Chapter 671: Bloody Blue Waves (2)

The demon army launched a full-scale attack on Blue Waves Continent. Smoke and fire were present everywhere.

The army of the entire continent also began to gather in their respective safe areas and defend. This greatly hindered the attack of the demon army. Originally, Diluo planned to quickly annihilate Blue Waves Continent, but now, he had no choice but to slow down.

Merely, since there was still a huge gap in strength, under the ferocious attacks of the demon army, all races of Blue Waves Continent suffered heavy casualties.

In addition, after Blood Demon Diluo realized Blue Waves Continent’s intention to fight a defensive battle, he similarly adopted the method of combining the entire demon army and encroached those safe areas, one by one. The first area to suffer disaster was Hengduan Mountains where Beastmen Races was gathered.

Although the armies of other safe areas dispatched reinforcements and harassed the demon army in the rear, the effect was not big.

In the military camp of Soaring Dragon City, Beitang Yu held an emergency meeting with numerous high-ranking military officers. The head of Beastmen Race, Bertha, had already sent more than ten urgent military reports. According to the reports, the entire Beastmen Race had already suffered heavy casualties and she requested more support.

“How about we use transmission magic array to send our entire army there?” Tyrant Bear suggested.

“No, if we do so, then wouldn’t that directly lead to a decisive battle with the demon army? Then, we will be defeated even faster. Now, it would be best to give priority to defend and hold on until His Highness the Crown Prince arrives,” Beitang Yu rejected the suggestion.

Beitang Yu considered the army of the entire Blue Waves Continent, but in the face of absolute strength, any strategy seemed to pale. Now, other than resisting stubbornly, they had no other choice.

In Hengduan Mountains, Bertha watched the tragic battlefield in front of her while gritting her teeth. The Beastmen Race fought ferociously, but their mutual cooperation was inferior to humans. In this kind of battle, they suffered losses. Within a short day, the numbers of casualties had already reached more than half of the entire Beastmen Race population. If this went on, then the entire Beastmen Race might be annihilated.

In reply to her request for more support, Beitang Yu has asked her to try stalling as much as possible for time until Long Yi returned. But, under the attack of several million demon soldiers, the entire safe area was already on the verge of collapse. The harassment of the army of other safe areas didn’t alleviate any pressure from them. Now, they wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

Bertha was finally unable to endure. She couldn’t let various tribes of Beastmen Race go extinct in her hands.

She ordered the beastmen army to retreat using transmission array, but Blood Demon Diluo just laughed heartily.

“Retreat, retreat, it would be best if the entire army is gathered together so as to save this general’s trouble,” Blood Demon Diluo coldly laughed.

As a matter of fact, in the beginning, Long Yi had once considered, wasn’t it advantageous to combine the entire army and fight to deal with the invasion of the demon army? But, after further analysis, he scrapped this plan. In front of such a huge gap in strength, as long as the demon army breached through the human army and wantonly massacred common people, fear would spread. At that time, the army might collapse itself, making it easy for the Demon Race to annihilate the entire Blue Waves Continent in one fell swoop. Thus, in the end, he decided to use Area Intersect Defense System in order to resist the invasion of the demon army for the longest limit.


“Wei’er Beila, lead a division of the army and go to the Demon World again. If the main forces of Demon World are already attacking Blue Waves Continent, then destroy the Demon World. If their army stood up to resist, then return to the Divine World and stay behind just in case the demon army attacks,” Long Yi instructed.

“Yes, Lord Hegemon God,” Wei’er Bela received the orders.

Long Yi then lead another division of divine army with a gloomy face and rushed towards the space node that led to Blue Waves Continent. He was burning with impatience, but he remained expressionless on the surface. He hoped that the situation was not as bad as he thought.


War was the most brutal form of destruction. Once two enemy sides collided, it was either you die or I die.

The demon army destroyed several regions located on the periphery of Blue Waves Continent with irresistible force. The miserable sight was not inferior to hell. The demon army piled up the heads to make a mountain.

