up on her home’s study table. There was also a long and slender female cigar pinched between her fingers; red sparks on one end of it signaled that it was half-way through.

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Xia Jinyuan understood the meaning behind her words. His lips curved upwards while he replied blandly, “What I’m doing now is just guarding an underage teenage girl. I’m not that pressed for sex to establish unhealthy relationships with underage girls.”

“Oh, so that’s it, then I’m hanging up. Goodbye.”

She hung up the phone quickly. Knowing that he understood, Xia Yiwei could rest assured.

Xia Jinyuan always did things according to his personal values and thoughts. If he said that he hadn’t done something, then that was definitely the truth.

What she didn’t know was that even if Xia Jinyuan did harbor those thoughts, he would still have to get Ye Jian’s permission.

At 6 a.m. the next day, Ye Jian had already arrived at her school. Xia Jinyuan sat inside the car. His right hand, which was placed atop the handbrake, had clenched tightly uncountable times without being noticed.

Although he had said he came here to be repaid some interest, in the end … After the long deliberation last night, he had eventually decided to restrain himself because he had to consider the impact his presence would have on her school life.

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