Chapter 668: Emotion Demon Naweiqi

You can wear out iron shoes during fruitless searches, and then by lucky chance find it without even looking.

The nerves of Long Yi that had been stretched taut all the time since he came to the Demon World loosened, and he truly wanted to laugh at this moment. As for the little monster he had caught, it was now cowering on the ground with wanting to cry but no tears expression.

Originally, because of the attire of Long Yi and his location, this little monster regarded him as the people of Emotion Demon Naweiqi. In fact, Heavenly Demon King had already determined that there were a large number of very high-purity demonic crystal mines in Myriad Poisonous Forest a long time ago. Therefore, he had been attempting to enter until now, but he had never been successful. The poison of Myriad Poisonous Forest was the most insidious poison in the world. It could corrode anything including an energy defense shield. Even if Heavenly Demon King went all-out and persisted, he couldn’t last long. As a result, although he coveted the demonic crystal mines in Myriad Poisonous Forest, he had no choice but to give up.

And according to this little monster, as a matter of fact, in ancient times, the intelligent creatures were not limited to demons. There were many races of intelligent creatures existing side by side like Blue Waves Continent. But, the Demon Race flourished rapidly. They formed villages, cities, and towns, continuously expanding their territories, and in the end, they forcibly occupied all the lands of Demon World that were suitable to live. In addition, since the demons were ruthless and bloodthirsty in nature, other than demons, they slaughtered other intelligent creatures. This little monster was a variant of one of the ancient intelligent races. In the ancient times, when its ancestors were hunted down by demons, they entered Myriad Poisonous Forest in despair, but by accident, the sap of a kind of plant in Myriad Poisonous Forest was smeared on their body which countered the poison of Myriad Poisonous Forest. From that time on, they settled down in Myriad Poisonous Forest and continued to flourish for generations.

At that time, Long Yi sensed a faint energy clash in the direction of Emotion Demon Naweiqi. He immediately summoned Long Two and instructed him to watch over this little monster. After that, he quietly rushed over to that side.

“Great general Emotion Demon has instructed that until she came out, no one is allowed to disturb her.” A guard of Naweiqi blocked a high-ranking military officer of Demon Race and didn’t let him pass no matter what the other said.

“This general has an urgent military report. If the important matter is hindered, then is your head enough to take responsibility?” That military officer said, utterly discomfited. Looking at the insignia on his armor, he should be the person of Blood Demon Diluo.

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The guard however just snorted, “I don’t care about that whatever important matter, I only heed the orders of Great General Emotion Demon. Don’t make things difficult for us.”

“Preposterous, don’t you see this command tablet of His Majesty the Heavenly Demon King? Do you all don’t recognize it or does Great General Emotion Demon want to betray the Demon Race?” The military officer didn’t feel like arguing with these guards. He directly took out Heavenly Demon Command Tablet and shouted.

Long Yi who was hiding some distance away was startled. Another message? How come there is another messenger?

At that time, Long Yi sensed a faint energy fluctuation coming from Emotion Demon Naweiqi who had been sitting still at the edge of Myriad Poisonous Forest. He then immediately used his chaos divine power’s nature to blend with everything to perfectly blend with the surrounding environment. Shortly afterward, a figure flashed and Emotion Demon Naweiqi was already in front of this military officer.

“Blood Demon asked you to look for me?” Naweiqi faintly asked. Her beautiful eyes were so bewitching that it could take one’s soul away, but her dense killing intent made no one dare to look her face to face.

“Yes, Great General Emotion Demon, Great General Blood Demon has urgent military intelligence, and since His Highness was unable to contact Your Highness, he commanded two of us to pass on the message.” The military officer replied.

“Two? Is there another one?” Naweiqi asked.

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“He came first, later, Great General Blood Demon recalled that without Heavenly Demon Command Tablet, it would be impossible to see you this time, so he dispatched me along with Heavenly Demon Command Tablet,” replied the military officer.

Naweiqi nodded her head, but she also didn’t care much about it. She would stay here in a daze for a few days every year and no one was allowed to disturb her in those days. She guessed that the first messenger was blocked, so he returned.

Naweiqi took the crystal ball and after she chanted an incantation, the crystal ball began to shine.

