Chapter 929 – Devil Energy Source

Huan Qing Yan suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

Her stomach was in great pain as she bends her waist, Madam Ru was shocked by the event and quickly supported her, spirit energy was sent into Huan Qing Yan’s stomach.

Huan Qing Yan felt the pain slightly subsided and said with some difficulty, “Thank you.” She thought that Madam Ru’s early action was to kill her and her child.

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She did not expect Madam Ru to help her instead and calmed her body.

“Your body’s condition did not seem to be very good, it is highly likely that you will give birth before your due date. Move to the Ji Mo Clan, I will give you the status of a concubine. As long as you listen to me, I can guarantee the safety of both mother and child from now on.”

“No need, I am fine.”

Madam Ru did not force Huan Qing Yan, she coldly glanced at the latter before shifting her gaze to Huan Qing Yan’s stomach. That gaze was like a venomous snake, it was unknown what she was thinking as Huan Qing Yan walked away with Little Feather supporting her.


Ji Mo Ya knew that Huan Qing Yan might be unhappy, but he had no choice.

If he tried to use his divine sense to send a message to Little Yan, Madam Ru, and Bai Li Zi Xi might detect it due to their cultivation levels.

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So all he could do was endure it and not speak much.

Watching her as she left the place in disappointment.

“Since your luggage is here, find a place to rest.” Ji Mo Ya said to Bai Li Zi Xi.

Bai Li Zi Xi suppressed her expression of delight and left.

When Ji Mo Ya was only, he connected to his divine sense on Phoenix Feather Bell and saw Yan Lass being supported by He Lian Yuan and returning to her master’s estate.

She looked well from her back, just that her large belly made movement inconvenient.

Ji Mo Ya felt slightly assured.

After entering her master’s estate, due to the barrier, he could no longer see what happened to her inside.

After that, he connected with Wine Sage’s divine sense.

“Lord Sage, I have confirmed that Bai Li Zi Xi is related to the devil energy. Her spirit energy is not pure, there is an unknown substance mixed with it…”

Wine Sage quickly replied, “Sigh, Little Xi that child is a God Chosen! How could this happen?”

“Speaking of being a God Chosen, I have always been wondering about something. I have always been able to sense the masters of God Chosen through the halo they emitted. However, Bai Li Zi Xi’s halo was very strange.”

Wine Sage asked, “Strange? She has the Ascended Sage’s Halo and the inheritance of the Butterfly Sage, is that fake?”

“How to explain this. Bai Li Zi Xi’s halo did not seem to be from one ascended sage, but from a mix from different sages. This meant that her inheritance is chaotic, as though she had something of everything, it is not logical. However, this is only my guess because I have not been in contact with my master, Book Sage, for a long time.” The sand tower he entered inside Blood Moon Hidden Realm was likely arranged by his master.

Wine Sage remained silent, pondering.

After a while, “Brat Ya, let us put aside the matter of the God Chosen for now and focus on the Devil Energy Source. Since you are sure that Bai Li Zi Xi is related to the devil energy, you must find more proof. See if anyone is behind her, how the devil energy is spread, what method of spreading is used and so for…”


“Make sure to not attract her suspicions and startle the snake too early, make sure the show is performed perfectly. For the sake of humanity, once you discover anything more, contact this old man immediately and I will do my best to coordinate with you.”

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