Chapter 182 – Wang Family 

Yang Tian had tamed a Lich in his previous life and the Undead Magic that Yang Tian knew, he had learned all that through that lich.

The number one requirement for Undead Magic users is to have a firm will, else they will be enslaved by the Abyss World the moment they come into contact with Undead Magic.

“I have never done anything that I am not confident about.”

Dark Rock Spike

Yang Tian added the Dark Attribute on Rock Spike, increasing the attack power of the spell. The metahumans of Wu Family were still able to protect themselves against Rock Spike, but when they had to face Dark Rock Spike which has higher destructive power, the casualties started to increase significantly.

Rock spikes pierced through the bodies of the metahumans, some from leg to head, some got splattered, others lost their limbs… the large scale attack had achieved its purpose.

The Wu Family Head witnessed the entire situation while fighting against the T-Rex, he charged towards Yang Tian while paying the price of being attacked by Fire Dragon Claw.

“Stop it!”

Wu Family Head’s eyes were turning red; these were forces that he had built up with great hardship, he cannot allow Yang Tian to continue his attacks.

Rage Of The Fire Dragon

This was the strongest attacking method that the Wu Family Head could use.

A five-meter tall fire dragon illusion appeared behind the Wu Family Head, the illusion looked as though it was a real fire dragon.


The fire dragon released a mighty roar towards Yang Tian.

The aura of Wu Family Head increased significantly, his fighting power now had undoubtedly reached Early Rank 4.


Yang Tian slowly lifted his head, the Wu Family Head saw a pair of dull eyes that caused him to pause for a moment.

Undead Magic: Death Mark

A mark the shape of a dark green skull condensed in front of Yang Tian, the Wu Family Head sensed something dangerous. However, he must kill Yang Tian.

“Not good.”

The Wu Family Head suddenly noticed that something was wrong, the Death Mark started flying towards him, and he was very sure that if he were struck by the Death Mark, it would absolutely be a bad thing.

However, Death Mark was like an illusion and could not be captured or blocked.


The Wu Family Head had no way to avoid, or to put it accurately, the Wu Family Head did not know how to avoid it.

“Just that level of power and you want to escape?”

An emotionless voice came out of Yang Tian.

“Then I will just get rid of you first!”

The Wu Family Head said, unwilling to resign.

“Ke Ke” only Yang Tian’s cold chuckling replied to him.

The Wu Family Head once again attacked Yang Tian, he had not released the Rage Of The Fire Dragon from earlier.

Mental Pierce

A sharp sword made from mental power stabbed towards Wu Family Head, the latter seems to sense something but his defense power was multiplied when he activates Rage Of The Fire Dragon, that was why he chose to ignore Mental Pierce.

He regretted his decision the next second.

The destructive force of Mental Pierce forcefully deactivated the Rage Of The Fire Dragon, the backlash and the damage from Mental Pierce resulted in the Wu Family Head to start bleeding from his five orifices.

Under normal circumstances, Mental Pierce would not have caused such high damage to the Wu Family Head, let alone when he was under the effects of Rage Of The Fire Dragon. However, he forgot about one factor, he has the Death Mark.

Death Mark would increase the damage received by the Wu Family Head, especially mental-type attacks. Moreover, a terrifying trait of Death Mark was that it would continuously weaken the lifeforce of its host until they die.

The loss of lifeforce plus the damage he had sustained now, Yang Tian only sees a man that would undoubtedly die.

“Not good!”

After Yang Tian use Undead Magic, his mind would also be affected.

Mental Pierce

Yang Tian immediately got Violent Corpse Worm Queen to used Mental Pierce on himself, allowing him to wake up from the state of casting Undead Magic.


Yang Tian released a painful cry, faint traces of blood flowed out of his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. However, Yang Tian’s eyes had turned back to his originally Half-Dragon Eyes. The Death Energy that was circulating around him were also slowing disappearing.

Only now did Yu’er, who was behind Yang Tian, sensed that the current Yang Tian was the real person.

“What did you do to me?”

The sideburns of Wu Family Head were turning grey, he could sense the slow loss of his lifeforce and be feeling terrified.

“This is the price for touching my woman.”

Yang Tian’s word cause Yu’er to feel a warmth in her heart, she had never been protected by a man before. This was the first time she felt a sense of security.


Wu Family Head did not know if he should beg or put up a front, but he soon understood what he needed to do.

A large group of metahumans has arrived outside the Wu Estate, the Wu Family Head saw his hope.

“Wang Yi, someone dares to attack the Wu Family. As long as you can capture him alive, I will agree to the union between our two families immediately.”

As Yu’er was unwilling before, the Wu Family Head had no choice but to delay the matter to create time to change her mind, but the Wu Family Head could not be bothered about it anymore. The feeling of his lifeforce decreasing has terrified him, he must capture Yang Tian and force the latter to tell him the method to stop it, else he would undoubtedly die.


The one leading the force was a youth, his face was showing delight. That was because he would be the groom of the marriage union, that was also the reason why he was sent here by the Wang Family when they heard that a huge commotion appeared in the Wu Family.


