Chapter 669: Win a complete victory

Ever since ancient times, the gods and demons were completely incompatible. Naweiqi was one of the three great demon generals of Demon World. How could she help Long Yi to deal with her own fellow countrymen?

“Why? Give me a reason so that I can cooperate with you at ease.” After a good while, Long Yi laughed. Just a moment ago, from her appearance, it appeared as if she was dying to thoroughly slaughter the entire God Race. But now, she declared her position like this. If he believed her, then he would be a fool.

“I loathe God Race, but I also similarly loathe Demon Race. It would be best if both races are destroyed together,” Naweiqi indifferently said.

“That reason alone is not enough. If you cooperate with me, then only Demon Race would be destroyed.” Long Yi gave a quick glance at Naweiqi and said.

“That is not certain, hehe, you will at most only inflict serious damage to Demon Race. As long as the Heavenly Demon King comes out, it will be the turn of your God Race. Since both races would suffer losses, what is there against it?” Naweiqi laughed without a change in her expression.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. What she said was reasonable, merely, cooperating with her was not a sensible act.

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“If you cooperate with me, then your damage will be minimized, otherwise, even if you have a heaven-shocking stratagem, the army of God Race will similarly suffer heavy losses. After all, this is Demon World,” Naweiqi said.

“If you were me, would you believe?” Long Yi smirked and said, staring at her bare snow-white jade legs. Then, recalling her lovemaking session with two maids, a hint of passion welled up in his heart. But, he was fully aware that if he stuck into this kind of beauty with a vicious heart, then he would be down on his luck.

Naweiqi shook her head and said, “You can leave now, I will not stop you.”

Long Yi thought for a bit and put forth his terms, “I have a way to compromise, I wonder if you are willing to cooperate.”

“Speak,” replied Naweiqi.

“Very simple, issue military orders now according to my direction. In addition, even if you aren’t present on the battlefield, your army should strictly follow your military orders,” Long Yi spoke with a sly smile. It was a very harsh condition.

But, to his surprise, Naweiqi just thought for a bit and agreed.

Then, according to Long Yi’s directions, Naweiqi issued military orders. Upon seeing this, Long Yi’s smile reached his ears as he spoke, “Great General Emotion Demon, now I believe that you want to sincerely cooperate, but if you appear on the battlefield, it would honestly be too simple to cancel these military orders, so I have to wrong you.”

After speaking, Long Yi took out a head-like boulder and quickly trapped the still stunned and at a loss Naweiqi.

“There are strange things year after year, especially this year. I actually encountered such a good thing. Merely, how come I never have peace of mind? In any case, even a meat pie falling from heaven might also smash a person’s head,” Long Yi muttered. Recalling the expression of Naweiqi when she was shaded by the head of Dibiya, Long Yi felt strange in his heart.


The seven major legions of Divine World transferred 2.5 million soldiers into Demon World via the space node. Among them, a million soldiers smeared antidote sap upon themselves and hid in Myriad Poisonous Forest.

At this moment, the methods of Wind God Legion led by Wei’er Beila to slaughter the residents of Demon World became even crueler and bloodier. Because the three great generals of Demon Race weren’t making any move, not only did it cause great dissatisfaction among the commoners of various regions, even the soldiers and military officers of Demon Race started to display a lot of resentment. In those villages, towns, and cities massacred by the army of God Race, their parents, spouse, children, and relatives might have lived.

Finally, one night before Emotion Demon Naweiqi prepared to dispatch troops, in the territories of three great demon generals, soldiers and officers rebelled. There were soldiers killing each other in the military camp, and there were also soldiers that ran away after throwing away their armors. The situation was outright chaotic.

Wei’er Beila took advantage of the situation and attacked the heart of the northern region, destroying munitions factories and food bases without any restraint.

But, the military orders of Emotion Demon Naweiqi were to set off in the morning, but she had gone missing all of a sudden. As a result, the 100,000 soldiers of God Race with Wei’er Beila in the lead burned, killed, and plundered in front of Demon Race’s more than one million soldiers.

“F**k, this father can’t endure, since the order of Great General hasn’t come, could it be that we have to helplessly watch this crowd of savage God Race massacre the fellow countrymen of our Demon World?” An eight feet tall military officer of Demon Race tightly held his weapon and gritted his teeth. Not long ago, the position between theirs and that of God Race had turned around. Moreover, compared to this army of God Race, their military force was clearly more than ten times. But, they could only watch them tyrannically plundering everywhere. This feeling was making them crazy.

“I also can’t endure this, let’s go and slaughter them!” Another demon military officer shouted loudly.

Instantly, numerous high-ranking military officers of Demon Race responded. At this moment, there were still four more hours left before the attack order of Emotion Demon Naweiqi. Among more than one million soldiers of Demon Race, roughly two-thirds rebelled and ignoring the order of Emotion Demon, they attack Wind God Legion lead by Wei’er Beila.

