Chapter 181 – Undead Magic

“Finally here.”

Yang Tian detected the energy of the Fire Dragon Warrior, Wu Family Head has come.

And currently, he was trying to rescue the two falling fly beast metahumans, they might be his best subordinates.

Fire Dragon Warrior charged towards the Gale Hawk Warrior who was about to touch the ground.

Yang Tian took out a Rank 2 magic energy weapon from Archaic Bronze Ring, Fire Dragon Warrior was current a moving target for Yang Tian.

Blaze Gun, its core spell formation had been replaced, wholly with high Rank 3 materials, by Yang Tian and the weapon could now handle the recoil of high Rank 3 bullets.

High Rank 3 Bullet Flame Exploding Bullet

This was currently Yang Tian’s strongest magic energy weapon combination, its destructive force could undoubtedly reach Peak Rank 3 metahuman level.

Yang Tian loaded Flame Exploding Bullet into the Blaze Gun and aimed at Fire Dragon Warrior who was moving at high speeds.

Fire Dragon Warrior suddenly sensed a lethal threat but he could not just watch Gale Hawk Warrior die in front of him.


Yang Tian shot Blaze Gun, the Flame Exploding Bullet which shot out possessed the additional traits of having both high heat and 12% piercing ability from the Blaze Gun. As the combination were both Fire Attributes, the Fire Attribute on the bullet experienced a compounding effect.

This was the first time Fire Dragon Warrior felt death approaching so distinctively.

Fire Dragon Shield

Fire Dragon Warrior unconsciously used Fire Dragon Shield to block after sensing the lethal threat coming from behind.


A terrifying explosion spreads out with Fire Dragon Shield as its center, the Gale Hawk Warrior was caught in the blast and was sent flying, slamming against the walls of the Wu Family.

Although the wall was shattered and he had some injuries, but he had avoided death from falling headfirst.


Yang Tian saw Fire Dragon Shield appearing and knew that his attack will fail to deal lethal damage to the Fire Dragon Warrior; immediately, Yang Tian changed his target to Illusion Butterfly Mage.

The nozzle of Blaze Gun was aimed at Illusion Butterfly Mage, the cost of manufacturing a Fire Exploding Bullet was not low, Yang Tian was still not willing to waste another one on the Illusion Butterfly Mage.

Rank 2 Piercing Bullet

The bullet possessed a 25% material piercing ability plus the 12% piercing ability inherent on the Blaze Gun, the combined 37% piercing ability was more than enough to kill a Mid Rank 3 mage.


The Rank 2 Piercing Bullet that was encased in high heat was shooting towards the heart of the Illusion Butterfly Mage.


His bullet had been blocked again?

A familiar figure entered Yang Tian’s vision.


Yang Tian immediately recognized the newcomer and kept Blaze Game. He landed in front of Yu’er in a leap.

“You… why did you come?”

Seeing Yang Tian looking at her, Yu’er shifted her gaze.

“What happened to your body, tell me.”


Yu’er was evidently not wanting to tell Yang Tian the truth.

“If you don’t tell me, I will kill all of them. Do not doubt my ability to do so.”


Yu’er shouted in shock.

“Then tell me.”

“Actually, I left that day because I was called back by my father…”

After that night, Yu’er received a message from her father and rushed back to A City. However, when she knew the reason why her father called her back, she was enraged.

The Wang Family has offered a marriage agreement with the Wu Family, the Wang Family was the strongest amongst the Four Great Families of A City, entering a marriage agreement with the Wang Family only has advantages. However, the Wang Family has one request, the marriage partner must be Wu Xiao Yu. The reason was undoubtedly that she was a disciple of a powerful Martial Sect; only Wu Xiao Yu had the qualifications to form a union with the Wang Family.

The Wu Family Head pondered for several days before finally agreeing.

Wu Xiao Yu immediately rejected the arrangement without hesitation after she returned, but the Wu Family Head used the future of Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei to pressure Wu Xiao Yu. In the end, Wu Xiao Yu had no choice but to helplessly agreed to the Wu Family Head’s request.

“You did not tell your father about your Master’s intentions?”

“I did not.”

Yu’er shook her head.

The aftershock of the blast had disappeared by then; the Wu Family Head was injured despite the Fire Dragon Shield, one-third of the scales on his body were charred.

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When the Wu Family Head saw Yang Tian and Yu’er standing together, he wanted to attack Yang Tian.

However, he forgot about T-Rex. When the latter saw that someone wanted to attack its master, it immediately used Fire Dragon Claw and slashed at Wu Family Head.

Feeling a threat coming from behind, the Wu Family Head quickly turned around, only to find that Fire Dragon Claw was inches from reaching him. How could a hasty defense block such an attack?


Wu Family Head was sent flying, the scales on his chest were blown apart, leaving behind three gruesome injuries.

T-Rex was still High Rank 3, but its power was obviously much greater than before. It had no problem going against Fire Dragon Warrior.

And the reason for the increase in fighting power was due to the fetus in its belly. From Yang Tian’s understanding, the fetus was about to fully form, T-Rex was about to give birth to a new life.

T-Rex belonged to a Half-Undead Creature, Yang Tian was unable to determine how powerful the child it will be giving birth to can be. However, he was sure of one thing, the newborn would undoubtedly possess the dragon bloodline.


T-Rex released a roar and continued to attack the Wu Family Head with Fire Dragon Claw. As for Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, their battle had come to a standstill.

“You should quickly run. The bulk of my family’s forces will be here soon, you have caused such a great commotion, even the Wang Family might send aid here.” Yu’er looked at Yang Tian with worry.

“Do you think I will be afraid of them?”

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“But this is a matter of ability, not a problem of fear.”

“If I say I have the ability to wipe out the Wang Family, do you believe me?”

Yu’er knew the strength of the Wang Family, she did not feel that Yang Tian would have the ability to wipe them out, but Yu’er saw confidence in Yang Tian’s eyes. A great sense of confidence.

Is he so powerful?

Yang Tian could undoubtedly wipe out the Wang Family, but there will be a price to be paid.

“But… but” as the metahumans of the Wu Family gathered, Yu’er got more and more anxious.

“What will happen to you if I leave? Marrying the Wang Family will be a disgrace to me. I have sworn before that I will never allow the word disgrace to appear in my life again. If it ever appears, I will exterminate and wipe out everything of the other party and their clan.”

Yang Tian’s eyes were turning red.

Rock Spike 

Yang Tian used Rock Spike against the increasing amount of metahumans. Several spikes made of rock appeared on the ground underneath the metahumans, the sudden attack of rock spikes cause significant damage to the Wu Family metahumans as they were caught unprepared and also hindered them.

Yang Tian had experienced the people he loved dying in front of him multiple times in his previous life, yet he could only helplessly watch as it happens. The current situation reminded Yang Tian of what happened in his previous life.

“I will not allow this type of situation to repeat itself again. Not even once!” Yang Tian shouted the last three words slowly and deliberately.

A trace of madness flashed through Yang Tian’s eyes, the madness was causing Yu’er to feel slightly afraid.

“What are you planning to do?”

“Are you crazy?”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen had noticed something amiss and wanted to stop Yang Tian.

“I can lend you my power, but you must not use Undead Magic, especially when your mental power is only Mid Rank 3. If you lose control, you will become the slave of the Abyss World!”

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