Chapter 184 – Space Portal

“What happened to Elder Pang?”

“Go and save Elder Pang, I will rescue Young Master.”

The two metahumans that came to help Wang Yi noticed that Elder Pang was in a bind as well. 

The High Rank 3 metahuman that charged towards Yang Tian was also a close combat metahuman, but he was not a beast-type; he was an Elemental Warrior.

Flame Warrior, but his flames were not ordinary, it was orange flames that could reach 350℃, Yang Tian could sense the heat that was coming at his face.

Flame Body 

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The Flame Warrior turned into a human-shaped fire, his speed increased by at least 50%.


Yang Tian’s speed instantly increased significantly, becoming much faster than the flame man.

Yang Tian attacks with his blade, the flame man relied on his speed and barely managed to avoid the attack, but Yang Tian’s speed became faster and faster. Soon the flame man noticed that his opponent was tough to deal with.

Flame Form

Two bundles of fire came out from the flame man and turned into two fire swords.

The ability of this metahuman was similar to Venom.

Dark Blades against Fire Swords, physical attacks versus elemental attacks

During the exchange, Yang Tian noticed that he did not have an advantage, the black blades were unable to deal damage to the flame man, but the fire swords had dealt damage to him.

Yang Tian imbued the Dark Attribute onto the blades and the images of the blade blurred. The flame man suddenly felt something different about Yang Tian in front of him, but he did not know where that difference came from.

Seeing Yang Tian’s blade coming towards him, he continued to use his fire swords to block.

However this time…


The flame man vomited a mouthful of blood; he was injured by the black blade in his flame form, the black blade curved a twenty centimeters long wound on his chest.

“You… how did you do it!?”

The Dark Attribute could devour other attributes, the moment the attack landed, Yang Tian used his mental power to observe and detected the fire covering the skin of the flame man had gotten slightly devoured, allowing the blade to strike on the man’s real body.

“Don’t touch my Young Master!”

When the flame man saw that Yang Tian was walking towards Wang Yi again, he carried his injured body to try and stop Yang Tian.

“Get lost!”

Yang Tian turned his arms into a hammer and imbued it with Dark Attribute again before smashing the flaming man heavily onto the floor.

The flame man was barely breathing as he looked at Yang Tian unwillingly, he hopes that his companion had rescued Elder Pang and was on his way to save the Young Master.

However, when he looked at where Elder Pang was, his last hope was dashed.

Not only did his companion not able to save Elder Pang, but he had also been caught by some black liquid, the black liquid was wrapping around him and formed a cocoon with only his head exposed. While Elder Pang, who was still in the Metal Arm Gorilla King form, was on the verge of collapse as well.

What the heck is that, how was Elder Pang caught as well?


Yang Tian added a blow towards the flame man, thoroughly killing him.


Spatial pulse?

Yang Tian’s mental power was very sensitive, he immediately looked at the direction where the spatial pulse came from.

There was a Space Portal Rune in the Wu Family Head’s hand.

It was very costly to create Space Portal Runes, and the runes were one-time-use consumables. To think that the Wu Family possessed a Space Portal Rune when they were only at this level.

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A portal was created, and a familiar figure entered Yang Tian’s vision.

It was the elder from Thirty-Six Paradise City, the master of Sky Hegemon Blade Sage.

“Wu Chou, did your family encounter some danger? To think that you even used the Space Portal Rune.”

The Wu Family Head immediately kneeled in front of the elder and said with a respectful tone:

“Sir, someone was attacking my Wu Family and did something to my body. I hope that sir can save me.”

The Wu Family Head pointed at Yang Tian after he spoke.

At the moment when the Wu Family Head used the Space Portal Rune, Yang Tian used his blade and castrated Wang Yi. The latter’s pants were currently covered in a large pool of blood.

When Yang Tian saw that the person that came out of the Space Portal was Yu’er’s master, he canceled Venom form and retracted the power of Violent Corpse Worm Queen, revealing his actual form in front of the elderly man.

Due to the significant change to Yang Tian’s appearance, the elder was unable to recognize him immediately, only feeling that Yang Tian was familiar.

After careful observation, the elder finally recognized Yang Tian. After all, not everyone was like Yu’er, able to recognize Yang Tian immediately.

“So it is Young Friend!”

The elder did not expect that the person that was causing problems for the Wu Family was the person he wanted to build relations with.

“There must be some misunderstanding between the two parties, why not allow this old man to be the middleman and resolve the misunderstanding.”

“You are Yu’er’s master, I initially wanted to give you face, but the Wu Family is too much of a bully. I am afraid it will be hard to resolve this matter.”

The elder was slightly startled.

He turned and looked at Yu’er and motioned towards the latter to come to his side.

Yu’er knew what the elder meant and explained the situation from the beginning to the elder.

When the elder heard what had happened, he gave a vicious look at Wu Family Head.

The Wu Family Head knew that something was wrong and shuddered.

“Yu’er is my disciple, what right do you have to arrange a marriage without my consent?”

“But the Wang Family…”

“A mere Wang Family can be compared to my Misty Sect?”

As expected, it was Misty Sect. The one that was supporting Sky Hegemon Blade Sage secretly was Misty Sect; no wonder Sky Hegemon Blade Sage had rejected the invites of the other sects, it was because Misty Sect had already gotten to him.

The elder speaking of the name of Misty Sect in front of Yang Tian, it was for him to hear it.

“Since I am here, then let’s pause first!”

The elder’s body gave a shake and emitted a powerful energy pulse, it caused Yang Tian to uncontrollably took three steps back. T-Rex and its two opponents from the Wang Family were also forced apart, while the battle between the skeleton soldiers and the Wang Family metahumans have also ended. This was mainly because Yang Tian had canceled his spell when the elder arrived, the skeleton soldiers were a pile of white bones long ago.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf stood beside Yang Tian, the injuries left behind by their opponents were starting to heal slowly. When they sensed the energy coming from the elder, they immediately came to Yang Tian’s side and look at the elder, on alert.

Since the battle has ended, Dark Prison Cage also disappeared. Elder Pang and the other metahuman laid unconscious on the ground, half of the meta-energy within them has been absorbed by Yang Tian. When they wake up, they will realize that their fighting power had fallen sharply, even their ability would be much weaker than before.

Would the Metal Arm Gorilla King still be called as such?

When the elder saw the three tamed beasts standing beside Yang Tian, a faint surprise flashed through his eyes.

Children of Heaven are said to gather all sorts of powerful creatures around them, can that be true…

(Cuppa: No, he is just a Beast Tamer, the elder should read some western fantasy novels.)

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