Chapter 183 – Fear

“Bastard, what have you done!”

Elder Pang’s tone was filled with shock as he was unable to use his strength. He could sense some strange energy coming from the black liquid that his right arm was covered in.

Dark Prison

Black liquid shot out from Yang Tian’s left arm, the Dark Energy was causing Elder Pang’s body to shudder for a moment.

Elder Pang started to be afraid; he was unable to escape from Yang Tian’s control over him, while the black liquid that had just shot out formed a black cage around him. The energy of darkness was slowing down Elder Pang’s meta-energy.

“Not good!”

Elder Pang could sense something was wrong with the meta-energy inside his body, he must break out of this cage, else he would only be a caged bird.

Ruthless Boost

This was a skill he obtained when he reached Rank 3, but he rarely used the skill as the backlash of using the skill was going to be enormous.

Ruthless Boost: Increase Strength by 30% and all other attributes by 15%, the effect of other skill will increase by 10%. It gave a substantial increase to attributes, and could even raise the effects of other skills as well, this is a unique trait that anyone will want more. However, after using the skill, the user will enter a period of fatigue. During this period, all attributes will be reduced to 10% of its original value, and that state will last for an hour.

If one could obtain victory, one hour was nothing much, but should he ever be unable to achieve victory, then he would be in an extremely disadvantageous situation.

Elder Pang’s body increased in size once again, growing from five meters to seven meters. The hair covering his body got even thicker and his skin was no longer visible. A ferociousness could be seen within his eyes.

The two metal arms received the most significant boost, Yang Tian could feel that the black liquid could no longer hold onto Elder Pang’s right arm and would break soon.

As expected of a High-Grade Beast-type metahuman, their buff skills were stronger than other metahumans.

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“Brat, prepare to die!”

Elder Pang gave an immense pull and in an instance, freed himself from Yang Tian’s control, but Dark Prison had already formed. The prison has to be destroyed for him to escape.

Elder Pang drummed his chest and released a massive howl.

And then, he leaped towards Dark Prison; from his actions, he seems to be planning to escape by shattering Dark Prison with his fists.

The Dark Attribute was not something brute strength could break. Elder Pang noticed that Dark Prison was tougher than the black liquid earlier by several times.

Elder Pang heavily struck at the prison several dozens tries, but not a single crack was appearing. On the contrary, Dark Prison absorbed the brute force and became even stronger.

Dark Prison could absorb any form of energy to enhance itself, this was a unique trait of the Dark Attribute and the Dark Prison that Yang Tian created was a hundred percent made from Dark Attribute.

As long as he continues to attack Dark Prison, Yang Tian would not need to do anything, and the other party would be trapped and die within. Unless he was much more powerful than Yang Tian, but that was obviously impossible as he was only a High Rank 3 metahuman. At least High Rank 4 fighting power was required to destroy this Dark Prison.

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In the other two battlefields, Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf were at a disadvantage as their ranks were lower than their opponents. However, the two opponents of T-Rex were not having a good time, as both the offensive and defensive capabilities of T-Rex were extremely terrifying.

As for the metahumans under the Wang Family, they have discovered the weakness of the skeleton soldiers, causing the skeleton soldiers to start experiencing significant casualties.

Defeat the king, and the battle is won.

Yang Tian shifted his attention to Wang Yi.

You dare to touch my woman, I will make you less of a man.

Even the Wu Family Head would not be able to fight Yang Tian in his current state, against powerful metahumans like Elder Pang, Yang Tian only used one Dark Prison as well.

Violent Corpse Worm Queen has enhanced the powers inside of Yang Tian, the Light Attribute and Dark Attribute were initially not strong, but Violent Corpse Worm Queen have increased them to Rank 3 level. Moreover, Yang Tian also has the Wind Attribute and Earth Attribute that were in full state.

Becoming Peak Rank 3 level and on the verge of reaching Early Rank 4. 


Yang Tian moved at an extremely high speed and stood in front of Wang Yi before the latter could even react.

A punch landed on Wang Yi’s chest.



Wang Yi flew away while vomiting blood, his expression looked even worse after he landed on the ground.


Wu Family Head was nearby Wang Yi and was enraged when Yang Tian heavily injured Wang Yi.

“You have a share as well.”

The current condition of the Wu Family Head was even worse than Wang Yi’s, the Death Mark on him would amplify the damage that Yang Tian dealt him.

Rock Spike

A Peak Rank 3 Rock Spike shot out, combined with the effect of Death Mark, even a High-Grade Beast metahuman would not end well. 


Rock Spike broke through the defenses of Wu Family Head and left a bloody hole the size of an adult’s head on his chest. Even with Fire Dragon Scales protecting his body, it was still not enough. This was the first time the Wu Family Head experienced such a powerful attack, he was already in the state of losing his lifeforce, now his lifeforce was dropping at an even faster pace.

The Mid Rank 3 metahumans beside Wu Family Head attacked Yang Tian, but their outcomes were no different from Wang Yi’s.

Yang Tian turned his arms into blades, due to the Wind Attribute, Yang Tian’s speed obtained a boost by a tier.

Before the three of them could react, Yang Tian had split them by the waist.

The bodies of Mid Rank 3 metahumans could not even block one slash.

With shock in their eyes, Yang Tian’s black blades slashed at them again.

Vertical slashes.

Each Mid Rank 3 metahuman turned into four pieces, a total of twelve pieces were created under Yang Tian’s blades.

Organs and blood scattered…

“Make a guess, will it be your turn next?”

Wang Yi looked at this face that looked like a devil with great terror. He kept pushing his body back on the spot he landed while saying:

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”

Wang Yi was utterly terrified by Yang Tian’s previous act, but Yang Tian ignored the former and approached Wang Yi one step at a time.

Not only his body, but even his mind was utterly destroyed by Yang Tian as well.

“Stop right there!”

The one who shouted was Wu Family Head, he could not allow Wang Yi to die in front of him, he needs to stop Yang Tian. However, what could he do when his current situation was no better than Wang Yi?


Two High Rank 3 metahumans charged towards Yang Tian. They were fighting Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf initially, but when their Young Master was in danger, they had no choice but to rush over and to provide aid.

The other two High Rank 3 metahumans could not afford to get distracted when fighting against T-Rex, how could they know that their Young Master was facing his death?

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