“The army of God Race is very sly. Just trifling 100,000 soldiers have burned, slaughtered, and looted my Demon World. This is a humiliation to the entire Demon World,” Naweiqi faintly murmured. Soon after that, she threw the crystal ball back to the military officer and ordered, “Take this back and give it to Blood Demon and say, this Great General understands and concrete details are sealed in this crystal ball.”

After this military general reached far away, Naweiqi slightly raised her eyebrows. No one knew what she was thinking.

As for Long Yi, upon hearing their conversation, he sweated and at the same time, his heart was filled with excitement. He was worried about how to make Naweiqi learn about the plan of Blood Demon Diluo without making her suspicious, but now, everything was settled. It truly was like someone providing a pillow when he was feeling sleepy.

The more they cooperated with each other, the better. Long Yi thought in his heart.


Now, Wei’er Beila along with 100,000 soldiers of Wind God Legion were hiding in the dense forest of the northern region. At this moment, she was earnestly studying the map of Demon World while analyzing which town or city she should target next.

After Hegemon God Long Yi intruded into the territory of Emotion Demon Naweiqi, to cooperate with his plan, Wei’er Beila changed direction and began slaughtering toward the north.

“If we could pass through this Myriad Poisonous Forest, then we could catch them unaware and destroy the entire northern region. Unfortunately, this is the absolute forbidden zone for gods and demons,” Wei’er Beila looked at Myriad Poisonous Forest on the map in a daze.

At that time, a gentle and vast aura surrounded Wei’er Beila.

Wei’er Beila was not surprised, instead, she was happy. She immediately turned around but discovered that the person standing behind her was not that person who had been haunting her day and night, rather a spirit condensed from the spiritual mist.

“Wei’er Beila, my Young Master has sent me to pass you a message,” the lingwu spirit said. Now, Long Yi was the undisputed leader of Divine World. Thus, lingwu spirit who was his servant also had a rise in his status. But, he wasn’t stupid. He looked down upon with arrogance toward other people of God Race, but towards the beauties of God Race who had contact with Long Yi, he was polite. Who knows if this beauty would become the wife of Long Yi in the future?

“Speak,” Wei’er Beila nodded her head. Although she had not seen this lingwu spirit before, he had heard that he had such a servant before.

Lingwu spirit reached out and touched the hand of Wei’er Beila, then passed the message directly into the mind of Wei’er Beila. After his mission was completed, he disappeared without a trace.

The complexion of Wei’er Beila was somewhat unsightly. If it was not for a freak combination of factors, then the soldiers of her Wind God Legion might have been buried in this land of Demon World. She had never expected that Demon World had trained a Magical Beast Legion. But, she will make these demons pay the price. Humph, want to lure my army and annihilate, you should have ability first.

“Guards!” Wei’er Beila shouted.


Long Yi entered Myriad Poisonous Forest while carrying the little monster. Although he had heard how terrible Myriad Poisonous Forest was, now he was experiencing it first-hand. The chaos divine power that enveloped his entire body began to erode as soon as he stepped into the Myriad Poisonous Forest. His energy also depleted rapidly. No wonder even the Heavenly Demon King was unable to go deep.

Long Yi calculated his energy consumption rate. If the little monster in his hands dared to play tricks on him, then he would make it experience what was called death was better than life.

“We are here. As long as you smear the sap of that plant, you will be able to freely enter and exit Myriad Poisonous Forest.” The little monster said while pointing at a strange-looking shrub.

“Are you sure? Little fellow, you should know that the consequences of tricking me, however, is very serious,” Long Yi spoke in a threatening tone.

“I’m not tricking you, I’m absolutely not tricking you.” The little monster was so scared that it trembled. The little monster felt like this person could see through it, causing chills to run down the little monster’s spine.

“That’s good. Now, I have one more favor I want to ask you,” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Whatever it is, please speak, as long as it is something I can do, I will do it.” The little monster hastily said. He feared that if he hesitated even a little, then this person would crush its neck.

“Where are your clansmen? How many people are there?” asked Long Yi.

The little monster shuddered and desperately shook his head.

