Chapter 670: Bloody Blue Waves (1)

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“A bit.” After a long time, Naweiqi faintly answered.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. It was useless to regret now. The fact couldn’t be changed. Although he didn’t understand the reason behind Naweiqi’s actions, that was not important. The important matter was his aim was already achieved.

“Who gave you that thing you used to trap me?” Just when Long Yi turned around, wanting to leave, Naweiqi suddenly asked.

Long Yi paused, hundreds of thoughts flashed through his heart. He had used that head sculpture of Dibiya to trap her. Could it be that Emotion Demon had some kind of association with him?

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“When I connected the stars inside, I pieced together my mother’s name,” added Naweiqi in a soft voice.

“Eh…” Long Yi turned around and was speechless. Did Dibiya have relation with Naweiqi’s mother? Naweiqi wasn’t his illegitimate daughter in Demon World, was she?

Long Yi was frightened by his own thoughts. But, after thinking further, it was almost impossible because Naweiqi didn’t have a hint of divine power. She only had powerful demonic qi.

“Who was it?” Naweiqi’s expression was somewhat blurred as she asked again. At this moment, she was like a lost child, confused, indecisive, and helpless.

“Mighty God of Creation, Dibiya, is this the answer you wanted?” Long Yi thought for a bit and replied.

Naweiqi trembled for a bit, and her blurred vision gradually became clear. She then said to Long Yi, “Withdraw your men, taking advantage of the time the Heavenly Demon King has not come out of seclusion yet, otherwise…”

Long Yi nodded his head, turned around and took a few steps. Suddenly, he turned around and said, “Naweiqi, come with me. After Heavenly Demon King comes out of seclusion, he will not let you off.”

The eyes of Naweiqi flashed with a tinge of unusual light. She then displayed a smile and answered, “Just hearing these words, I feel like I didn’t help you in vain. But, I will not go with you. Besides, the Heavenly Demon King still doesn’t dare to do anything to me.”

Long Yi just smiled. Although he was curious about the identity of Naweiqi, this was not the right moment to probe. He bade her farewell and disappeared into thin air, leaving the ruined landscape behind.


Diluo had red eyes as he gritted his teeth. The entire army of Demon Race was quiet. All officers and soldiers were quietly looking down. Among these soldiers, some had lost their relatives, some had lost their close friends, but everything was already irredeemable. What the army of Demon Race did in Divine World 100,000 years ago, the army of God Race did the same or even crueler to Demon World. The land was filled with corpses that weren’t intact. Some were directly chopped into mincemeat, and some had their throat and stomach cut open.

“Bang!” Blood Demon Diluo threw himself on his knees, looked up and roared in sorrow. All his millet-colored long hair stood erect. He finally understood what deep-seated hatred was.

Dragon Demon Karola who had returned to his territory also encountered the same tragedy. Although the circumstances were a lot better compared to Demon Capital, two sections of Ten Great Heroes City had turned into a ghost city without any life. He was so angry that he wanted to lead his army to the Divine World immediately. But, several deputy generals dissuaded and requested him to discuss with Blood Demon Diluo first.

“Blood Demon, I can’t endure it anymore, if this hatred is not repaid, then I, Demon Dragon, is not worthy of being the subordinate of His Majesty Heavenly Demon King. I must take my own life in front of our fellow countryman!” Demon Dragon Karola said to Blood Demon Diluo via the communications crystal ball.

“Hatred must be repaid, but don’t act blindly.” After Blood Demon Diluo regained his calmness, he realized that the current army of God Race was completely different from 100,000 years ago. There was a qualitative transformation. Moreover, they were very united. All of these changes were due to the person who claimed to be the successor of the God of Creation, Hegemon God Long Yi. He could clearly remember that he was not that strong when he saw him in Blue Waves Continent, but now, when he saw him again, his strength was actually above him. This was beyond his expectations.

“Then, what should we do? Now, the morale of our soldiers is very low. If this goes on, then they will fall apart before the army of God Race attacks again,” said Dragon Demon Karola.

“There is a way to quickly restore the morale of our army, i.e. make them slaughter until they recover their confidence, kakaka…” Blood Demon Diluo laughed sinisterly. His eyes were also shining with madness and bloodlust.


