Arc 7 Chapter 105: Feast under the moon

The light in the sky was getting dimmer as the sun dipped down under the trees allowing the moon to take its place.

“We should head over to the main bonfire where the tables are being set up. The games will be over soon and the area will become crowded. It would best if we get to our tables before that happens,” said Azura.

They were the first to arrive and saw hundreds of makeshift long tables were placed around the fire.

The longest table was set up near the center and placed on top of a small platform to allow others to see and listen to the people that sat there.

There were still several people that had volunteered to help with the feast running back and forth placing cups, plates, and utensils on every table.

“So which table is ours,” asked Klyn looking at every table but the one on the platform.

“You, big brother, and I have to sit at the main table. Everyone else will have to sit at the table of honored guest on the right next to the main table,” said Azura pointing at the two tables in question.

“Are there arranged seats at the tables?” asked Mileena.

“You guys can pick any seat but the three of us have to wait for the elders and head shaman to arrive before we can figure out what seat will be ours.”

Everyone other than Akira, Azura, and Klyn went to the table on the right to get a good seat closest to the main table.

The smell of food that was being prepared was getting stronger as the time for the feast got closer. The smell was enough to make Akira’s stomach growl even though it had eaten a lot during the day.

It was only a short wait before people started to filter into the surrounding tables trying to get the best spot that they could.

Twenty minutes passed and all the tables were packed with people talking loudly about the food, art, and games that they had experienced during the day.

At this time the elders began to arrive and walk down the main path that was cleared to the main table.

Behind the elders walked Wulfric and the head shaman who Akira had met the night before.

Akira, Klyn, and Azura waited in front of the table for the elders to take their seats.

When Wulfric and the head shaman reached the table they stopped in front of them.

“Akira, Azura, you will sit on my right. Klyn, you are to sit on the left next to your grandfather,” ordered Wulfric.

They followed the two elderly gentlemen and took their seats.

Wulfric stayed standing as he looked over the mass of bodies at each table.

“Everyone!” said Wulfric in a booming voice in order to gain the attention of those still deep in conversation. He waited a few seconds for the chatter to die down before speaking again.

“I hope that everyone had a fun time today. As you all know, today was a celebration for the return of Akira. In order to end the celebration properly, a great feast has been prepared! Eat, Drink, and be merry!” said Wulfric his voice booming out over the crowd.

Loud cheers and clapping arose from all sides of the main table.

With the end of Wulfric’s short speech, the food began to be brought out and served to the hungry people.

Hundreds of servers were carrying trays each carrying enough food for ten people. Several of the servers rushed to the main table with the best of the best food for the elders and honored guests.

The first course was a salad and soup that had been cooled down. The soup had a light broth and thin noodles. The portions were big enough to make it so that they would not starve before the main course was brought out.

When everyone was just finishing their appetizers the steaming hot plates of fresh barbecued Lizarsaurus with baked potatoes were served.

Akira had no idea what to expect before biting into the juicy meat but after tasting, it found that he liked the taste.

His only worry was that the Lizarsaurus might have eaten a lot of people making it so he was in a way eating them as well.

This thought had been brought to his mind when he thought of Chack always talking about feeding them exotic things.

There wasn’t much talk at the main table as everyone was focused on eating their food.

When they had finished the main course a dessert drink was served. It was a rather chunky drink, full of morange juice, chopped bananas, nuts, and other dried fruit.

As Akira enjoyed the sweet dessert Wulfric who Akira was sitting next to began to talk.

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“Akira, it’s good that you and Klyn are getting reacquainted with each other. Don’t you agree with me Hegir?”

“True the younger generation should work together and form strong bonds to keep the clan strong in the future. We will need all the unity we can get in the coming years,” said Hegir who happened to be the head shaman.

“If your grandson keeps up with his studies and hard work, within a few years he could surpass even you Hegir,” said Wulfric.

“Haha, If that comes to be true then I will view my mission complete and retire from the position of head shaman.”

“Akira, make sure you don’t let him escape and keep him as an adviser. He is extremely smart and I believe he will be of great help to you in the future,” said Wulfric.

“Yes, I agree. Although he may be lazy sometimes, my grandson still has a good head on him. Here, Akira lets switch seats so that you and Klyn can chat,” said Hegir as he stood up and walked over to where Akira was sitting.

Since he was not given any other choice Akira stood up and sat down next to Klyn.

“Hey,” said Akira.

“Hello,” replied Klyn.

The two sat next to each other quietly eating their dessert. It was not easy to start a conversation when told to. It was even harder with everyone near them constantly looking at them to see what they were doing or what they would say.

“So the fight today you seem to have a solid foundation. I’m sure if you continued to train you could get far stronger,” said Akira.

“Ha! I don’t care about physical fights. I just make sure my body is fit enough to pass the test every month. If I didn’t have to pass the test I wouldn’t train at all!” said Klyn as he stabbed his spoon into the drink pulling out chunks of fruit.

“Really? Then what would you do?”

“I would focus on my studies to be ready for the real fights that matter!”

“Which are?”

“The intellectual fights! From what I saw today I can see that we already agree on one thing.”

“Oh? From today? What is it?” asked Akira curious.

“We both agree that ‘Flat is Justice’,” said Klyn loudly with a serious straight face as if the matter was of the utmost importance.

