Chapter 177 – Counter Kill

The metahumans within the free zone might not know what happened when Yang Tian and his pursuers appeared, but they know that a battle was about to happen.

“That is the leader of the Desert Storm Monster Hunters.”

“That is the Rock Monster Hunters. Who is that one? He did not look simple as well.”

“Is their target that black monster?”

The metahumans did not leave but formed a circle instead.

“We need to quickly get rid of the three of them, there are some who are waiting for an opportunity to obtain an easy gain.” Violent Corpse Worm Queen sent Yang Tian a message.

Violent Corpse Worm Queen has discovered that some metahumans were gathering their energy and waiting to release it.

“I know.”

Yang Tian turned his hands into dragon claws, Golden Silkworm Gloves were equipped as well.

Yang Tian could be considered a Martialist now as well, using Purple Sun Divine Art to activate Dragon-Claw Hands might not be very strong, but each form of the attack had become stronger than before.

Faint purple energy was being emitted from the dragon claws.

Yang Tian bent his legs and gathered momentum in his body; a portion of his inner energy was sent to his calves.


A powerful leap was heard, Yang Tian appeared in front of the Desert Storm Envoy. Desert Storm Envoy poses the greatest threat to Yang Tian and must be eliminated first.

Desert Storm Barrier 

The desert storm turned into a ball-shaped shield and protected the Desert Storm Envoy. However, Yang Tian’s attack was not something a Desert Storm Barrier could be blocked.

Screech Screech

The Desert Storm Barrier was pierced by Yang Tian’s dragon claws and was emitting piercing sounds.

“You think too highly of yourself.” Yang Tian said in disdain.

A purple dragon illusion appeared behind Yang Tian, increasing Yang Tian’s attack power.


The Desert Storm Shield was destroyed by Yang Tian, obtaining victory with one strike.


Yang Tian slightly frowned, the Sand Assassin’s scimitar was reaching his back.

Mental Disruption

The Sand Assassin’s scimitar missed its target, allowing Yang Tian To charge towards the Desert Storm Envoy. As for the Rock Warrior, it was still a distance away as his speed was the slowest.


The Desert Storm Envoy was in a panic, he did not expect his barrier to be destroyed by Yang Tian in one strike, this had completely messed up his planning.

The dragon claw was aiming at his head.


The head of the Desert Storm Envoy was crushed by Yang Tian, white matter splattered everywhere.

“Two more.”

Yang Tian shifted his attention to the Sand Assassin, the Rock Warrior has higher defense, it would take more time to kill him.

Mental Pierce 

A sharp sword formed by mental power flew towards the Sand Assassin’s head, but the Sand Assassin seem to notice the danger and quickly avoided that attack.

“What a sensitive danger perception.”

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Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but praise the Sand Assassin’s performance.

However, the Rock Warrior had already arrived, and rocks were covering his entire body. He slammed its body towards Yang Tian.


Yang Tian clawed on the rocks, but it was hard to break through the defense. Moreover, a Sand Assassin was still around, waiting to strike.

Yang Tian circulated Purple Sun Divine Art on his calves to increase his speed.

At the same time that he was evading the Rock Warrior, Yang Tian was also searching for the Sand Assassin.

“Over there.”

The Sand Assassin had done an excellent job hiding, but it was unable to escape from Examine.

Mental Pierce was sent towards the Sand Assassin again, Violent Corpse Worm Queen did not give it a chance to evade this time. The sharp sword of mental pierce stabbed into the Sand Assassin’s head, the pain from the soul caused the Sand Assassin to temporarily lose control of his body.

“You are finished.”

By the time he recovered, he had noticed it was not good, Yang Tian was now in front of him.

The attack power of Dragon-Claw Hand was not something an assassin with weak defense could handle.


Dragon-Claw Hand did not reach the Sand Assassin, a pile of sand took the Sand Assassin’s place instead.

“This is Sand Blink, I forgot about this one.”

Sand Blink can allow a Sand Assassin to instantly teleport to an unknown area, but it has a high consumption. The Sand Assassin should only be able to wield a third of his usual fighting power now. 

A Mid Rank 3 Sand Assassin at most could teleport fifty meters. Plus his current state, Yang Tian should still be able to catch him.

However, he must first take care of the Rock Warrior.

Yang Tian focused all his inner energy on his claws, the enhanced attack power of Dragon-Claw Hand should be able to easily break through the Rock Warrior’s defense.


The rocks on the Rock Warrior’s body emitted a glow. Blunt: Enhance defense power by 20%, but all other attributes are reduced by 10%.

“Are you not planning to attack? Or are you trying to make me waste my meta-energy and find an opportunity to counterattack?”

The idea was not ideal, using Blunt had only turned himself into a target.

Yang Tian released dragon claw form, Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror appeared on Yang Tian’s hand.

Dual Illusion

You cannot run away now.

Rock Warrior was absorbed into the mirror.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Tian left this area with Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei, but he was chasing after the Sand Assassin.

“It should be nearby, I can sense it.”


Yang Tian activated Examine, everything about the terrain around him was clearly displayed.

“He should be here, but why are we unable to see him?” Violent Corpse Worm Queen wondered.

“It’s the Stealth skill.”

Stealth was a skill that all assassins would learn, it could hide their energy and presence to assist in their attacks. The Sand Assassin must have used it to hide when he sensed danger again.

Unfortunately, he encountered Yang Tian.

The Dark Attribute appeared on Yang Tian’s left arm, Yang Tian slowly approached the Sand Assassin.

The Sand Assassin did not detect any danger approaching when darkness covered him. By the time he could react, it was already too late.

“What… is this?”

Black liquid wrapped him up, similar to what happened to the leader of the Storm Monster Hunters. Only the head of the Sand Assassin was exposed.

His meta-energy was slowly disappearing, he wanted to use Sand Blink to escape again, but he discovered that he could not activate it. All he could do was sense his meta-energy fading away. Finally, even his senses faded away as well.

In the end, his body disappeared, nothing was left.

The meta-energy of the Sand Assassin was now inside Yang Tian, the latter has two Mid Rank 3 meta-energy inside his body. One energy bundle would be used to raise him to a Rank 2 Martialist while the other energy bundle can be used to solidify his foundation at Rank 2.

He only needed a peaceful place to do that now.

However, Yang Tian focused on bringing the Wu siblings home first.

There were another three hundred kilometers to travel; with his current drilling speed, he would be able to reach the Wu Family in half an hour.

“It should be around here.”

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Yang Tian came out from the ground with the Wu siblings.

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