“You can rest assured, I have no intention to hurt. It’s just that since your clansmen have been living here for thousands of years, I guess that you all must have gathered a lot of this sap. I just want to ask them a favor, nothing more. Of course, I will repay you all accordingly.” Long Yi flicked the forehead of this little monster and said with a smile.

The eyes of this little monster spun. The strength of this demon was too terrifying. He was able to last for such a long period of time just relying on his energy cover. Moreover, he still looked relaxed. But, although he always threatened it, for an unknown reason, it felt like believing in his words.

“What can you give us?” The little monster carefully asked.

“As long as you all help me complete this task, hereafter, you and your clansmen will no longer need to live in Myriad Poisonous Forest. You all can handpick a piece of fertile land and settle down. How is that?” Long Yi said.

The little monster was surprised. Being able to leave Myriad Poisonous Forest was their race’s wish for generations. How could such a reward not perturb him?

“What? Don’t believe me?” Long Yi faintly asked.

“No, no… However, those demons…” The little monster stuttered.

“As long as you all help me, hereafter, I will have a final say in Demon World,” Long Yi said.

The little monster exclaimed in surprise and stammered, “You… are you… thinking of launching a surprise attack from Myriad Poisonous Forest?”

“You are really smart, now lead me to meet your clansmen.” Long Yi bound the little monster and tossed it to the ground. Then, with a wave of his hand, he made a cut on the surface of this shrub in front of him. Immediately, light green-colored foul-smelling liquid flowed out.

Long Yi didn’t immediately smear this sap on his body. He first tossed out a roasted rabbit from his space ring. In a blink of an eye, this roasted rabbit was corroded into a liquid. After that, he smeared this sap on another roasted rabbit and tossed it outside his energy shield. Even after a long time, it remained undamaged. Only after that, he exhaled a mouthful of air remove his chaos energy shield after smearing this sap on himself. One should know that an astonishing amount of energy was consumed every second here in Myriad Poisonous Forest. On the surface, he looked relaxed, but inwardly, his heart was already in his throat.

The clansmen of this little monster lived in the deeper area of this Myriad Poisonous Forest. In this place, other than extremely poisonous creatures, no one could survive here. The number of poisonous beasts was also small. Therefore, Myriad Poisonous Forest appeared just like a forbidden zone without life.

The deeper they went, the wider Long Yi’s eyes became. This little monster wasn’t lying, the deeper region of Myriad Poisonous Forest was filled with high-purity high-grade demonic crystal mines. And there were some which were very rare throughout the world. If one could obtain such a huge treasure deposit, then how many elite legions could be built?

After passing through a toxic mist barrier, the eyes of Long Yi shone. In front of him, there was an open and spacious land filled with wooden houses. In addition, many creatures who looked just like the little monster were busy bustling around here.

When Long Yi came over carrying the little monster, all the members of this race were terrified. They believed that the demon had come here to wipe them out. This race had been living peacefully in Myriad Poisonous Forest from generation to generation. Other than training their physique, they didn’t cultivate any techniques. But, this forest was their paradise, as long as they were in this forest, it would be difficult to catch them.

Only after the little monster explained to them did the rioting group simmer down. When they heard that Long Yi could take them out of Myriad Poisonous Forest and they would be able to return to the fertile land of their ancestors, each and every one of them jumped in excitement and welcomed Long Yi with utmost etiquette.

After discussing thoroughly with the patriarch of this race, Long Yi learned that this race was called Walun Clan. In the past, they used to be a well-known race in Demon World. Merely, after demons forced them to enter Myriad Poisonous Forest, the cultivation techniques of their ancestors were lost, and the successive patriarch of Walun Clan no longer had any hope to return to their native land.

When Long Yi asked Walun clansmen to gather antidote sap for a million soldiers, the old patriarch promised with ease. And when Long Yi was leaving, the old patriarch immediately held a grand ceremony. He was so happy that he was full of tears. Finally, Wahlen Clan saw a glimmer of hope. Their ancestors should be happy in the netherworld.


