Chapter 179 – Rank 2 Martialist 

Several Martial Sects have invited him, but he rejected all of them.


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Wu Ying Xue’s face was full of worry.

“Xue’er, don’t be afraid, are you not confident of my abilities?”

“I believed in Father’s ability, but he…”

“Since you believe in me then there is no need for buts, you and your brother should go rest.”

Yang Tian had already left the premises of the Wu Family, if he continues north, he will leave the territory of A City.

After using Examine to check that the surface was safe, Yang Tian burrowed out from underground.

Yang Tian could not help but released a long breath after burrowing out, the constant battles had taken quite a toll on his stamina. That he suddenly encounter an opponent that was much stronger than him, Yang Tian had no choice but to escape.

“Let’s summon them out first.”

With Yang Tian at the center, a faint pulse was emitted. The tamed beasts located far away at Sky Halberd Domain sensed Yang Tian’s calls and quickly ran towards A City from the domain.

Yang Tian only called his tamed beasts and not the summoned beasts.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, T-Rex.

Of the trio, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was the fastest, followed by T-Rex and Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

Yang Tian also used this period to rest. The current Yang Tian no longer solely relied on Venom to fight, he could also fight now, just that his fighting power as a Rank 1 Martialist was limited. Else he would have been able to display a stronger fighting power.

“Let’s place a small spell formation nearby. It can save us the trouble of being in constant alert.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen suggested.


Yang Tian had no problems setting up small scale spell formations.

By controlling his mental power, he could easily manipulate the magnetic field in this area. Once a creature approaches, Yang Tian would know immediately.

Yang Tian sat on the ground and started to circulate Purple Sun Divine Art to recover.

However, Yang Tian was still hesitant about using the two bundles of meta-energy inside of him.

“Nevermind, with their speed, they should be able to reach here quickly.”

Yang Tian calmed his mind and focused on circulating Purple Sun Divine Art.

Yang Tian was unable to guarantee his safety in this area, he decided to play it safe and wait for T-Rex and the rest to arrive and guard him before he starts.

After six hours of waiting, the first to arrive was Dark Crimson Fire Wolf. An hour later, T-Rex also reached Yang Tian, and following behind it was Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

Although Yang Tian’s appearance had significantly changed, the tamed beasts did not see it that way. All they knew was that the person in front of them is their master.

“Guard me, do not allow any creature to approach.”

The tamed beasts immediately did as commanded when they received the order.

They stood at three different directions from Yang Tian, maintaining a distance of a hundred meters from the latter.

Yang Tian also started to focus his attention on refining the two bundles of meta-energy.

Yang Tian had been training Purple Sun Divine Art, that was why the two bundles of meta-energy also turned into the inner energy of the art. Simply refining the meta-energy was something very easy for Yang Tian, but to convert it to inner energy was slightly more troublesome.

Using Rank 1 Inner Energy, but with the assistance of Mid Rank 3 Mental Power, the meta-energies were slowly refined and converted into inner energy.

Yang Tian was already one step away from becoming a Rank 2 Martialist, now it was just a simple push.


When a bundle of meta-energy was refined by half, Yang Tian had become a Rank 2 Martialist.

His physique obtained an increase, a noticeable boost.

Strength, Speed, Explosive Power… all attributes got a boost. Compared to the boost experienced by close combat metahumans, the enhancement was much more apparent. No wonder Martialist are stronger than metahumans during battles, it was not without good reason.

Crackle Crackle

Yang Tian’s skeleton was also being enhanced, but the changes to the skeleton were not as relaxed as those to his muscles. There was a series of pain, followed by itchiness which affected his entire skeleton each time.

With Yang Tian’s tolerance, this level of pain only caused him to simply frown.

“A great increase.”

Yang Tian grasped his fist, the physique of a Rank 2 Martialist was equivalent to an Early Rank 3 close combat-type metahuman.

There was still one and a half meta-energy, Yang Tian continued to use it to solidify his body and foundation.

The pure energy refined from meta-energy spread throughout his body.

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If Yang Tian’s physique was one when he was a Rank 1 Martialist, and his physique had reached two after reaching Rank 2. The process of solidifying his foundation has enhanced Yang Tian’s physique to two point seven now.

Using his current physique and by combining it with Venom, it would undoubtedly allow him to fight against a High Rank 3 close combat-type metahuman.

“Something’s wrong.”

Yang Tian checked his body and discovered something’s different.

There were two more attributes in his body, Earth and Wind.

“Is it due to the refining earlier?”

Yang Tian had done his very best to control the meta-energy earlier, but this incident still happened. He originally had three attributes mixed inside of him, causing his body to be imperfect, yet there were two more attributes now. He seems to be becoming a Mish-Mash Elf?

The more singular the attribute on an elf, the more power would the elf’s fighting power be. Yang Tian now has five different attributes, he was unable to guarantee how high he could reach now.

“Damn it.”

“Since you have absorbed it, why not test the power of the Wind and Earth Attribute?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen said.

As his Dark and Light Attribute was not much, Yang Tian was unable to use it to increase his fighting power significantly, but it was different when it comes to the Earth and Wind Attribute this time.

“Let’s give it a try then.”

Earth Attribute Skill: Earth Spike.

Wind Attribute Skill: Wind Barrier.

Yang Tian only wanted to wield the two attributes, and he unexpectedly awoke a skill for each attribute.

Both abilities were at Rank 2.

“The abilities are related to your physique, the stronger your physique becomes, the stronger your abilities would be.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen was able to notice the connection within. If Yang Tian could observe Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s eyes, he would notice that the latter was terrified.

The Violent Corpse Worm Queen undoubtedly knew about something. However, until it confirmed its guess, it would not tell Yang Tian anything.

“Why am I unable to use my Dark or Light Attributes properly before?”

“It should be related to the abilities that you absorbed. The Wind and Earth Attributes are in a complete state, while your Dark and Light Attributes are obviously in their fledging stage at that time.”

Yang Tian also recalled now that the Dark and Light Attribute in his body at that time had not matured yet, he was also not able to sense the Light Attribute inside his body even when he knew he possessed it.

Yang Tian also thought of another problem, the Dark and Light Attributes were scarce, where could he find and absorb these two attributes? However, Yang Tian had a feeling deep down that he must not try to absorb the two attributes from an external source and he needed to rely on himself to develop them.

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