“We don’t have time to annihilate each and every one. Transmit my orders, don’t engage in useless fights, forcibly breakthrough toward Soaring Dragon City and capture the family of Hegemon God Long Yi alive. Then, we will slit their throats in front of him,” Blood Demon Diluo ordered. He knew that Long Yi will react soon and bring the army of God Race to reinforce. As it now seemed, it was impossible to exterminate all living beings of the entire Blue Waves Continent within a short period of time. Therefore, he settled for the next best thing, capturing Long Yi’s family. At that time, he had decided to make him taste the fact that death was better than life. He had also heard that his child was about to be born soon.

One had to say that Blood Demon Diluo was a very cunning fellow. To forcibly break through the defense of several regions, although the demon army had to pay some price, if his objective could be achieved, then it was worthwhile even if he had to pay a hundredfold.

Sure enough, once the demon army began to forcibly breakthrough, the defense regions of Blue Waves Continent could do nothing. They could only look on helplessly as the demon army rapidly approached Soaring Dragon City.

At the moment, other than tailing behind the demon army, there was no other choice. If another army had run into this kind of encirclement, then that was bringing about their own destruction. But, there was a huge gap between the strength of the demon army and the army of Blue Waves Continent. They basically were unable to stop them. The demon army ignored the encirclement and forcibly marched towards Soaring Dragon City to capture the family of Hegemon God Long Yi and return to the Demon World. Afterward, they just needed to wait for Hegemon God Long Yi to deliver himself to their doorstep.

In Soaring Dragon City, more than a million elite soldiers were already standing in combat readiness. Everyone knew that the demon army was rushing over this place.

Even without the empire sending people to publicize, everyone knew that the entire continent was already a single entity, they lived and died with it. Thus, millions of common people of various races that resided in Soaring Dragon City organized themselves and provided strong logistic support.

“Sanwa, where are you hiding? Your father is not afraid, but you are cowering in fear. Quickly go and join the army. When His Highness the Crown Prince returns, those demons will die without a place for burial!” An old man roared.

“Father, still speaking nonsense, I, Sanwa, am also a well-known hero, do you think I am a craven and cowardly fellow? I have already registered with the army just a moment ago. Now, take back what you have said.” A tall and big man replied to his father.

Similar scenes could be seen almost everywhere in Soaring Dragon City. Fathers were sending their sons to join the army, wives were sending their husbands to join the army, and grandfathers were sending their grandsons to join the army. Under this unprecedented pressure, all the races of Blue Waves Continent became united. This was a life and death test.

Beitang Yu stood on a high city wall, looking into the distance. According to the intelligence report, the demon army had already forcibly broken through the several layers of defensive lines around Soaring Dragon City and was approaching Soaring Dragon City, the core of Blue Waves Continent.

A cold wind blew against her, her beautiful hair fluttering in the air. Now, she looked very solemn, and she emitted dense killing intent. As for her beautiful face, everyone had long forgotten about it.

Hell Angel, no one had forgotten this nick-name. This nick-name was something she had earned after slaughtering countless enemies. It was enough to etch into one’s memory.

Suddenly, a black line overflowed from the horizon and surged towards Soaring Dragon City. In addition, evil demonic qi began to ripple in the air.

“Came!” The heart of Beitang Yu tightened, but she tightly grabbed her sword with a strong fighting spirit. All the soldiers also looked solemn.

The demon army got nearer and nearer. They were rushing towards Soaring Dragon City from the ground and also from the air. Now, they could clearly see the hideous appearance of demon soldiers.

“Activate the City Defense Shield!” Beitang Yu indifferently ordered.

In the underground base of Soaring Dragon City, several million magic cores were simultaneously inserted into energy slots of a giant magic array. Suddenly, a layer of hazy halo enveloped the entire Soaring Dragon City.

City Defense Shield, this was an incomplete magic array Long Yi found in Magic Array Collection before he left. After the painstaking joint efforts of more than ten thousand magicians for several years, spending countless financial resources, this magic array was finally completed. Many magicians had died in the course of completing this magic array.

Countless magic attacks rained down on this City Defense Shield, but the City Defense Shield remained solid. There was only a slight fluctuation.

All the soldiers in Soaring Dragon City sighed in relief. It seemed that the demon army wouldn’t be able to break through this barrier in a short time.

