Chapter 391: High School, I’m Back

At 7 a.m., the students who didn’t stay in the school dormitory started to enter the school.

Grade 11’s Class One of First Provincial High was like the other classes. It was the new school term, they had new classmates, and all of them started introducing themselves and getting to know each other.

“Hello, I’m Ye Ying, it’s nice to meet you.” Ye Ying, who took the initiative to sit in the first seat beside the teacher’s podium, started to introduce herself. She was good-looking, and her results were better than average. All the students in the other classes had heard of her. Hearing that, they also started their private introductions.

Some students had been together during Grade 10, so they started chatting with each other immediately.

There were also a couple of students who were in the same class as Ye Ying last year, but when they realized that she only cared about getting to know the other classmates, a hint of disdain surfaced in the pupils of the two girls, and they started whispering with each other.

“She’s still acting like how she was before, like a butterfly.”

“That’s her talent. There’s no way we can learn how to do that. She’s a flower in the student council, you know.”

Then, seeing her walk in front of the male student who topped the class and introduce herself with a pretty smile on her face, the two girls started rolling their eyes. Ye Ying always knew how to act whenever she was in front of guys!

The two girl students weren’t the only ones who disliked her. There was also another girl who hated her just as much.

She turned to her side and said towards her classmate in Grade 10, “Do you see that girl? She was my middle school classmate! You guys should be more careful in the future. Although she looks nice on the outside, she’s definitely rotten to the core. My advice is valuable, so you guys better not take them lightly.”

From the moment An Jiaxin spotted Ye Ying, she had rolled her eyes innumerable times.

If they really were to compare their popularity, she, who had more of a boyish personality, was more popular among boys than Ye Ying.

At least, in the previous year in high school, she hadn’t argued with another classmate. She also did not try to set people up from the shadows.

After a couple of her classmates heard her say this, all of them lightly nodded their heads.

While Ye Ying was conversing about study tips with the boy who topped the class, she lightly moved her gaze and saw An Jiaxin mumbling something to a couple of their classmates.

She smiled at the boy and said something with a cold glance, and then she started walking towards them with graceful footsteps.

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“Hey, An Jiaxin, I didn’t expect the two of us to be in the same class in high school. You’re the only person who was my classmate in middle school and high school. Come, let us shake hands and celebrate this occasion.”

Charming and decorous, that was indeed an excellent way to leave behind a favorable impression.

An Jiaxin, who hadn’t expected her to have the nerve to walk towards her, grinned. She then stood up confidently and laughed casually, “Even I didn’t think of that. I’ll be in your care in the future.” Do you think you’re able to make a fool out of me on the first day? That’s not possible!

Ye Ying’s smile turned stiff. Based on her understanding of An Jiaxin, she should have smacked the table angrily. Why was her attitude suddenly different!

“Look at this old classmate of mine. Because I acted slightly more enthusiastically, she doesn’t even know what to say.” An Jiaxin took the chance to checkmate her. She then quickly pulled back her hand, “Alright, let’s keep our ties as clear as water and finish high school peacefully without troubles. Also, please don’t bump into me in university, how embarrassing would that be!”

Ye Ying, who had suddenly lost the upper hand, regained her senses. The tip of her eyebrows knitted together while she looked at An Jiaxin, who had suddenly become smarter. After a while, she giggled, “Of course, if we meet each other again in university, how would I be able to make new friends? And in the future, when my friends ask me how many friends I have in university, and if I said I only knew you, how embarrassing would that be?”

“That’s right, it’ll be too embarrassing,” An Jiaxin replied happily. Sure enough, Ye Jian is the smarter classmate. When faced with multi-faced people like Ye Ying, you would have to talk to her with a smile!

Godd*mn! Does she think I’m retarded? Trying to instigate trouble on the first day of school!

This time, Ye Ying knew that there was no way she could cause An Jiaxin to make a fool out of herself. Therefore, she turned around with a smile on her face.

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Her slightly drooped eyelids hid the chilliness in the depths of her pupils. Just you wait, An Jiaxin. I won’t let you live your life peacefully.

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