The Demon Race had always been pressuring God Race. Often, a group of Demon Race’s soldiers would appear in a certain corner of Divine World and massacre the residents. When the army of God Race rushed over, they would have already disappeared without a trace. This was the humiliation of Divine World. But now, they were finally able to repay this humiliation back to the Demon Race.

Under the lead of Hegemon God Long Yi, the army of God Race entered the Demon World and returned with a victory. This news rapidly spread throughout the Divine World. If he had become the spiritual pillar of despairing God Race relying on the title of the God of Creation’s successor, then now, his prestige had reached the peak due to this perfect victory.

At this moment, in the Light God Fortress, Mixini was obediently massaging Long Yi’s body. In this period, she had been anxious. Every day, she looked forward to the news sent back from the Demon World in fear that something might have happened to Long Yi. Now, as luck would have it, God Race won and Long Yi returned. She no longer needed to be on tenterhooks all day long.

While messaging, Mixini’s heart was burning hot. She leaned her entire body on Long Yi’s back as if she was a boneless animal, and she used her big bosom to rub Long Yi’s sturdy back. A round of ** feeling spread throughout her body, making her moan softly.

The breathing of Long Yi instantly became heavy. This hussy, didn’t she know that he had been bitterly suppressing his desire in Demon World? He moved his wolf’s claws towards her rounded and bulging buttocks, then ferociously kneaded them. That soft and tensile feeling instantly provoked Long Yi’s lust.

The charming body of Mixini became softer and hotter, while her red lips exhaled burning hot fragrant breath as she kissed Long Yi’s neck.

Long Yi was unable to endure. He turned over and pushed her down. He then grabbed her big and soft ** and began to knead them.

The two people quickly began to **. After a while, Mixini half-closed her eyes and waited to feel that lingering **.

“Lord Hegemon God, First Tier God Wei’er Beila requests an audience.” At that critical moment, a cold voice of Wei’er Beila came from outside.

Long Yi took a deep breath and felt helpless in his heart. This woman, her timing was so bad. She came here in such a critical moment.

“Pay no attention to her,” muttered Mixini and blew hot air in Long Yi’s ear.

Long Yi shook his head. He then pulled his little brother out of Mixini’s spring cave and replied, “She might have an important report, have a rest first, I will come to look for you later.”

After Long Yi finished up putting on clothes and disappeared from the room, Mixini sat up and her beautiful naked body was illuminated by the white light that spilled into the room via the window. Under the sunlight, she looked very alluring. She snorted and softly muttered, “Wei’er Beila, you always acted like a noble and virtuous goddess, but here, you ran over and snatched my man.”


Wei’er Beila watched Long Yi coming out of the room and noticed several red marks on his neck. She subconsciously frowned a little, but subsequently relaxed again.

“Wei’er Beila, in this victory, you contributed the most. After all seven major legions are merged, you will be the commander,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Many thanks, Lord Hegemon God, this subordinate came here for a matter I failed to understand.” Wei’er Bela didn’t show happy expression, instead, she asked immediately.

“Speak,” said Long Yi.

“Why did Emotion Demon Naweiqi changed sides at a critical juncture?” Wei’er Bela looked indifferent, but her tone had unusual fluctuation.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows as if he thought of something. He then smirked and said, “What? Do you suspect that I offered myself to seduce her?”

“I am serious, Lord Hegemon God, don’t joke around,” Wei’er Bela gritted her teeth and looked angry.

“All right, honestly speaking, I, in fact, also don’t know,” replied Long Yi while shrugging his shoulders.

“The people of Demon race have always been ruthless and deceitful, especially Emotion Demon since she changed sides at a critical juncture, I have no choice but to doubt her motive,” Wei’er Beila said.

“That’s natural, but this is not the key point, the key point is we used her to win the battle. Moreover, we dealt great damage to Demon World’s vitality. As for her motive, as long as we are guarded against her, we don’t need to fear her schemes,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Lord Hegemon God, since you are the one that devised strategies and is able to plan victory from a thousand miles away, can you guess what Demon World will do next?” Wei’er Bela said, looking somewhat irritated.

