Chapter 186 – Ten Years Of Life

For a person who was over half a century old like Mi Yu Ni, their sensitivity towards life energy was much higher than others.

Yang Tian also noticed Mi Yu Ni’s expression, no matter how scheming this old man was, he would not be able to control himself in front of such allure.

Yang Tian curled his lips with ill intentions.

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Mi Yu Ni’s senses were correct, the life energy hidden within the Death Mark was from the Wu Family Head.

Ten years of life.

The small Death Mark on Yang Tian’s hand not only neutralized the Death Mark inside the Wu Family Head but also refined the life energy that has been devoured from the Wu Family Head.

While Mi Yu Ni was observing the situation, the death energy and life energy was flickering in and out in Yang Tian’s hand.

Only after five minutes, did it slowly disappear.

Replacing the small mark was a pure white energy body.

It held the ten years of life from the Wu Family Head. Undead Magic was unfathomable, life was hidden within death, while death pierces through life.

It was also how powerful Undead Magic is, that made a Legendary Beast Tamer asked his Lich to teach him Undead Magic.

“That is…” Mi Yu Ni’s eyes revealed a shine.

“Ten years of life, anyone who consumes this will extend their lifespan by ten years.”

To a Necromancers, ten years of life was nothing much, but to many other creatures, it was exceptionally enticing.

Except for Undead Creatures.

Undead Creatures are eternal.

Undead Mages could be split into two types. The first type is the Liches who had gotten enslaved by the Abyss World, an Undead Creature. That is also why they are immortal and are not interested in life energy.

The other are Necromancers, they have resisted the allure of the Abyss, but have weird characters. Moreover, they have a demand for life energy as well, that was why Necromancers typically have a long lifespan, it was normal for a Necromancer to live for hundreds or thousands of years.

“What, ten years of life!”

Mi Yu Ni exclaimed! This was the most shocking thing he has heard until this age, it was also the first time he heard of something that could increase his life. The abundant life energy he detected from the white energy bundle made him believe that everything was real.

“Seeing that Elder Mi had done a great favor for me, I will gift this to Elder Mi.”

The surprised Mi Yu Ni was still wondering how to exchange for the item in Yang Tian’s hand and did not expect the latter to give it to him just like that.

Ten years of life were given away for free, Mi Yu Ni had never expected such a thing could happen.

“This old man owes you a great favor, this is my Spatial Rune. You just need to crush it, and this old man will come to you through a spatial gate. Consider this as a small return of the favor!”

Mi Yu Ni felt that exchanging a Spatial Rune for ten years of life was a great bargain.

On the other side, Wu Family Head had a headache, that ten years of life undoubtedly belonged to him. His white hair on his sides was much more than before, looking as though he had aged by a decade. Not only was his life energy lost, his strength and potential were also affected.

“Then, I shall not be polite.”

Yang Tian took the Spatial Rune and passed the white energy bundle to Mi Yu Ni.

“Why do I feel that you are taking a loss?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but comment.

“Ten years of life is nothing to you, right? To me, it is just another tool for transacting.”


The lifespan of Violent Corpse Worm Queen was more than ten thousand years, ten years was indeed nothing much.

Yang Tian kept the Spatial Rune inside his ring and plans to bring Yu’er to Sky Halberd Domain with him.

“Hold on.”

The one who called out was Mi Yu Ni, causing Yang Tian to be confused.

“Yu’er cannot go with you yet.”

After keeping the white energy bundle, Mi Yu Ni said.

Yang Tian slightly frowned, this was something out of his expectations.

“Elder Mi, this is different from what you said earlier.”

“You have misunderstood. Yu’er needs to return to Misty Sect to train. Following you now will only be inconvenient for both of you. When the time comes, the two of you will naturally reunite.”

Yang Tian was not Mi Yu Ni’s match at the moment. Plus the latter’s attitude towards Yang Tian made no sense for him to deceive him. That was why he could only agree for now.

“Be assured, this old man will absolutely not break our promise. This is the location of Misty Sect, not many people know about its location, and I am giving it to you now, this should make you feel assured.”

The location of Misty Sect was transferred into Yang Tian’s mind.

“Okay then.”

Since he has acquired the location of Misty Sect, Yang Tian was not as worried. He was not able to do anything to Misty Sect at the moment, but Yang Tian had his fair share of experience in destroying High Martial Sects in his previous life.

As long as Yang Tian has enough time, Misty Sect would not be something beyond him.


Mi Yu Ni glanced at Wu Family Head before crushing a Spatial Talisman in his hand. A Spatial Door appeared in front of him as he left with Wu Xiao Yu.

On the field, only Yang Tian, his three tamed beasts, Wu Family Head and the metahumans of the Wu Family remained.

Yang Tian did not plan to stay here as well and was preparing to leave.

He leaps onto T-Rex’s head. The Wang Family had already left the Wu Estate, there were no metahumans present that could stop T-Rex.


A sense of danger encased Yang Tian, causing him to lift his head to look at the sky.

The Wu Family and its people had obviously detected something as well.

The first wormhole has opened.

The species that were first to descend onto Earth were still bugs.

However, the bugs were much more powerful this time.

Dense dots littered the entire sky.

Yang Tian activated Examine and discovered a terrifying scene.

Rank 2 Insect, Hunting Mantis

Rank 2 Insect, Marsh Flesh Bug

Rank 2 Elite Insect, Dual Wing Six Leg Bug


Literally all the bugs were Rank 2, Yang Tian could still sense pressure coming from the sky, this was only the first batch, the bugs after this would undoubtedly be stronger.

Just this batch of insects would be able to cause quite a bit of trouble. The only difference this time was that the Zombies would also fight against the invaders to protect their territories, they were considered to be on the same side this time.

“Looks like I will not be able to leave.”

There were the Four Great Families in A City to fight against the invaders, if he left A City, he would encounter many insects in the wilderness no matter where he went.

Although they were only Rank 2 insects, when tens of millions of these insects gather together, they were going to be a very terrifying force.

“If you want to remain alive, gather all the forces left in Wu Family together.”

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Yang Tian leaped off T-Rex, Wu Family Head had also noticed the situation in the sky, if he were still a smart person, he would follow Yang Tian’s instructions.

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