Chapter 176 – Pursuit

Demonic Power Ape has a Peak Rank 3 fighting power so the rewards were absolutely not enough for its left arm, but there were still a number of metahumans looking at this mission.

“Look, someone from the Liu Family is coming.”

“What? Demonic Power Ape’s reward has been increased.”

Yang Tian checked the updated rewards, the Rank 3 Energy Crystal reward was increased from one to three pieces and an additional one kilo of meat jerky.

Over the past few days, many metahumans had interest in this mission but no one dared to take it up, that was why the Liu Family increased the rewards.

When Wu Ying Xue saw that someone from the Liu Family has arrived, she immediately turned her face away to hide. However, she was still unable to avoid the attention of the Liu Family; the people from the Liu Family stood in front of Yang Tian.

“You are Wu Ying Xue from the Wu Family, why did you come to the Liu Family’s territory? Don’t you know of the rules agreed between the Four Great Families of A City?”

The Four Great Families of A City, Liu Wu Wang Yi.

The four families were the main fighting force against the zombie wave attacking A City, but the families did not have a good relationship, one could even say that they were hostile to each other. In the civilized age, the four families would often suppress each other, this situation only magnified in the post-apocalyptic era. They divided A City into four regions and occupied them.

“We came here by mistake and is planning to leave immediately.”

Wu Ying Xue pulled Yang Tian away after speaking.

“You only thought of it now? Too late. Men, capture them.”

This was the Mission Announcement Point of the Liu Family, it was natural for many metahumans working under Liu Family to gather here. Amongst them were five Early Rank 3 metahumans and two Mid Rank 3 metahumans.

Wu Ying Xue was currently injured and unable to display her Mid Rank 3 fighting power, while Wu Chen Fei did not have any fighting power, to begin with. That was why Yang Tian needed to take care of them while fighting the others.

“I told you not to come, look at what is happening now.”

From Wu Ying Xue’s flustered tone, one could easily notice that she was at a loss.

“What’s the hurry, there are monster hunters here. DO you think we need to be afraid?”

“Mission announcement. Anyone who helped me kill a metahuman of the Liu Family will be rewarded. Killing one Rank 1 metahuman, you will be rewarded with a hundred grams of rice. Kill a Rank 2 metahuman, ten Rank 2 Energy Crystals, and two hundred grams of rice. For Early Rank 3 metahuman, you will get a Rank 3 Energy Crystal and one kilo of rice. A Mid Rank 3 metahuman, is double the reward of an Early Rank 3 metahuman.”

Yang Tian’s words were filled with allure, even if they could not kill a Rank 3 metahuman, the Liu Family has a large amount of Rank 1 metahuman. The compounding reward would also be very lucrative.

“I will put the food and energy crystal here. Anyone who has made a kill can come and collect your reward.”

Yang Tian took out several bags of rice from the Archaic Bronze Ring and several Rank 2 Energy Crystals as well.

The monster hunters shifted their attention to the metahumans of the Liu Family.

“All of you… if you dare, you will be blacklisted by the Liu Family, you better think about this clearly.”

The monster hunters started to hesitate, the Liu Family has a strong influence in A City, they did not dare to offend them casually.

“Isn’t there three other families? Making a move and you will be able to obtain my reward, will the Liu Family specially deal with you just because they lose a few Rank 1 and Rank 2 metahumans? Moreover, you can still visit the other families to acquire missions, this is now the post-apocalyptic era, how much effort can the Liu Family expend to deal with all of you?”

Yang Tian’s words were also very obvious, kill a few Rank 1 or Rank 2 metahumans and enjoy the rewards, they could just ignore the Rank 3 metahumans. This would also reduce the chances of getting targeted by the Liu Family.

“Are you true to your words?”

“Of course.”

An Early Rank 3 metahuman was moved, he suddenly killed a Rank 1 metahuman of the Liu Family.

“This is your reward.”

Yang Tian tossed the reward for killing a Rank 1 metahuman to that person.

A casual swipe of the blade and such a rich reward was obtained, the monster hunters were starting to itch.

With a first, there was naturally a second.

The metahumans of the Liu family were butchered by the monster hunters, Yang Tian did not hold back and kept tossing food into their hands.

The low-rank metahumans of the Liu Family were experiencing large scale extermination.

“If you help us capture the three of them, the Liu Family will give everyone great rewards and will forgive the transgressions that happened earlier. We will also not want the food that the three of them have, it will be split amongst all of you.”

The Mid Rank 3 metahumans of the Liu Family had no choice but to lower their heads in this situation, at this rate, all the Rank 1 metahumans would be killed.

There were still many foods displayed in front of Yang Tian, the monster hunters stopped their killing.

Even if the words of that metahuman might be empty in the end, but having his word was also enough, they might be able to obtain Yang Tian’s foods and waive off the matter of offending the Liu Family earlier.

“We are willing to aid the Liu Family.”

They all changed with the wind.

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However, this was also within Yang Tian’s expectation; Yang Tian was not surprised or affected at their sudden change.

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Yang Tian waved his hand, the food and energy crystals in front of him were kept away.

“He must have a treasure on him!”

They noticed it earlier on, and now they saw Yang Tian performing the trick again, greed welled up in them. 

“Do you think all of you will be able to catch up with me?”

Venom wrapped around Yang Tian and a black monster appeared in front of everyone. Venom shot out some black liquid and pulled Wu Ying Xue and Wu Cheng Fei to it, wrapping each them to the sides of Yang Tian’s ribs.

Drill Form

Yang Tian’s drilling speed was still very fast, but there were also some Earth Attribute metahumans amongst the monster hunters. They immediately chased after Yang Tian when they saw Yang Tian escaping by drilling.

“How far are we from the Wu Family?”

“About eight hundred kilometers.”

The distance between the two families was initially not that far, but Earth expanded in size, eight hundred kilometers was only a rough estimate.

Yang Tian increased his drilling speed, the Earth Attribute metahumans were unable to keep up and gave up in the end, the ones still following Yang Tian were, at the very least, Mid Rank 3 metahumans.

“There are still three of them.”

Yang Tian had already drilled through five hundred kilometers, but there were still three metahumans pursuing him.

“Why did you stop?”

“I want to kill three bugs.”

Yang Tian stopped advancing, and the three metahumans soon closed in on them.

Mid Rank 3 Rock Warrior

Mid Rank 3 Desert Storm Envoy

Mid Rank 3 Sand Assassin

Fighting underground was disadvantageous to Yang Tian; when he saw the three of them, Yang Tian went to the surface.

“This is a free zone?”

A City might have been split into four by the families, but the central region of A City belongs to the other metahumans, the Four Great Families have no authority over them. Many nomadic metahumans and monster hunters would be active in this region.

When Yang Tian broke through the ground, it sent many metahumans flying. The three metahumans pursuing him soon surfaced as well, they also sent many metahumans flying as they broke through the earth. The metahumans nearby all stepped back, creating ample space for them.

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