A white figure flew over the city wall and stood behind Beitang Yu.

“Xiao Yi, are all sisters settled down?” Beitang Yu slightly turned around and asked.

“They are already settled down. Xiangyun, Sibi, and Nalan Ruyue are already sent to the underground transmission magic array. As for the other sisters, they would die but not leave.” Xiao Yi replied as her transparent pupils shone.

“Didn’t you explain to sisters who the targets of the demon army are? Once we are captured, that would cause irrecoverable disadvantage to our husband,” Beitang Yu frowned and asked.

“I explained, but all sisters engraved self-destruction magic array on their body, once they are captured, they will…”

The expression of Beitang Yu fluctuated for a moment. Because of her status, she didn’t have much contact with Long Yi’s other women. Most of the time, she stayed in a military camp and managed the army of Blue Waves Continent. She loved their common husband in her own unique way.

At this moment, a group of valiant women wearing armor walked over. There were a hundred or so palace guards behind them. They were the initial elite soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion.

All of them lined up behind Beitang Yu. Firm determination was written all over their faces, indifferently watching that rippling barrier in the air.

“Daughters-in-law, why didn’t you wait for your mother-in-law?” Dongfang Wan flew over. She was wearing a magic robe instead of palace attire.

“Mother Empress!” Everyone present bowed to her.

“No need to be too polite. Today, this empress will fight the enemy together with you.” Dongfang Wan looked dashing and spirited as if she had returned to her younger days when she ventured around Blue Waves Continent.

At that time, numerous figures flew over. They, however, were current Blue Waves Emperor Ximen Nu, Former Emperor Ximen Kuang, Murong Bo, and over a thousand great experts who lived in seclusion in the past.

Ximen Nu was wearing a golden emperor attire and appeared out of place. He glared at Dongfang Wan, but she just stuck out her tongue like a little girl. This made him smile.

At this moment, Blood Demon Diluo stood on a huge gold-eyed demonic falcon, watching that huge barrier below with a frown. He truly had not expected that there was such a solid barrier around Soaring Dragon City. Even after attacking for such a long period of time, there was no sign of breaking.

“Dragon Demon, we cannot drag-on like this. Use the Heavenly Demon Eclipse God Wand, His Majesty will certainly not blame you.” A hint of bad feeling appeared in the heart of Blood Demon Diluo. He always felt like he shouldn’t stall any longer.


Long Yi had already arrived at the location of the space node that led to Blue Waves Continent. But, he didn’t know what the issue was, he actually was unable to open the space passage.

“Lord Hegemon God, a report from Wei’er Beila.” A military officer of God Race hastily rushed to the front of Long Yi and handed him a magic letter.

Immediately after taking a glance at it, Long Yi became all the more worried. After Wei’er Bela’s army reached the Demon World, she discovered that Blood Demon Diluo and Dragon Demon Karola had disappeared along with their army. Emotion Demon Naweiqi who had betrayed the Demon World in the last war had retaken the position of Great Demon General again. She led over a million demon soldiers and defended the Demon World. As a result, both sides didn’t have any advantageous position.

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It was clear that both Blood Demon Diluo and Dragon Demon Karola had led their army to attack Blue Waves Continent. How can Long Yi not be worried?

“Naweiqi, what exactly are you doing?” Long Yi punched the tree next to him.

The soldiers of God Race didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.


Blood Demon and Dragon Demon took out a pitch-black rectangular box. Heavenly Demon Eclipse God Wand which was forged using a portion of Heavenly Demon King’s divine sense was sealed inside it. Its might was matchless.

They opened the box and a mediocre-looking black magic wand came to their sight. It looked so ordinary that people would not even take a second glance at it if they found it on the road.

Blood Demon and Dragon Demon chanted an obscure incantation in unison. Then, they cut their wrist and dripped their blood on this magic wand. The magic wand absorbed their blood and began to shine with a dazzling dark light.

Blood Demon Diluo held this magic wand. The magic wand was trembling as if it was very impatient to display its might.

“Pa!” The magic wand was seized by Dragon Demon.

