Chapter 178 – Wu Family

A majestic signboard hung above the entrance of an estate with these written words: Wu Family

At the entrance of the Wu Family were ten Rank 2 metahumans standing guard. When they saw Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei, they quickly went up to receive them.

“Young Lady, Young Master.”

From their expressions, one could see that Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei’s position within the Wu Family was not low.

“Is father inside?”

“Master and Madam have been worrying for Young Lady and Young Master inside the estate.”

“Okay, we will go in right now.”

Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei entered the Wu Estate with Yang Tian following behind them.

“Wait, unknown individuals cannot enter.”

However, the guards stopped Yang Tian.

“Move away, he is my friend.” Wu Ying Xue immediately spoke.

At the same time, she was ordering the guards, Wu Ying Xue was also worried that they have offended Yang Tian. Yang Tian will kill anyone who displeases him, regardless of whose territory he was in. 

The guards obediently retracted their hands which were blocking Yang Tian, the latter gave them a cold look before walking into the estate.

Yang Tian’s glance made the guards felt as though they have been thrown into an icy cave.

The atmosphere within the Wu Estate was still relatively pleasant, compared to the outside chaotic region, this place could be considered as a paradise.

“I have sent the two of you back, you should at least tell me something about Yu’er.”

Yang Tian was willing to bring them all the way back to Wu Estate, it has shown that his relationship with Yu’er was not shallow.

“…let’s talk after meeting my father!”

It seems to be a difficult topic for Wu Ying Xue as she quickened her pace.

Yang Tian slightly frowned, but he still closely followed behind Wu Ying Xue. Soon, Yang Tian arrived inside a house, this house was also the largest and finest in the Wu Estate.

“Xue’er, you have finally returned. Chen’er, you are fine as well, that’s great.”

A beautiful lady who was nearly in her forties happily hugged Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei when she saw them.

‘But Uncle Kang and the rest…”

“Only the two of you returned?”

A middle-aged man was standing beside the beautiful lady, he was initially thrilled when he saw Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei, but his expression turned ugly after hearing Wu Ying Xue’s words.


Only the two of them returned? That was a considerable loss for the Wu Estate, two Rank 3 metahumans, and a few dozen Rank 2 metahumans, this was a significant loss of their fighting power.

“You are?”

The middle-aged man saw Yang Tian standing behind Wu Ying Xue, and curiously asked.

“He… is someone who saved us and brought us back.”

However, her words only caused the middle-aged man to develop caution. In the post-apocalyptic era, who would be so kind as to rescue two unrelated people?

“Do not misunderstand, I am only here to take a look at the place where Yu’er lived. Saving them was also for Yu’er.”

Yang Tian undoubtedly knew what the middle-aged man was thinking, so he briefly explained himself.

“May I ask Little Brother…”

The middle-aged man was very curious about Yang Tian’s identity, the former was very clear where Yu’er was training. If this man in front of him knew Yu’er, can it be that he was also one of them?

“You do not have to know, just tell me more about Yu’er! I just want to know.”

“I do not know little brother’s identity, please forgive for not being able to tell you.”

From Wu Ying Xue’s expression, Yang Tian was able to guess that Yu’er situation might not be good. When Yang Tian did not see her staying beside her master in Thirty-Six Paradise City, he had guessed that she had returned home.

From the current situation, Yang Tian was now sure that Yu’er was with the Wu Family.

“Is Yu’er in the Wu Estate?

Yang Tian did not ask the middle-aged man but asked Wu Ying Xue directly.

“Yes… she is in the Wu Estate.”

“Shut it!” the middle-aged man shouted. He immediately pulled Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei behind him.

“Tell me the truth, or I will destroy your Wu Family.”

“What arrogant words, you can try.”


The middle-aged man was surprised for a moment when Yang Tian turned into a black monster.

However, it was only for a moment.

Scales appeared on the middle-aged man’s skin while fire started to envelop his body. When he appeared the next time, the middle-aged man had undergone a significant change.

Fire Dragon Warrior

High-Grade Beast Warrior

There were differences between Beast Warriors, ordinary ones like the Wolf Beast Warrior are Low-Grade Beast Warriors, they will forever remain in wolf form and unable to turn back into humans, unless their ability is utterly gone. While a Fire Dragon Warrior belongs to the High-Grade category, they could freely change the state of their bodies, they could even transform just their hands to hide their forms against other metahumans if they wanted.

The bloodline of High-Grade Beast Warriors could also induce a suppression effect against Low-Grade Beast Warriors. The differences between the grades are not as superficial as it looked. The Fire Dragon Warrior was currently the first High-Grade Beast Warrior that Yang Tian encountered.

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Fire Dragons are considered low-grade dragons amongst the dragon race, but yet it was regarded as a High-Grade Beast. This shows how venerate the bloodline of dragons are.

Peak Rank 3 Warrior

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From the energy emitted by the Fire Dragon Warrior, one could determine that he was a tough opponent.

Dragon-Claw Hand 

Yang Tian instantly used his strongest attacking method.

The middle-aged man looked at Yang Tian with slight disdain when he saw the latter attacking him with claws. His Fire Dragon Claws were extremely sharp, he was confident in giving Yang Tian a lethal strike.

However, his Fire Dragon Claw was only a normal attack while Dragon-Claw Hand might only have nine forms, it was the most potent attack that Yang Tian could unleash, its attacking force was absolutely Rank 4.

“There is a price to pay for underestimating me.”


The middle-aged man instantly felt regretful when he came in contact with Dragon-Claw Hand. Dragon-Claw Hand had far exceeded his Fire Dragon Claws in terms of destructiveness, a simple exchange had resulted in the scales on his claws to be removed by a greater half.

However, Yang Tian was not very satisfied with his attack. Yang Tian had wanted to destroy some of his opponent’s fingers, but it obviously did not succeed.

Seeing his powerful attack not being able to deal considerable damage to the middle-aged man, Yang Tian quickly moved back.

“I will return.”

After he spoke, Yang Tian drilled underground and left.

Being targeted by a terrifying enemy was a very unsettling thing, Wu Ying Xue knew how terrifying Yang Tian was, that was why she was currently the most worried amongst everyone present. Moreover, she knew that Yang Tian had consumed a large amount of meta-energy due to the earlier battle and from bringing her and Wu Chen Fei through underground.

Yang Tian was not in his peak condition when exchanging blows with the middle-aged man earlier, he might not even be half of his peak state.

“I hope you dare to return.”

This was the first time the middle-aged man met Yang Tian, and thus, he did not understand the latter well. Moreover, the middle-aged man was very confident about his ability, even the people from the Martial Sects have praised him.

Had he not been the head of the Wu Family, he would have joined the Martial Sects without hesitating.

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