Chapter 187 – Promotion Successful

“The two of you, go gather the remaining men.”

Wu Family Head immediately ordered the two Mid Rank 3 metahumans beside him.

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They were still one of the Four Great Families of A City, although Yang Tian destroyed a part of their forces, most of their troops were still alive.

After the two left to complete their task, Wu Family Head said: 

“Although the Wu Family is not small, we do not have much peak fighting forces.”

The peak fighting forces that Wu Family Head was referring to were Early Rank 3 metahumans and above. The Wu Family’s forces mainly comprise of Rank 1 metahumans, but the insects in the sky were obviously Rank 2 at least. Rank 1 metahumans were no different from cannon fodder at this time point.

“No matter how little of them you have, you must also gather them or else survival would only become harder.”

The pressure coming down from the sky gave Wu Family Head no choice but to treat it seriously.

Bzzz Bzzz

The first insect to arrive in A City.

Rank 2 Insect, Scythe Bee.

On its back were four crystal-like wings, for powerful limbs and a pair of dangerous-looking scythes. Its skin was a pale yellow with a black insect head.

The Scythe Bee immediately attacked the humans nearby when it landed, its sharp scythes could easily reap human lives, even Rank 2 Defense-Type Metahumans were finding it challenging to block the scythes.

The second insect, the third…

After some time, seven Rank 2 insects appeared around Wu Estate as well and their numbers were continually increasing.

“Let’s get rid of them first.”

Rank 2 Insects did not pose much of a threat to Yang Tian and the rest, just that the increasing numbers of Rank 2 insects made it very challenging.

Wu Family Head’s scalp was feeling numb.

Looking at this rate and numbers; he would not be able to kill them all even after three days and three nights.

A City could be said to be covered in the flames of battle, the insects would kill anyone they see, and they could care less about what organization they were from.

As for the Mid Rank 3 metahumans who went to gather the Wu Family’s forces, they were also attacked by the insects, but they managed to rely on their fighting power and could still travel.

However, they discovered that several guard posts of the Wu Family have been attacked by insects, the bulk of the casualties were Rank 1 metahumans with at least a third of Rank 2 metahumans dead. Under their coordination, the metahumans who had been stationed at the guard posts have all gathered and were moving towards the Wu Estate together.

They were met with constant attacks from insects along the way. Moreover, the rank of insects was also climbing. There were only Rank 2 insects before, now, several Rank 2 Elite Insects have joined the fray.

Their casualties number was continuously increasing and they were only two kilometers away from the Wu Family.

Yang Tian rode on T-Rex’s head while the latter’s size advantage was fully displayed as well, nearly killing one with each stomp. Even for flying insects, T-Rex could bring one down with each strike.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf were only Early Rank 3 but being at Elite Tier, going against Rank 2 insects was still relatively easy for them. They devour the energy crystal of each enemy killed, with Brain-Eating Terror Hog having a bonus meal of brain matter on top of that.

Wu Family Head was a Peak Rank 3 Fire Dragon Warrior; even though he was injured, handling a bunch of Rank 2 insects was an easy task.

A Mid Rank 3 metahuman beside Wu Family Head was observing for the arrival of their support, meanwhile, he was still killing the insects. Now that they needed to defend this place, should the calvary not arrive, it will be no different from them waiting for their own death.

“They are here.”

The Mid Rank 3 metahuman saw a large group of people rushing towards them, this was a powerful force, allowing him to feel assured.

“What are we supposed to do now?”

Now that support has arrived, Wu Family Head asked Yang Tian what to do next.

“Stand and defend.”

“What?” Wu Family Head replied in surprise.

Defending here would mean a massive loss of metahumans. Although the metahumans that came to support them were over a thousand, after defending an entire night, having half of them remaining would be considered lucky.

“Do you think that the situation in other areas will be better than here? Although the Wu Estate was partially destroyed, it is still a much better place than other areas. After defending this place for a night, the situation will turn slightly better tomorrow.”

By tomorrow, the insects will also be slowly retreating or they will start hiding in A City; humanity would then be able to take a breather.

Wu Family Head pondered about this, Yang Tian’s words were logical. At least they have the high walls and defense facilities of the Wu Estate to protect them, it was indeed safer than many places outside. Moreover, the danger factors would be much higher at night, the Wu Family Head dared not guarantee that they will not be encountering any accidents at night.

“So be it, let us stand and defend this place.”

Over a thousand metahumans have arrived in Wu Estate. Yang Tian also saw Wu Ying Xue and Wu Cheng Fei. Within the family, other than the two Mid Rank 3 metahumans that were out on the Wu Family Head’s orders, there were two other Mid Rank 3 metahumans and ten Early Rank 3 metahumans.

Wu Family Head issued the order to stand and defend; they were not surprised at the order and immediately went to execute the order.

Along the way here, they have witnessed the dangers of A City, defending the Wu Estate seems much safer in comparison.

Every one of them needed to join the battlefield, the appearance of three Tamed Beasts had shock these metahumans, but they were delighted when they found out that they were allies. Especially when looking at T-Rex, they felt much more relieved.

With such powerful allies present, they found hope of their survival.

Reality had also proved that T-Rex was indeed mighty, its rate of killing insects was even higher than the Wu Family Head. However, the energy crystals of T-Rex’s kills were all taken away by Yang Tian.

“It is almost dawn, everyone hold on!”

After a long battle, over ninety percent of the Rank 1 metahumans have died, while only two-thirds of the Rank 2 metahumans remained. However, the metahumans who had survived so far did not have much stamina or meta-energy left as well.

Quickly end!

This was what every human wished in their hearts.

Even the Rank 3 metahumans were also exhausted. The only one that was still displayed over the chart performance was Brain-Eating Terror Hog,

Brain-Eating Terror Hog started to emit a faint glow, it was about to rank up.

After eating another Rank 2 Elite’s brain matter and energy crystal, Brain-Eating Terror Hog was shining.

Rank up success

Brain-Eating Terror Hog reached Mid Rank 3.

Its size went through the most significant change; becoming half of its previous size, it was standing at a height of two meters and had a length of two and a half meters. Its body turned a shade darker while its tusks shrunk but became very much sharper.

This was a unique trait of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog species, from Early Rank 3 onwards, their body will shrink as they grow stronger within the rank. When it reached Peak Rank 3, the size of its body would also be at its smallest. When they reach Rank 4, its size will revert to its largest size again, the only constant was the shade of their skin becoming darker as they grow stronger. The process of their body shrinking by half with each stage of the rank will repeat itself no matter what rank they are at.

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