“Blood Demon, your wisdom and stratagem are unparalleled, so Lord Heavenly Demon King still needs you. However, he can do without me, Dragon Demon,” Dragon Demon Karola laughed. Then, not waiting for Blood Demon to speak, he added, “After you capture the family of Hegemon God, sacrifice one or two for me.”

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“Heavenly—Demon—Eclipse—God!” Dragon Demon raised this magic wand high and roared word by word. At this moment, he looked like a devout believer.

The magic wand instantly emitted dazzling dark light as if it was the dark sun of Demon World, directly illuminating the City Defense Shield of Soaring Dragon City.

Dragon Demon Karola withered at the visible rate, but the barrier below him was also dissipating rapidly.

“All soldiers, heed my orders, prepare to fight!” Beitang Yu shouted loudly as the barrier dissipated. She then held her sword and took the initiative to rush out and chop the vanguards of the demon army into two pieces.

“The barrier is broken, attack, kill all living organisms, create a bloodbath.” Blood Demon Diluo held the lifeless withered corpse of Dragon Demon Karola and roared.

An incomparably tragic battle kicked off. Everyone knew the consequences, if you don’t die, I die. Therefore, no one stayed on the sidelines and no one fled.

“Brothers, kill, kill one to breakeven, kill two to make a profit.” A squad leader shouted loudly. The sword in his hand shone with light green douqi as he chopped a soldier of the demon army. Soon afterward, he was pierced by two demon soldiers. But at that instant, he beheaded one more demon soldier and died with a smile on his face. He made a profit, it was worth it!

The entire Soaring Dragon City was already caught in a chaotic battle. There was a fight everywhere.

In the eastern city wall of Soaring Dragon City, there was a large portion of high ranking demon soldiers. They crazily attacked the most elite soldiers, Ximen Nu, Beitang Yu, and others. They knew that these people were the relatives of Hegemon God Long Yi.

Blood Demon Diluo also transformed into his one hundred meter giant form and directly entered the fray. He wanted to fulfill the promise with Dragon Demon Karola. He wanted to use two most beloved relatives of Long Yi to sacrifice for him.

Ximen Nu, Ximen Kuang, Murong Bo, and numerous hidden experts had a hard time fighting against Blood Demon Diluo.

“Bang!” A palm of Blood Demon sent Murong Bo and others flying, leaving behind only Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan.

“Haha, aren’t you two the parents of Long Yi? Today, you two will accompany my brother to Yellow Springs!” Blood Demon Diluo laughed as his huge hand bore down towards Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan.

“Your Majesty…”


Everyone glared angrily as they used their strongest attacks in succession. But they basically were unable to stop this heaven-shaking attack of Blood Demon.

At that critical moment, a black shadow intruded the battle, forcibly stopping the army of Diluo. Then, that shadow took away Ximen Nu and Dongfang Wan.

That black shadow was unexpectedly over a hundred meters long black dragon. It opened its big mouth and more than ten demon soldiers were devoured.

“You bastard, since you bully Niur, Father will smack your butt for sure.” That huge dragon screamed in a young girl’s voice. She was actually Niur who had become multiple times bigger.

“Devouring Dragon Physique? It’s a pity it has yet to reach adulthood. Otherwise, it would truly be troublesome,” Diluo sneered and attacked.

Diluo was not bragging. In just about a dozen moves, he suppressed Niur. But, at this moment, the elite soldiers of Blue Waves Continent had already suffered a huge loss and were exhausted. Beitang Yu and others also looked pale. The overall situation was already under the control of Diluo.

“You ugly person, you dare to carry out a sneak attack when my second brother isn’t here. If you have guts, then wait until my second brother returns,” Ximen Wuhen shouted. Her spotlessly white robe was already full of dirt.

“Don’t even try to stall for time. Long Yi will not be able to save you,” Diluo coldly replied.

“That is not certain.” A voice resounded throughout the surroundings and a seven-colored radiance formed a vortex, sending all the demon soldiers around Long Yi’s relatives flying more than 100 meters.

In the midst of the vortex, Long Yi, dazzling with seven-colored radiance, appeared.

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