Chapter 387: Ye Jian, A Bad Target For Bullies

“… Grandpa Gen was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself. Elders like to worry too much. Captain Xia, I’m sorry for always adding trouble onto your plate.” Without those words of intimacy, Ye Jian was now fully relaxed, her eyebrows curving into a smile, “If Captain Xia has anything that needs my help in the future, I will not decline. Just like today, I’d be delighted to help.”

Whatever he said, she would believe in it unconditionally … A gentle smile appeared on the edges of Xia Jinyuan’s thin and sexy lips. That was the only remaining gentleness behind the soldier’s stern and hardy side. “Foolish girl, even if I ask you to climb a mountain of knives and dive into a sea of flames, you still won’t refuse me?”

“Of course!” Ye Jian answered without thinking. Her expression was also one of full seriousness, “I believe in Captain Xia. Even if a mountain of knives and a sea of flames were to really exist, you and your mates will definitely be the first to rush into it.”

She was that trusting and also that certain. Although she clearly hadn’t mentioned any compliments that were over the top, when he saw the bright spirit in her eyes and that burning gaze, Xia Jinyuan could only feel his chest heating up, to the point that his heartbeat increased in pace.

After some time, he gently sighed, “You really are a fool.”

He focused on driving, and he stopped looking at Ye Jian out of the corner of his eye. Ye Jian also did not notice that within his eyes, there was an indulgence that would make people drown within them and refuse to wake up with just a look … indulgence directed only at her.


Foolish girl, you trust me so much, and also treat me as your most trusted person. How will I be able to refuse everything you have? How will I be able to let go of you?

Even if he had to wait, he did it willingly from the depths of his heart.

Ye Jian did not return to school that night. By the time they left the provincial military base, it was already midnight, so they headed to a hotel that wasn’t too far away from her school.

In the middle of the night, an adult male and a teenage girl wanted a room at a hotel. Even the hotel’s receptionist took numerous glances at them.

First, she stacked her eyelids together, and she coldly swept a glance over Ye Jian. But when she looked at Xia Jinyuan, it was like she had taken drugs. She spoke enthusiastically with a sweet voice, “Hello sir, I am…”

“I’m not interested in who you are, what I do know is that you’re the hotel receptionist.” Even a tiny receptionist dared to look at his little fox with such an abnormal gaze, she really was asking for a beating. Xia Jinyuan coldly glared at the receptionist. The frigid atmosphere around him and the cold, indifferent words he used immediately drained the color from the receptionist’s face.

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He glanced at the hotel’s remaining electronic cards and spoke in an icy-cold tone, “Two deluxe rooms. My sister is fond of cleanliness. You have 10 minutes to make sure that they are properly cleaned.”

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Ye Jian tugged at his shirt, while using her gaze to indicate that there was no need for him to be like this.

There were too many people who discriminated others. She had gone through too much. That was why she wouldn’t take the receptionist’s small amount of disrespect to heart.

She only cared about the gazes of those whom she cared about. The gazes of those who were unimportant had nothing to do with her.

However, she still had something to speak about.

She swept the receptionist a cold and sharp glare. Ye Jian acquired the two room cards the receptionist, with trembling hands, had passed to her. A cold smile hung on the edge of her lips, and she spoke in a whisper, “Miss Liu Zhen, accompanied by a man shorter than 1.6 metres to Hua Jun Hotel two weeks ago. After leaving the next day, she spent the night at An Xi Teahouse with a man of medium-height but was as fat as a pig. After that, she had a new guy…”

When Ye Jian started uttering the first sentence, the receptionist lost all the strength in her knees. By the time Ye Jian had finished listing out all the men she had spent the night with in the past two weeks, her whole face was as white as paper. Even her body was leaning against the marble counter.

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