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Wu Family Head spoke in a firm tone.

Wang Yi, an Early Rank 3 metahuman. He was not considered very powerful, but he has five High Rank 3 metahumans beside him. Of course, even with Wang Yi’s status within the Wang Family, he would not be able to move such high-level manpower. These men were all specially sent by the Wang Family to display the family’s might.

However, they were being sent to fight in the end.

There were also two hundred Rank 2 metahumans behind Wang Yi.

Compared to the entire strength of the Wu Family, just this team brought by Wang Yi was enough to suppress them.

Although they were all given the title of Four Great Families, there was a reason why the Wang Family was given the title of the strongest.

“These three creatures as well?”

Wang Yi pointed at Yang Tian’s three tamed beasts. Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf were still fine, but T-Rex was giving Wang Yi an enormous pressure.

“Yes, those three creatures are all his subordinates.” Wu Family Head replied.

“Are you guys confident?” Wang Yi looked at the five High Rank 3 metahumans.

“That T-Rex might be a problem, but the others were nothing much. We will send the three strongest amongst us to quickly deal with the other three and try to delay the T-Rex as much as we can. Once we are done with the other three, the five of us will have no issue taking the T-Rex down.”

“I will have to trouble Elder Pang.”

“No need to be polite Young Master.”

With Wang Family’s assistance, the metahumans of Wu Family who were fighting Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf quickly retreated, handing over the battlefield to the men of the Wang Family.

The metahuman referred by Wang Yi as Elder Pang arrived in front of Yang Tian.

“Your ability is quite peculiar, but you will not find any advantage now that you are in this old man’s hands.”

Elder Pang said confidently, treating Yang Tian as though he was prey within his grasp already.

Yang Tian knew not where his opponent’s confidence came from, but Yang Tian already had insurance prepared. When he used Undead Magic earlier, he also silently prepared another Undead Magic for special situations like this, it was just in time to be used.

Undead Magic: Raise Dead.

The lowest level Raise Dead could awaken creatures that just died and turn them into Undead Creatures. As Yang Tian was only using the lowest level of the spell, all the metahumans killed earlier on were turned into the lowest level skeleton soldiers. However, all of them will listen to Yang Tian’s command.

It was also because he had cast Death Mark that Yang Tian was unable to cast a higher level Undead Magic.


Undead Magic was released by Yang Tian; many metahumans had been killed by Dark Rock Spike. Under the effects of Undead Magic, they lost their flesh and skin and reformed into skeletons.

Rank 1 Skeleton Soldiers

They all became Rank 1 Skeleton Soldiers.

They received Yang Tian’s command and fearlessly charged towards the metahumans of the Wang Family.

“A nice trick, see how I will capture you and get you to reveal all your secrets to our Wang Family.”

Elder Pang did not feel pressured by the Undead Magic used by Yang Tian and was still displaying a confident look. While Yang Tian had no plans to pressure his opponent at all, his goal was to simply create chaos.

“Lend me your power.”

Yang Tian said to Violent Corpse Worm Queen.

Like the last time, the power was gathered in both arms still. With previous experience, this time was much easier, a familiar power started to well up inside Yang Tian.

Of course… there was also a power that he disliked.

Facing a powered up Yang Tian, Elder Pang was finally unable to remain calm. He could sense danger coming from Yang Tian, a lethal threat.


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Elder Pang released his ability.

Another High-Grade Beast Warrior

Metal Arm Gorilla King

The arms of Elder Pang expanded and became extremely thick, a white silverish sheen could be seen being emitted from his arms. Elder Pang’s body grew to three meters in height, causing the clothes he was wearing to break apart.


Elder Pang released a shattering howl.

Wielding its thick metal arms, Elder Pang smashed it down at Yang Tian.


Yang Tian’s left arm clashed with Elder Pang’s right.

They were evenly matched.

Shock was written inside Elder Pang’s eyes, this was his first encounter with a metahuman that could match his strength; even the Wu Family Head had not dared to clash with him using Fire Dragon Arm. However, Yang Tian was an even match against him.


Elder Pang gave a cold snort, his thoughts were that Yang Tian had only been able to block him because he underestimated the latter, he would undoubtedly obtain victory in his next strike. He was full of confidence with his strength.

Got you.

Yang Tian’s left arm turned into a blur as he punched towards Elder Pang.  Elder Pang saw Yang Tian’s action as one taunting him.

“Since you want to die, I will help you.”

The strength of Elder Pang’s right arm well up with power, he had just used his ability to increase his strength by another tier.

Elder Pang’s right fist headed towards Yang Tian’s left.

However, the scene of blood and flesh scattering everywhere was not found, Elder Pang had a feeling of punching into cotton coming from his fist. When he checked Yang Tian’s left fist, it was no longer an arm

Black liquid had replaced Yang Tian’s left arm, and the liquid was climbing up Elder Pang’s right arm, wholly negating Elder Pang’s attack.

Elder Pang wanted to retract his arm, but the black liquid was too sticky, he was unable to keep retract his arms.

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