Chapter 390: I’ve Kissed You

“Captain Xia, I’m getting off now, bye.” After hearing the car door unlock, Ye Jian immediately pulled on the handle to get off the car. The moment her body turned, her wrist was grabbed by a firm hand.

She turned back to glance at her wrist, her dainty brows furrowed together in confusion, “Captain Xia, you’re still…”

All she could see was that something had suddenly covered her. Ye Jian, who had one of her hands held back, could only feel a permeating minty smell coming toward her face.

Like the apple in the hand of Eve, no one could resist its temptation.

One moment, she felt a firm yet fresh presence on her. In the next moment, she could feel a warm and gentle kiss landing on her forehead.

His lips stayed there for a long time. It was so long that her forehead, which was being kissed by him … was starting to burn.

“Okay, now get off the car.” In her stiff gaze, Xia Jinyuan sat upright again. He could see that her eyes were filled with confusion. There was no rejection.

He started chuckling while his heart felt slightly warmer, “That’s my interest, I’m here to collect some interest, Little Fox.”

She traveled far and wide to reach the desert. He then followed her; however, he still missed her in the end. So he still had to collect some amount of interest.

Ye Jian practically … fled, out of panic.

With her luggage in tow, she walked with quickened footsteps. Only after charging to the school gate did she slow down.

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She then turned around to peek at the car, which still hadn’t been driven away, and the man, who had gotten off the car without her knowledge. Ye Jian’s forehead burned hotter while she pursed her lips together obstinately. She wanted to say something, but she turned back and entered the school compound without saying anything in the end.

Xia Jinyuan, who stood by his car, had a faint smile on his face. His depthless eyes stared at his little fox entering the school until she slowly vanished out of his sight. He finally blinked his eyes, which couldn’t be comprehended by others, and drove the car away in a good mood.

The original interest he wanted to collect was … her first kiss, but he reined himself in, and only left a shallow kiss devoid of any sentiment. The results he had obtained were much better than expected.

Not rejecting him was a good thing. Being confused was very reasonable.

His little fox didn’t have any experience with relationships. After encountering a wolf-like him, tsk, it couldn’t be helped. He too was inexperienced, so he was entirely doing it based on his intuition.

At 6 a.m., there were only students who had the habit of doing morning exercises in the school compound. Ye Jian was afraid that her roommates in her dorm were yet to wake up, so she went to the teacher’s office and awaited Teacher Tong’s arrival. Then, they would head over to the classroom together.

Before half an hour had passed, Teacher Tong and Teacher Zhu walked towards the office while discussing something silently. Ye Jian waited for the two teachers to move closer before she politely greeted them.

“You’re here this early? Did you have a good night’s sleep?” Teacher Tong, who knew what Ye Jian had gone out to do last night, hurriedly pulled out her keys to unlock the office doors.

From behind her, Teacher Zhu spoke in a serious tone, “There will be a test this morning. Ye Jian, you must show us all you’ve got. I will announce the results this afternoon.”

It was the tradition of First Provincial High. Immediately having an exam on the first day of school reminded all the students of one thing: summer break is over, the new semester has started; it is time for you to keep yourselves in check.

Hearing that, Teacher Tong turned around with a smile on her face, “Teacher Zhu, keep in mind that your serious face doesn’t scare students away.” Then, she spoke to Ye Jian, “There’s no hurry for you to keep your luggage away in your dorm. Follow me into the classroom later during the self-study period.”

Teacher Zhu glanced at Ye Jian, who was unmoved. It was a rare occasion for him to be seen smiling in front of a student, and he laughed, “This student is bold. She managed to take down contestants from other countries with ferocity. Do you think she’ll be afraid of a small test? Teacher Tong, allow me to swap the Maths test and Chinese Language test. Let me have the first two periods; it’s a beautiful morning, and we have to give them a wakeup call.”

Ye Jian listened to the two teachers discussing how to freshen up the brains of the students in Class One, while she quietly started flipping through the new textbooks of her Grade 11 term.

T/L Note: The author finally revealed Teacher Zhu’s gender; he’s a guy! We falsely assumed that he was a lady, because that’s the norm, right?

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