Long Yi smirked and suddenly caressed the smooth and tender cheek of Wei’er Bela. He then said, “What else is there? Naturally, they will make the best use of their time to recover their strength and wait for Heavenly Demon King to come out of seclusion…”

While speaking, Long Yi suddenly paused and then frowned.

The teasing of Long Yi made her feel angry and embarrassed, but there was also a tinge of sweetness at the bottom of her heart. Just when she was thinking of denouncing him, she saw his solemn expression, and the words stuck in her throat. She immediately became worried and asked, “Is something wrong?”

The complexion of Long Yi became pale and after he hit own head, he ordered Wei’er Beila, “Summon the entire army and prepare for the battle.”


Blue Waves Continent, a new army was quickly formed under the support of the empire. The veterans who joined Unparalleled Battalion first bore the responsibility of teaching new soldiers. They used ruthless training methods passed down by Long Yi to train these recruits. In addition, since the life extinguishing calamity was looming over their heads, under this pressure, this new army rapidly grew and possessed considerable fighting power.

At the same time, all the manpower and resources of the entire continent were fully utilized. All races also had close relations. Although inequality among the various races of Blue Waves Continent was already abolished by Blue Waves Emperor Ximen Nu long ago, it needed a long time to achieve true integration. But, beyond the expectation of everyone, due to the common enemy looming over their heads, all races became truly unified.

Late at night, it was very dark. Blue Waves Continent had already entered winter. The northern region had already welcomed the first heavy snowfall after entering winter.

A fierce wind whistled, rolling up fine snowflakes. In the space of just a night, the entire world was already dyed white.

Zhige City was a large city established after Nalan Empire was annexed by Violent Dragon Empire. This city guarded the northern border of the empire.

Under the city gate, a row of pole-like figures was standing straight in the midst of wind and snow. The snowflakes had formed a layer of frost on their helmet, and their entire body was also dyed white by snowflakes. But, they stood still as if they were statues devoid of life.

A few magic searchlights would take turns to illuminate outside the city wall, and the eyes of those statues-like figures would move alone with those searchlights.

Suddenly, a pitch-black shadow flashed past the searchlight. The pupils of one guard shrunk and shouted, “Fifty-five degrees in the front, there is an abnormality!”

Just after this guard shouted, several magic searchlights illuminated towards that direction and saw a messy snow land.

“Could it be a magical beast?” The guard on a watchtower thought and turned his searchlight to one side. Immediately, his entire hair stood up as a pair of bloodthirsty eyes of a terrifying magical beast entered his vision.

The heart of this guard trembled, but he moved his searchlight again. Suddenly, he saw numerous magical beasts further back.

“There is someone driving over magical beasts, enemy attack, enemy attack!” Another guard in charge of a searchlight illuminated a ferocious demon and immediately rang a warning bell of enemy attack.

After the entire Blue Waves Continent was unified by Ximen Clan, this was the first time the warning bell of an enemy attack had been rung. All sleeping soldiers immediately jumped out of their bed and assembled fully armed on all sides of the city wall in less than three minutes.

At that moment, endless magical beasts roared and charged towards Zhige City, and a tragic battle started at this point.

There were just five thousand soldiers in Zhige City, but the magical beasts of Demon Race were no less than 20,000. In addition, there were flying magical beasts, too. These magical beasts weren’t the magical beasts of Blue Waves Continent, rather Magical Beast Legion trained by Demon Race. Their strength was higher than the army of God Race, no need to mention the army of Blue Waves Continent.

A demon general had led this Magical Beast Legion to attack this city. Although the reaction speed of these human soldiers was beyond his expectation, he still believed that his Magical Beast Legion would be able to slaughter the entire city before dawn.

But, the facts shocked this demon general. Even though his Magical Beast Legion was more powerful and also was several-fold in numbers, the battle actually entered a stalemate.

Those human soldiers cooperated so perfectly that their attack fatally injured magical beasts despite heavy casualties. The number of casualties among his Magical Beast Legion made this demon general very angry.

But, what surprised him more was, those common people inside the city didn’t run for their lives in a panic. Instead, all of them crazily joined the battle. Only at noon on the second day did this battle with large disparity in strength end.

