Chapter 928 – Must Believe Him!

Huan Qing Yan had fallen out with Bai Li Zi Xi many times before; the only reason she did not start again now was that the latter was helping Ji Mo Ya with the devil energy…

Now that Bai Li Zi Xi was actively taunting her, she was filled with a belly of anger.

“We are all blessed. Thank you Lady Bai Li for helping my husband with the devil energy, when the child is born, I will surely invite Lady Bai Li to our wedding. Right, husband?”

Madam Ru stood there coldly, not helping either party. If it were before, she would have come up to support Bai Li Zi Xi already.

Ji Mo Ya happened to be underneath a lamp, the shadow of the light shrouded his face, making it hard for others to observe what he was thinking. His deep refreshing voice seems to decrease the chillness within the estate.

“Little Yan, the Saintess has helped me with expelling devil energy, and we are both slightly tired. Return and take care of your body, we can talk in the future.”

His words immediately brought delight to Bai Li Zi Xi’s expression.

Huan Qing Yan felt her mood sank even lower; Ji Mo Ya was diverting the topic, it was equivalent to protecting Bai Li ZI Xi… see how the latter was so happy now!

However, seeing Ji Mo Ya’s tired face, her heart also ached for him. So be it, let him rest first.

The devil energy in his body is still there, yet she even caused trouble and affected him…

“Okay, rest well.” Huan Qing Yan’s tone unknowingly became less energetic than before.

She must believe him!

He was now the only person she can trust.

Only then did Madam Ru spoke, “Little Xi, you have worked hard to help Little Ya. I got people to bring your stuff and bed here, just stay in Yun Ya Estate, it will make it easier for the both of you to expel the devil energy…”

“I thank Madam for your thoughtfulness.”

Bai Li Zi Xi glanced at Ji Mo Ya after she spoke, the latter did not say anything as well, looking as though he has tacitly agreed.

Huan Qing Yan felt even more depressed, she no longer commented and turned to leave.

Outside of Yun Ya Estate.

Madam Ru caught up with her and said from behind, “Hold right there.”

Huan Qing Yan stopped herself, He Lian Yuan who was beside her was looking at Madam Ru with high alert.

Madam Ru spoke in a charitable tone, “Looking at your body, you should be about six months pregnant and close to giving birth. It is not good for the baby is born without a name, I have arranged a banquet for you and incited the elders of the Ji Mo Clan in Holy City. Consider it as giving you status as a concubine, else those rumors outside will affect the reputation of our Ji Mo Clan.”

Huan Qing Yan was feeling gloomy, she was unable to help Ji Mo Ya with the devil energy, plus the smug look that Bai Li Zi Xi gave her before she left… this caused her to develop various unhappy thoughts.

The most crucial of all was Ji Mo Ya’s attitude…

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Unable to grasp.

“No need. The child will take my surname, unrelated with the Ji Mo Clan.”

Madam Ru coldly snorted, “No matter how many demon men you slept with, as long as this child possessed any chances of carrying the blood of the Ji Mo Clan, we will not give it up. What you are carrying is not an ordinary human, its life is more important than yours, you better know what’s good for you.”

Fine, the entire city likely knew of this rumor, Huan Qing Yan felt a level of disappointment she had never experienced before.

And Ji Mo Ya was not by her side.

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“Is it you? Is it someone sent by you?” Huan Qing Yan looked at Madam Ru, somewhat agitated.

Madam Ru replied, “If it is me, will I be standing here and be talking to you? Little Ya had already investigated who that person is, just that he has yet to take action, you are a smart person… Do not overestimate a man’s love, in front of benefits and life, love is not worth a single cent!”

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