Upon seeing the army of Demon Race was attacking, Wei’er Beila was not surprised. She immediately ordered her army to retreat while attacking and tricked them to follow.

Long Yi was hiding in a dark place, watching this play unfold with interest and muttered, “In the aspect of commanding soldiers, Wei’er Beila truly is a woman comparable to men.”

Such a good play of rebellion was actually directed by him. This might have something to do with the military orders Naweiqi issued under his direction.

At this moment, in yet another corner, Blood Demon Diluo and Dragon Demon Karola were also watching this good play.

“Reporting to Great General Blood Demon, we are unable to contact Great General Emotion Demon.” A military officer walked to the front of these two great generals and reported.

Blood Demon Diluo immediately frowned and said, “What happened to Emotion Demon? How come we cannot even find her shadow in this critical moment?”

“Blood Demon, ignore her, her soldiers have already bitten the tail of the army of God Race, as long as they can lure the main force of God Race, we can surround and annihilate them in one fell swoop,” Dragon Demon Karola replied without a care in the least.

Blood Demon Diluo just snorted, and for some unknown reason, he felt somewhat ill at ease.


A hint of a smile appeared on Long Yi’s handsome face. Then, with a wave of his hand, seven-colored divine power formed a divine seal and illuminated the dark sky of Demon World.

Not long after, heaven and earth shook, and countless soldiers and god beasts of Divine World descended on the northern region of Demon World and wantonly destroyed the core military facilities as well as demonic crystal mines. The northern region immediately changed into a tragic purgatory.

“Blood Demon, the main force of Divine World has come out, let’s attack!” Dragon Demon Karola said with excitement.

“Don’t be hasty, let’s wait and see a bit longer,” Blood Demon Diluo cautiously answered.

“If we wait any longer, then even the army under us will rebel. Moreover, this northern region is the vitality of our Demon World, the loss we incur with every minute is not something we can afford,” Dragon Demon Karola urgently said.

Diluo looked like he was struggling against himself. He was not sure what was wrong, but the current situation didn’t allow him to think too much. He could wait, but the soldiers under him couldn’t wait. Because they had not dispatched troops to exterminate 100,000 soldiers of God Race, many soldiers and officers had already shown dissatisfaction. Some had even discarded their armors and left.

“Order all soldiers, surround and exterminate the main force of God Race according to our original plan,” Diluo issued the order.

When the main force of Divine World was wantonly massacring and destroying in the northern region, Blood Demon Diluo issued the order to surround them. Thus, more than 2.5 million hiding soldiers of Demon Race emerged and began to compress inward, trying to completely control the main force of God Race.

Blood Demon Diluo then looked at the chaotic battlefield below and ordered in a low voice, “Pass my order, command the army of Emotion Demon to return quickly and collaborate with my army.”

The messenger received the order and disappeared on the spot, chasing after that army of Emotion Demon.

At that moment, watching the army of God Race luring the army of Demon Race towards Myriad Poisonous Forest, Long Yi who was hiding in the dark coldly smiled and ordered, “Commence attack!”

Immediately, a million soldiers hiding in Myriad Poisonous Forest suddenly attacked ferociously. Since the army of Demon Race was attacked from the back too, the army of Demon Race was surrounded and was attacked from front and rear, and their lineup immediately fell into chaos.

Diluo saw the situation below and the corner of his mouth twitched. His first thought was that they had fallen into the evil plot of God Race, and his second response was to suspect Emotion Demon Naweiqi.

“Reporting to Great General, the troops under Great General Emotion Demon didn’t obey the transfer order. They said that the military orders of Great General Emotion Demon are unalterable and must be obeyed. They didn’t dare to go against her orders.” The messenger reported back in a trembling voice.

“Bang!” Diluo smashed this messenger into a pulp. He had believed that everything was under his control, but now, he discovered that the matters had developed out of his control.

“Emotion Demon, this wretch, His Majesty Heavenly Demon King trusted you like this in vain, yet you actually live off one person while secretly helping another!” Diluo was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Long Yi watch the collapse of the army of Demon Race from his hidden place and felt a little complacent.

“Since Blood Demon and Dragon Demon are still staying calm, it’s time to stir up a little.” Long Yi smiled sinisterly and commanded, “Activate the second plan.”

“Blood Demon, we should join them.”

Dragon Demon Karola roared and prepared to jump into the war.

“Dragon Demon, why are you so anxious? Don’t forget that our Magical Beast Legion is almost here. Who wins and who loses is not certain yet. As long as we can pass this critical juncture after His Majesty Heavenly Demon King comes out of seclusion, we will have plenty of chances to sort them out.” Diluo stopped Karola. No one could imagine how much anger he was suppressing at the bottom of his heart.

