Chapter 180 – Invade

The Earth Attribute and Wind Attribute were completely awakened within metahumans and raised to Mid Rank 3. Yang Tian also did not experience any problems when absorbing them.

“I hope it will not be a bad thing.”

Yang Tian was still a Beast Tamer, Beast Tamers do not rely on the power of their physique, but the power of their mental power. Yang Tian originally wanted to evolve his Null Elf body to a Mental Elf species, but that plan was obviously going to burst now.

After ranking up, Yang Tian gathered the three tamed beasts to his side.

Yang Tian had adjusted to his peak condition as well.

It was currently at night, but it was going to have no impact on Yang Tian’s next action.

Target: Wu Family.

This time, he was heading there for revenge, Yang Tian would not be bothered to deal with the metahumans guarding at the guard posts.

“Who’s that! Stop right there!”

The metahumans at the guard post might be alarmed when they saw the three tamed beasts accompanying Yang Tian, but their responsibilities prevented them from retreating.

“Trample them.”

T-Rex led the vanguard, its colossal body looked like a mobile skyscraper in front of the metahumans. T-Rex lifted its left leg and viciously stomps at all the metahumans.


Only the metahumans standing at the edge of the attack were able to escape the stomp of the T-Rex, but most of the metahumans have been squashed into mincemeat.

“Quickly return and report this!”

The Wu Family was nearest to this guard post.

A few metahumans managed to run back to A City right under Yang Tian’s nose, but it was because Yang Tian deliberately allowed it.

“The ones who remain are no longer useful, kill them.”

Dark Crimson Fire Wolf shot a jet of blue flames from its mouth, the metahumans caught by that fire turned into ashes within ten seconds.


Yang Tian rode on T-Rex’s head and headed towards the Wu Family.

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The Wu Family had just received news of the attack and were organizing an assault team when they saw the approaching T-Rex.

There were also two other mutated beasts beside the T-Rex and from their energy signatures, they were certainly not weak.

This was also the first time the Wu Family had seen three different species of mutated beasts gathered together.

“No, look over there.”

One of the metahumans pointed at Yang Tian, who was sitting on top of T-Rex.

“Is that a human? Quickly report to the family head!”


Yang Tian soon arrived in front of the gates of the Wu Family.

The metahumans gathered at the gates were not many, Yang Tian ordered T-Rex to step on them, both metahumans and the gate was trampled by T-Rex with one stomp.

“Who dares to cause trouble to my Wu Family!”

The Wu Family Head has yet to arrive, and many metahumans under the Wu Family have gathered, there were currently five Mid Rank 3 metahumans.

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Amongst them, two were flying beast metahumans, they were flapping their wings and flew in front of Yang Tian.

“Who are you? Why are you causing trouble for our Wu Family!”

“I am here to look for someone, a pity your Wu Family is unwilling to cooperate.”

The two flying beast metahumans looked at T-Rex that was underneath Yang Tian and frowned. They could sense pressure coming from T-Rex, Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf; they could not be underestimated as well.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Wu Xiao Yu.”

When they heard Wu Xiao Yu’s name, the two flying beast metahumans displayed strange expressions.

“Wu Xiao Yu is our Young Lady, the Wu Family is currently arranging a marriage between her and someone from the Wu Family. This is something that everyone in A City knows about, I think you are just here to cause trouble!”

Marriage arrangement? Yang Tian believes that this was not Yu’er’s intention, and it was not likely the intention of Yu’er’s master as well. It was evident that Yu’er’s master wanted to matchup Yang Tian and Yu’er together, why would he allow Yu’er to participate in an arranged marriage? The only explanation was that it was a unilateral decision of the Wu Family Head.

“Is the Wang Family even worthy of snatching my woman?”


“Looks like all of you deserve to die.”

Dragon Roar

The two flying beast metahumans in front of Yang Tian were closest to T-Rex, less than three meters away.

The Dragon Roar completely caught them by surprise. After taking the surprise attack, the two flying beast metahumans were sent flying for nearly a hundred meters away before they could stop and blood was flowing out of their eyes, ears, and nose.

The battle has begun, Yang Tian had no intention of holding back.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Dark Crimson Fire Wolf charged out, even when facing against three Mid Rank 3 metahumans which they were having no problems whilst fighting against them.

The two flying beast metahumans also entered into battle mode after Yang Tian’s attack.

Gale Hawk Warrior

Illusion Butterfly Mage

Not all Beast Metahumans are close combatants, there were also mages amongst them. The Illusion Butterfly was a type of beast mage, compared to the Gale Hawk Warrior, the Illusion Butterfly was the tougher to deal with.

Gale Hawk Warrior focused on fighting while Illusion Butterfly focused on controlling.

Gale Hawk Assault

Gale Hawk Warrior turned into a three-meter long illusion and charged towards Yang Tian with great speed.

However, Yang Tian was already using Examine to capture its movement, the Gale Hawk would not be able to succeed.

Illusion Pollen

Pollen that the eyes could not capture started floating out from the Illusion Butterfly Mage, the pollen was targeting T-Rex. The eyes not being able to detect did not mean that it could not be detected by Examine.

Illusion Pollen possessed confusion effects, they know that T-Rex was a tough opponent and wanted to use the pollen to hinder it while Gale Hawk Warrior quickly deals with Yang Tian. After that, they would deal with T-Rex together.

The plan was not bad, but when the plan was exposed, could it still be known as a plan?

The speed of the Illusion Pollen was even faster than Gale Hawk Assault.

Just when they thought that the Illusion Pollen attack was about to become successful, Yang Tian took out a gold mirror.


Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror released a suction force that sucked into all the pollen. However, when Gale Hawk Assault was ten meters from Yang Tian, Illusion Pollen was shot out from Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror and headed towards Gale Hawk Warrior.


Gale Hawk Warrior felt as though hot water splashed on its body before his actions became as though he was drunk; he started swaying in the air before falling from the sky, head first.

If he were to fall in that posture, Gale Hawk Warrior would die for sure.

Illusion Butterfly Mage wanted to assist, but Yang Tian in Venom form suddenly appeared in front of him.

The mage did not have much close combat fighting power, to begin with. He made the mistake of assuming Yang Tian would not be able to pose much of a threat to him when he was flying in the air, but the truth was not as such.

Ravenous Wolf Blade appeared on Yang Tian’s hand and created a beautiful arc as it slashed towards the Illusion Butterfly Mage, but along with it was his blood flying everywhere.

Down in one strike.

Yang Tian used the body of Illusion Butterfly Mage as a jumping board to return onto the head of T-Rex. Due to the push from Yang Tian, the Illusion Butterfly Mage landing became even forceful as well. Being a mage, falling from such a height would likely cause him to die on the spot.

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