Chapter 667: The little monster of Myriad Poisonous Forest

As a matter of fact, the three great demon generals could contact each other using a certain magic crystal just like a videoconference. But, this kind of communication method had a big flaw, i.e. unable to move, moreover, both sides should simultaneously activate the magic array to become effective.

Blood Demon Diluo and Emotion Demon Naweiqi had been friends for several tens of thousands of years. He clearly knew that it wouldn’t be easy to contact her during this time period. Therefore, he could only send military intelligence via the hands of someone. Moreover, he was also unsure whether that military intelligence would reach her hands immediately.

Long Yi quietly followed behind that maid, and when he sensed that there was no one around, he knocked this maid out and took that crystal ball from her.

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The information in this crystal was sealed. Long Yi used his chaos divine power to probe and understood that there was a kind of seal that was used to keep secrets. Any carelessness would lead to the self-destruction of the crystal. Even if the seal was forcibly broken, the information within would be thoroughly wiped out.

But, the chaos divine power was the purest form of energy of the universe. It was gentle and vast, inclusive of all attributes. Because of this reason, Long Yi made up his mind to take the risk of seizing this crystal ball, instead of following this maid until he found Emotion Demon Naweiqi. He guessed that the information sent to Emotion Demon Naweiqi by Blood Demon Diluo must concern with the measures against God Race. Perhaps, this information might even contain their entire strategic plan. If he was able to learn every action of the demon army, then he would have nothing to fear.

The chaos divine power eroded the seal little by little, but the nerves of Long Yi became tenser and tenser.

Finally, the energy of the seal was completely eroded and the crystal ball automatically activated. Then, the information in this crystal ball directly appeared in Long Yi’s mind.

At first, Long Yi was excited, but soon after that, he became solemn, then he relaxed again. It turned out that the Magical Beast Legion was the trump card of Demon Race. No wonder they didn’t take any action. If Wei’er Beila massacred forward in accordance with the originally decided route, then they would have fallen into the encirclement of Magical Beast Legion before long, and it was very likely that the entire army of God Race might be wiped out. But, because Long Yi had decided to go to the territory of Emotion Demon Naweiqi, their strategic focus had also changed. Wei’er Beila led 100,000 soldiers of Wind God Legion and suddenly turned towards the north, which made the trap Blood Demon Diluo prepared with painstaking effort collapse completely.

If 100,000 soldiers of Wind God Legion had encountered 200,000 Magical Beasts Legion, then although they wouldn’t be able to win, they would have easily escaped. Wind God Legion had always been famous for their speed. This was also the reason why Blood Demon Diluo laid an ambush, rather than directly attacking from the front.

In the military intelligence, Diluo asked Naweiqi to cooperate and lay an ambush again. And this time, his ambition was bigger. He actually wanted to not only swallow the entire 100,000 soldiers of Wind God Legion, he also wanted to meet plot with plot by luring the main forces of God Race over to the north, then make them fall into the land of eternal damnation.

Long Yi took a deep breath. Blood Demon Diluo deserved to be called the brain of Demon Race. Merely, even the wise make mistakes; his plan actually fell into his hands in advance. Now, his plan was doomed to be a failure.

Long Yi summoned the lingwu spirit and after instructing something, he made it go to Wei’er Beila. Then, he gently patted the unconscious maid and her entire body trembled. Soon after that, she disappeared in a speed visible to eyes without leaving any residue.

“I’m sorry, who asked you to be from Demon Race?” Long Yi muttered and advanced towards the direction where this maid was going just now. He was sure that Emotion Demon Naweiqi was in this direction.

In the distance, Long Yi saw a group of powerful guards standing in a circle. At the center of this circle, he could vaguely see a beautiful figure. Even though he couldn’t clearly see her face, he could still feel deep sadness emitting from her bones.

“According to the legend, Emotion Demon Naweiqi is cruel and ruthless, and she especially enjoyed torturing male living things. But, I have never thought that she was also a sad person. Could it be that a man had cheated her before?” On one side, Long Yi sympathized with her, and on the other side, he was thinking of a way to kill her. This proved that he had already hardened his heart to a certain extent. He would never easily kill a woman, but he would also never hesitate to kill them.

Even after two hours, Long Yi quietly lied in the midst of long and thick grasses, watching the pitch-black late night sky. In the distance, his target was also still like a statue without any life.

Long Yi watched the Myriad Poisonous Forest not far away for a while. He didn’t know whether it was his misconception or not, but he actually saw a small figure flashing through it. He raised his eyebrows and quietly went there. Then, after a careful examination, he discovered some hints.

Long Yi became focused. He saw tiny footprints at the edge of Myriad Poisonous Forest. These footprints were similar to human’s footprints, but there were eight toes. And he also found traces of broken plants around those footprints.

Long Yi turned around and at a distance, he saw a wide expanse of land with different kinds of plants. These plants had purple colored fruits.

“So that’s how it is, I must see exactly what kind of living beings are living in this Myriad Poisonous Forest,” Long Yi curiosity was aroused. In any case, he could see that Emotion Demon Naweiqi wouldn’t leave in a short time.

Long Yi dug out several such plants from the black ground, then placing them at the edge of Myriad Poisonous Forest, he retracted his aura and hid at one side.

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Two hours passed, there was no movement.

Four hours passed, still no movement.

One day and one night passed, still no movement. Just when Long Yi was about to run out of patience, rustling sounds came from inside the Myriad Poisonous Forest.

A pointed hairless head timidly popped out from the ground, then it carefully looked around with its two eyes on two sides of its head. The sight of this little monster was 360 degrees, unlike humans whose sight had a dead angle of 180 degrees.

The little monster slowly climbed out. It had a strong and healthy human-like body but the fingertips of its limbs were very sharp.

This little monster then crawled to the plants with purple fruits and stood up in front of it. Its eyes, however, were still looking all around him. It had never relaxed its guard even for a moment.

Suddenly, the sharp nails of this little monster made an arc and the fruits of the plants fell into its hand. Immediately afterward, it ran away leaving behind afterimages.

“Squeak…” But suddenly, the little monster was unable to breathe for a moment and his entire body involuntarily flew to one side. When it came back to its senses, it saw a handsome face with a bad smile curiously sizing it up. In addition, it also noticed that this person was tightly grabbing its neck.

“Release me, I beseech you, let me go.” When Long Yi was curiously sizing up this little monster, this little monster actually opened its mouth and spoke in human language to beg for mercy.

“Oh, you can talk, what thing are you?” asked Long Yi.

“I am not a thing, let me go!” The little monster pleaded with a bitter face.

“Since you are not a thing, then it’s fine to kill you, isn’t it?” Long Yi said with dense killing intent and tighten his hand.

“No… don’t, I… I can tell you the secret of safely passing through this Myriad Poisonous Forest,” the little monster said with great difficulty.

Long Yi was stunned, and soon after that, he was wild with joy.

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