Dragon Demon shook off the hand of Blood Demon and hatefully punched the ground. He was quite unwilling to quietly stay here.

“Reporting to two Great Generals, Magical Beast Legion will arrive within the next ten minutes.” Another messenger reported while trembling with fear. After witnessing the death of his colleague, he was utterly terrified.

The face of Blood Demon and Dragon Demon beamed with joy at the same time. The combat power of Magical Beast Legion was formidable. Perhaps, they would be able to easily break through the army of God Race if they were caught off guard and turn the situation around.

But, at that time, the crystal ball used for long-distance fixed-point communication in front of Blood Demon suddenly lit up, and a bloody military officer of Demon Race appeared in it. When that military officer saw Blood Demon from the crystal ball, his eyes instantly opened wide and uttered while stuttering, “Ca… capital… suffered… the attack of… God Race’s… troops…”

Before he finished speaking, the military officer in the crystal ball collapsed and stopped breathing.

The complexion of Blood Demon Diluo and Dragon Demon Karola become ghastly pale. The number of soldiers remained behind to guard the Demon Capital was just one hundred thousand. Since it was the symbol of the entire Demon World, if the God Race massacred the entire Demon Capital, then they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences. After the Heavenly Demon King returned, he would be greatly furious for sure. That would be the shame of the entire Demon World that couldn’t be washed.

The two great generals roared and joined the battle at the same time. Blood Demon Diluo was worthy of his title. He released his demonic qi and became more than a hundred meters tall. Then, with a single slash of his blood-red Asura Axe, blood sprayed everywhere. All the soldiers of God Race around him met a violent death. As for Dragon Demon, he transformed into a several hundred meters long dragon-shaped magical beast. He tyrannically wreaked havoc on the battlefield. No one dared to confront him.

When Long Yi saw that he had forced out two great generals of Demon World, he laughed wildly and jumped into the battle. He also summoned Long Two, Little Three and other god beasts. All the administrators staying behind to supervise operations also joined the war along with Long Yi. Long Yi directly confronted Blood Demon Diluo. More than ten First Tier Gods confronted Dragon Demon Karola.

“Blood Demon, your opponent is me!” Long Yi circulated chaos divine power and seven spirit tablets revolved above him. His vast divine power instantly stopped the magical power emitted by Blood Demon. This made nearby soldiers of God Race sigh in relief.

Blood Demon glared at Long Yi with his blood-red eyes and laughed hoarsely, “If I had known this earlier, then even if I had to die, I would have perished together with you at that time.”

Long Yi raised his eyebrows. It seemed that the expert of Demon Race who was guarding Siyan at the back mountain of Mea Holy Magic Academy at that time was him. Long Yi laughed, “Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret.”

“What about the princess?” Blood Demon asked.

“You mean Siyan? She is obediently staying in Divine World as this god’s woman. In the past, the Heavenly Demon King captured a goddess to make his wife. Today, this god will seize the princess of Demon World to make her my wife. This is fair,” Long Yi arrogantly laughed.

The cheeks of Blood Demon Diluo twitched and attacked while roaring in anger.

Long Yi had already forged seven-attributed Godhead and reached the fourth level of Chaos Divine Technique. His strength was already above Blood Demon. Although it wouldn’t be easy to kill Blood Demon, Blood Demon would also be unable to seriously injure him.

“Boom!” Long Yi took advantage of Blood Demon’s unstable mental state and attacked. His attack directly broke through the demonic qi protection and sent him flying while vomiting blood.

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Receiving the attack of Long Yi instead calmed Blood Demon down. He clearly realized that he was weaker than Long Yi. He also noticed that under the joint attack of over ten First Tier Gods as well as powerful god beasts, Dragon Demon Karola was unable to seize any advantage. In this battle, he feared that the casualties of Demon Race would be even heavier. Now, retreat was the best option. It wouldn’t be too late to take care of them after the Heavenly Demon King returned.

The army of Demon World retreated leaving behind a great number of corpses. Long Yi knew that the Magical Beast Legion was not far from here, so he ordered to stop chasing. He instead made them turn the entire northern region into a pile of debris.

This was a complete victory for the Divine World. They acquired a brilliant victory here. This was an incredible glory for the current Divine World. One should know that the army of Demon Race had slaughtered throughout the Divine World 100,000 years ago. This victory could be regarded as retrieving some honor.

The morale of God Race’s soldiers was flourishing. They even asked Long Yi to give permission to pursue and destroy the entire Demon World.

But, Long Yi knew that this victory of God Race was due to the favorable time, conditions, and geography. If they truly fought head-on with the army of Demon Race, then the army of God Race was not their opponent.

Emotion Demon Naweiqi looked at the ruined territory under her control and a large number of corpses, and her expression became somewhat complicated.

“Regret?” Long Yi faintly asked.

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