The 5,000 guards along with 300,000 common people of Zhige City all died in battle. Not a single one was killed in the midst of running away because no one tried to run away. Among the corpses, there were children who looked like seven or eight years old. They were still tightly holding bricks, wooden sticks, and other weapons. This made this demon general feel chills from the bottom of his heart. When did humans become so bloody and powerful? When did they start to not fear death? What exactly changed these cowardly humans?

Among 20,000 magical beasts, over 2,000 were killed or injured. This was something beyond the expectation of this demon general. Even though there was such a large disparity in strength and numbers, their casualties were actually so heavy.

But, what this demon general didn’t know was, in dozens of places of Blue Waves Continent where Demon Race had attacked, there were humans and also other races. Their situation was not much different from him. Despite a massacre being the end result, these vanguards of Demon Race that had received the orders to attack Blue Waves Continent involuntarily shuddered a little. The races of Blue Waves Continent was honestly too frightening.

“Your Majesty, urgent military report!” Ximen Nu who had just gone to sleep was startled awake. After the unification of the entire continent, the urgent military report wouldn’t concern anything else but the army of Demon Race. The army of Demon Race had attacked much faster than expected.

After hearing a dozen of cities were annihilated by the army of Demon Race, Ximen Nu ordered his imperial bodyguard to ring a specially forged Catastrophe Bell in Soaring Dragon City. The ringing of this bell would represent the arrival of the great calamity.

Instantly, the entire Soaring Dragon City boiled over. The imperial palace was brightly lit, and the civil officers and military officers assembled in a hall.

“Crown Prince estimated that the Demon Race will launch a concentrated attack after a year or two. However, as it now seems, it’s a lot earlier. I just received an urgent military report. Several cities suffered attacks of Demon Race and were annihilated,” Ximen Nu sat on the Dragon Throne and said to civil and military officers.

“Your Majesty, please activate the emergency reserve plan left behind by the Crown Prince. We should move the population of the entire continent to the allocated safe areas and carry out Skynet Intersect Defense System.” As the commander of the entire army, Great General Beitang Yu purposed.

“We support the proposal.” All other military officers chimed in.

Before leaving, Long Yi had left behind a plan to deal with the invasion of Demon Race. He had divided the entire continent into several safe areas. The common people were to go there during the demon invasion, and the army was responsible to guard those safe areas. In addition, all those safe areas were linked with each other, forming an intersect-style defense.

At this moment, the civil officers were discussing the plan of people’s livelihood and so on. After Long Yi proposed to separate military and political affairs, the efficiency of state apparatus had risen multiple times.

In the imperial harem, numerous beauties of Long Yi had also gathered. Among them, the belly of Nangong Xiangyun was already very big, and the belly of Nalan Ruyue and Sibi was also protruding. Everyone was holding these three women, fearing they might fall. They greatly treasured these three girls because they had Long Yi’s flesh and blood in their stomach.

“Xiangyun, Sibi, Ruyue, you three should go to Dragon Island with Midi’er. If it was convenient, then I honestly want you three to go to Undersea City. You three must not have any mishap,” Yu Feng said. Others also persuaded in succession.

“Don’t say that, if the entire Blue Waves Continent is seized by Demon Race, then it is useless to hide even in the remotest place. My child and I will stay here in Soaring Dragon City; we will not go anywhere. This is his flesh and blood. He will not die so easily.” Nangong Xiangyun caressed her big stomach and replied with a smile. The unborn child inside her stomach frequently kicked to prove his vigorous energy. That was Long Yi’s blood; the child was destined to witness this great calamity and also witness his father pulling strongly against this crazy tide. She always believed that there was nothing Long Yi couldn’t do in this world.

“That’s right, Soaring Dragon City is our home and also the roots of Long Yi. We will stay here,” Sibi and Nalan Ruyue added.

Upon seeing the confidence of these three women, the other women were also unable to say anything even though they wanted to persuade for the children in their stomachs. Still, it would not be too late to transfer them in the future if Soaring Dragon City was truly breached by Demon Race. They believed that they would also make the correct choice at that time.

Outside the imperial harem, there were Barbarian Bull and Li Qing. One was wiping Greenstone Rule that had not seen blood for over ten tears and the other was standing still with his sword like an ice block. Protecting Long Yi’s women was their responsibility, and they never dared to forget this responsibility.

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