Under the lead of Wei’er Beila, Wind God Legion had already set out towards the territory of Emotion Demon Naweiqi. As usual, they massacred everyone in the cities laid on their way. When ordinary demons heard the news of the attack of God Race’s army, all of them transferred their properties and began to escape. Even the people of the cities right next to cities under the authority of Emotion Demon Naweiqi began to migrate with their whole family. Because all three great demon generals had abstained from acting, the discontent and indignation of the residents of the entire Demon World had reached the peak. Now, the party they hated the most wasn’t the army of God Race, rather their three great generals. Once every ten years, they had to pay tributes to higher authorities, but when they were in danger, they actually didn’t even release half a fart. This simply made them bitterly disappointed.

“Still enduring, I will see how long you can endure.” A hint of coldness flashed through the beautiful eyes of Wei’er Beila as she continued to give orders to massacre all living things without mercy.


It was already late at night. Emotion Demon Naweiqi sat on her seat with a frown. As usual, she was wearing sexy two pieces of armor. A large portion of her snow-white skin was bare, and one could even see a deep cleavage that could sway the minds of people.

“Great General, there is a report from Great General Blood Demon and Great General Dragon Demon.”  A soldier reported from outside.

After Naweiqi browsed through the report, she instructed, “Here, take my command tablet and instruct everyone to prepare for war tonight, we will set out early morning tomorrow.”

“God Race, this time, I will see how you will turn this situation.” Naweiqi’s eyes were filled with killing intent. She looked like a completely different person from her previous sad self.

At that time, two extremely beautiful maids walked in. One gently massaged Naweiqi’s soldiers, and the other knelt down and massaged her leg.

While enjoying this massage, Naweiqi lifted her other leg and actually stepped on the chest of the maid below, then began to knead it. As for this maid, she moaned and holding the jade leg of Naweiqi, she began to carefully kiss and suck her toes. At the same time, the understanding maid behind skillfully remove the upper armor of Naweiqi, and from above a layer of thin cloth, she began to rub her majestic bosom.

Soon, the master and servants got naked and tangled with each other in the room. Their moaning voices were breathtaking.

At this moment, Long Yi was on the roof. Seeing this scene from a crack, he was surprised. Lesbian play? He had never thought that Emotion Demon Naweiqi had this kind of hobby.

Along with loud moans, the three women collapsed weakly. Especially Emotion Demon Naweiqi, her snow-white skin had a hint of pink luster. She was drenched with sweat and her entire body was emitting spring air. In addition, her beautiful eyes looked even more bewitching.

At this instant, the black pupils of Long Yi narrowed dangerously. Now, he had 70% certainty to kill her as anyone would be the most unguarded during **. But, thinking of the plan for tomorrow, Long Yi suppressed this thought. If Naweiqi didn’t appear tomorrow, then her troops will not set out. Like that, he wouldn’t be able to carry out his plan. In any case, he had to consider the greater picture.

“If Your Excellency has seen enough, please come in.” Just when Long Yi decided to leave, Naweiqi in the room suddenly opened her mouth.

The eyelids of Long Yi jumped. He seemed to have underestimated this Emotion Demon Naweiqi. He immediately began to think about various methods to get away. But he confidentially appeared in the room, causing the two maids to exclaim.

Naweiqi waved her hand and a demonic blade cut those two maids who had just served her into two pieces. One could see how ruthless she was from this.

“My missing maid was killed by you, wasn’t she?” Naweiqi looked at Long Yi dressed in the style of Demon Race and indifferently asked while leisurely putting on a gown.

“Yes.” Long Yi smiled and nodded. In his heart, he, however, sighed in relief while guessing the purpose of this poisonous lady. If she wanted to kill him, then as soon as she noticed him, she could have called her army to besiege him. But, even if she wanted to besiege him, he could easily escape. With Myriad Poisonous Forest nearby, he didn’t need to fear escaping with life.

“Can I be so bold as to ask what position do you have in Divine World?” Naweiqi asked.

“Won’t change one’s name, won’t change one’s surname, this humble one is Hegemon God Long Yi. I am fortunate to meet such a brilliant woman as yourself, Emotion Demon.” Long Yi said with a smile after removing his disguise and showing his true appearance. Then, taking two steps forward, he held the little hand of Naweiqi and shook it.

Naweiqi shook off the hand of Long Yi and indifferently used her gown to wipe her hand with force as if she feared he had some infectious diseases.

“What plans do you have, speak, I can cooperate with you,” Naweiqi said something startling, causing Long Yi to become dumbfounded on the spot.

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