The shock from such an unexpected answer caused Akira to spit out his mouthful of morange juice. Several other people who had been listening to the conversation had the same reaction as Akira including Azura.

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Akira did not know how Klyn had come to such a conclusion only using today’s events to judge him.

‘I think he might be getting some weird ideas about me in his head.’

With Klyn saying stuff like that so loud in front of everyone, Akira was worried that it might make people think he was a pervert who agreed with Klyn’s words.

He didn’t hate them but come on! Don’t say something like that in front of thousands of people!

A toothpick flew from the right side of the table and stabbed into Klyn’s forehead.

“You idiot, stop embarrassing me!” growled Hegir.

“So big brother has that type of preference,” mumbled Azura looking down at her small chest happily.

“You guys don’t any wrong ideas about me. I’m just a normal guy not weird or anything,” said Akira.

“True it is not weird for us to like what we like. It’s only normal,” said Klyn while he held a cloth napkin to his forehead to stop the bleeding.

With the fast health regeneration of werewolves, the small wound from the toothpick closed up quickly.

“You’re not helping! For a guy that’s supposed to smart you sure know how to screw up a situation like this,” said Akira.

“It’s only normal and healthy to like such things,” repeated Azura quietly to herself.

“Ahahaha! It’s good to be young!” said Wulfric laughing at the situation.

When everyone had finished their dessert the last event of the day’s celebration started.

Wulfric stood up and raised his hands for everyone to quiet down.

“As it is customary when an important guest joins our clan for whatever reason the three customary gifts are always given! One from the clan chief, one from the elders, and one from the shamans. The time to present the gifts is now!” said Wulfric his voice reaching all the way to the outer tables.

Hegir and Azura stood up to join Wulfric who was standing next to Akira. Three cloth bags were brought forward by servers and handed to each of them.

Wulfric took out a book from the bag and handed it over to Akira.

“This is a gift from the elders!” said Wulfric.


Book of blue moon clans history!

Hegir took out several bottles from his bag and handed them to Akira.

“This is the gift from the shamans!” said Hegir.


You have received the Special 30 minute stat boost potions.

These potions were all made by Hegir himself!

Azura pulled a … bag out of the bag and handed it to Akira.

“This is the gift from the clan chief! I noticed that your current bag is too small and worn out,” said Azura hurriedly.


Medium Rough hide bag received! Space is double that of the small bag.

Akira had to agree that his small bag did look rather ragged but that was due to all the wear and tear that it had endured while he traveled through the whole continent and even under the sea!

What could he do about it since it was such a valuable item? Akira decided to keep the small bag in case he ever needed it in the future.

“With the gifts given, today’s celebrations have come to an end! You may all head home now if you wish to,” said Wulfric.

Everyone at the main table watched as the rest of the clan finished their conversations and then left for their homes up in the tree city.

“Azura, Klyn, you may leave. Akira stay behind,” ordered Wulfric.

Both Azura and Klyn said their goodbyes before leaving.

Soon the only ones left where the elders Wulfric, Hegir, and Akira.

“Follow us,” said Wulfric leading the group towards a large tree with several guards patrolling the area and guarding the stairs that led to the elders meet room.

When they saw the elders they stepped aside and saluted them as they walked passed and entered the building.

The inside was just an empty room with numerous seats carved out of the wood.

Wulfric waited for everyone to be seated before he began to speak.

“On the matter of Akira joining the clan are there any last-minute objections?”

He looked at each and every elder.

No one raised their hand or spoke up. They were all for welcoming Akira into the clan no one would even think of denying him the right to do so.

“Good! Onto the next matter which is the possibility of Akira taking over the role of the clan chief. What is everyone’s opinion.”

A hand was held up by one of the older elders named Hal. Wulfric nodded acknowledging him.

“If you mean taking the job right now then I have to object. He has just come back after living with humans for so long. He does not know the ways of our clan and it would be foolish to give him the role just because he is your grandson. But that does not mean I am opposed to him taking the role of clan chief in the future if he can prove that he is worthy enough,” said Hal.

Many of the other elders nodded their heads in agreement. Only a few who had been close to Akira’s father when he was alive were willing to give the position to him right now.

“I agree with your assessment. That is why I will continue to teach Akira what is needed to be a leader of the clan. I will soon place him into a pack as a new member where he will have to work hard to prove his skills and work his way up from the bottom.

For now, Azura will keep the position of clan chief until everyone is satisfied with Akira’s accomplishments,” said Wulfric.

“Grand elder is wise and just. Even though he is your only grandson you show him no favors.”

“I agree. With this, he will either sink or swim.”

“Then it is decided. This is what we will do,” said Wulfric.

Akira was forced to watch in silence as they talked about him.

“Akira do you have any objections to our decision?” asked Wulfric.

“No, I will work hard to prove I am able to take on the job!” said Akira.

“Good. You may leave,” said Wulfric.

When Akira was gone the elders continued to talk of future plans for the clan.

During a lull in the conversation Hegir, the only person not an elder raised his hand.

“Yes, what is it Hegir?”

“The pack that you are putting Akira in can you also put Klyn in it as well? He is nearing completion of his apprenticeship and needs real-life experience. I think it would be best if he had someone he knew to help him during this time,” asked Hegir.

“I have no problems with it since it should strengthen their friendship and teamwork. Which in the end will helpful for the clans future,” said Wulfric.

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