Chapter 185 – Teleport

Especially the T-Rex that was standing behind Yang Tian, anyone could sense that it was a mighty mutated beast with a look.


“That is the SOS signal of the Wang Family.” Wu Family Head exclaimed.

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The surviving High Rank 3 metahumans could only think of sending a signal for help when they saw how bad the situation has become.

The Young Master was heavily injured, while two men were unconscious and another one dead.

“That is fine as well, this Old Man can use the opportunity to clarify matters with the Wang Family.”

The elder said expressionlessly.

Yang Tian also used this opportunity to silently circulate Purple Sun Divine Art to recover his stamina.

A faint purple aura circles around Yang Tian, the elder had obviously discovered the energy emitted by Yang Tian.

“What a mysterious mantra.”

The elder had never seen anything close to the energy that Yang Tian was emitting; it was not very strong, the elder was only surprised for a moment before he stopped paying attention to Yang Tian.

Very soon, the Wang Family soon brought a group of metahumans to the Wu Estate.

The Wang Family Head looked to be younger than the Wu Family Head, but he was also a middle-aged man. He had a head of green and a robust body, there were several scars on his exposed skin and a trace of bloodthirstiness hidden between his brows.

When the Wang Family Head rushed into the Wu Estate, the first thing he was Wang Yi, who had collapsed on the ground.

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This was his son, especially when he noticed the blood on Wang Yi’s trousers, his rage was hard to hide.

“Who did this!”

Wang Family Head released a shout that shook the entire Wu Estate.

“Family Head, it is him.”

One of the two surviving High Rank 3 metahumans pointed at Yang Tian, at the same time, he also whispered something to the Wang Family Head. Wang Family Head looked at Elder Pang’s direction, seeing the two fainted men and the flame man who was smashed into mincemeat.

Early Rank 4 Metahuman

Gem Armored Lizard, High-Grade Beast Metahuman.

The Wang Family Head was also a High-Grade beast metahuman, and he had even reached Early Rank 4, becoming the strongest person in A City. He was the main fighting force when resisting against the Zombie King during A City’s zombie wave because of his Early Rank 4 fighting power as well, eventually forcing the zombies out of A City’s territory.

He had already entered his beast form and was emitting boundless energy.

“In the secular world, you are powerful. However, you are still not qualified in the eyes of this old man.”

The elder’s tone was calm, but the content was very domineering.

Yet he has the strength to back his words.

The energy of the elder suddenly exploded, instantly suppressing the energy released by Wang Family Head. However, except for feeling slightly uncomfortable, there was no apparent change happening to the Wang Family Head.

Humph! The elder snorted before lifting his palm and pressed down through the air.

Wang Family Head initially only felt enormous pressure, but with the elder pressing his palm down, he felt as though a giant hand containing terrifying power was pressing down on his head.


Wang Family Head was forced to kneel on the ground due to the power, despite being Early Rank 4, he was not even able to resist a single strike from the elder.

This strike had also clearly pointed out the difference between the two of them; at the same time, the Wang Family Head knew that the elder in front of him was not someone he could handle.

“Do not attempt to test my limits.”

Hearing the elder’s threatening words, Wang Family Head tactfully deactivate his ability.

“May I know who sir is…”

“Didn’t your Wang Family came here for my disciple? Let me tell you today as well as inform all the Four Great Families this. My disciple already has found her place, she is not something common men like you people can have delusions for.”

At the same time, the elder looked at Yang Tian, his meaning was apparent.

The detailed Wu and Wang Family Head also caught a crucial term: Common Men. Can it be that Yang Tian has an extraordinary background?

In the post-apocalyptic world, having a background did not mean you are from some big family or clan, but suggested that you belonged to the High Martial Sects or some hidden Martial Organizations.

The two of them started to carefully guess Yang Tian’s status.

“Can it be that Sir is from Misty Sect?”

Knowing that this elder was Wu Xiao Yu’s master, the Wang Family Head naturally knew the elder’s identity.

“Since you know, then please leave!”

The elder’s word meant for the guest to leave, the face of Wang Family Head turned dark, but he had no choice but to leave this place as well. He could only suppress the rage in his heart, but some of his anger still leaked out.

The elder obviously noticed Wang Family Head’s rage, but he acted as though he had not seen it. This had undoubtedly caused Wu Family Head to become anxious.

The Wang Family did not dare to go against Misty Sect, but they could just deal with the Wu Family. On the surface they may not do anything, but who can say about what would happen behind the scenes?

The elder also deliberately made this situation, he wanted to punish the Wu Family Head.

Yu’er did not have much to say about this adoptive father of hers, but if it were her biological father, would this incident happen? Yu’er did not want to think much about this;  because will a father who has abandoned her still treat her well?

“Thank you Elder Mi.”

“No need to be polite.” Mi Yu Ni smiled and replied.

Yang Tian naturally knew what he was thinking, to become like Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, turning him into his disciple. Unfortunately, Yang Tian was never a person who liked to be restrained.

The elder did not look to be in a hurry as well, from his point of view, Yang Tian and Yu’er had a relationship, and the former was willing to risk his life for her, this was already a partial success.

“Elder Mi…”

Wu Family Head whispered something to the elder, causing the latter’s expression to turn slightly ugly.

The elder looked at Yang Tian with a slight embarrassment. The Wu Family Head still has the Death Mark left by Yang Tian, it was slowly devouring his lifeforce. As the Wu Family Head knew that he was in no position to speak with Yang Tian, he could only rely on Mi Yu Ni.

But Mi Yu Ni just caused Yang Tian to owe him a small favor, is he going to waste it for the Wu Family Head?

“Since you are Yu’er’s adopted father, and Elder Mi has helped to settle this incident, I shall not make things difficult for you as well.” Yang Tian naturally knew what the Wu Family Head had whispered to the elder.

The Death Mark might have been cast, but Yang Tian left a small backdoor. Even without using Undead Magic, he would still be able to resolve the Death Mark planted inside the Wu Family Head.

A small-scale Death Mark appeared on Yang Tian’s hand, he sent it into Wu Family Head’s body.

Wu Family Head could not help but shudder as the mark that was emitting death energy floated out of his body.

Wu Family Head took a deep breath, he finally got rid of it. The Wu Family Head was filled with fear when his lifeforce was slowly eroding.

Death is not terrifying, what’s scary is having to wait for it to arrive. This was the situation of the Wu Family Head, he heaved a sigh of relief when Yang Tian removed the Dark Mark.

However, Mi Yu Ni noticed that the Death Mark was not only emitting the energy of death, hidden within the energy of death was an abundance of life energy.

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