Chapter 175 – Mission Announcement Point

Only the Carat Fire Monkeys in front of them remained and they only have a rough estimate of a hundred. However, when they witnessed the terrible outcome of the other Carat Fire Monkeys, they have lost any desire to battle long ago. One look at the approaching Yang Tian and group and they started running away in panic.

“Do you want to take a look around? Maybe there will be good stuff to be found.”

“You guys go ahead!”

Yang Tian had already used Examine to check the area, there were only Rank 1 items, no good stuff dropped. Being able to obtain a soulbone from the Carat Fire Monkeys earlier had likely used up all their luck accumulated since their ancestors’ time.


To these townsfolk, the items dropped were all good things to have, but it was evident that it was not up to Yang Tian’s standard. However, Wu Ying Xue did join in to try her luck as well.

After they harvested to their fill, they continue on their journey.

“It’s in front.” the townsfolk said.

That’s… a town?

It did not look like a town, more like a circular fortress with four gates located at the cardinal directions.

“This is not man-made, this is a Lord-Rank City.”

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage’s Thirty-Six Paradise City was Legendary Rank, while this place unexpectedly has a Lord-Rank City. It was likely the King’s Spirit of this city has been refined as well.

Bonfire City

Yang Tian saw the name of the city being engraved above the entrance. There were several crimson regions on the grey walls of the city, those should be the offensive region of Bonfire City.

“We will send you off here.”

“Thank you!”

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The townsfolk were startled for a moment when Yang Tian declared that he was leaving, but they have nothing else to say since they have arrived at Bonfire City. They said their goodbyes and parted ways with Yang Tian.

“Why are you in such a rush to leave?” Wu Ying Xue was confused. She could sense that Yang Tian’s movement speed was much faster than before, she and Wu Chen Fei was on the verge of being unable to keep up.

“We are being watched when we entered Bonfire City’s range.”

Surveillance using mental power, this was an area Yang Tian could not make a mistake about. A metahuman that had reached Rank 3 mental power was inside Bonfire City.

After Yang Tian has moved two hundred meters away, the feeling of being watched disappeared.

“Let’s compete” Yang Tian curled his lips.

Mid Rank 3 Mental Power surged from Yang Tian and enveloped the entire Bonfire City.


A person within the city vomited blood, his mental power instantly withered and shrunk.

“Why did you suddenly vomit blood? Did your old injuries act up?”

“No, I have met a match.”

Yang Tian kept his mental power, his strike earlier should have given that person an unexpected surprise.

“Aren’t we being watched? Why did you suddenly stop now?” 

“A silly girl like you knows nothing.” Yang Tian jokingly chided.

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Fortunately, Bonfire City was not far from A City, Yang Tian soon arrived in A City with Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei. However, guard posts have been set up in various checkpoints leading into the city now, they were all guarded by metahumans.

These guard posts were very generally shabby, and the ones that pass through them were mostly monster hunting groups.

“Display you’re A City qualification pass.”

The qualification pass was something of special entry pass created by A City, they were mostly used by the large families and monster hunting groups. Ordinary people were not qualified to possess them, that was why they did not dare to leave A City as they would not be able to reenter once they left.

“I think I forgot to bring it with me.”

Wu Ying Xue was focused on gathering men to rescue Wu Chen Fei, she had no time to think about getting an entry pass.

“Why the need for a qualification pass, this is my qualification pass.”

Yang Tian took out three fist-size bread and threw it in front of the metahumans at the guardpost.

“… you guys can go in.”

After Yang Tian brought Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei into A City, they saw several beggars begging on the streets. There were several amongst them who were once rich and powerful in the civilized age, but now everyone’s status has become the same.

“Some… food, please!”

When the trio appeared, a young man closest to them started begging, from his tattered attire, he was a student. The other beggers also glanced at the trio, they have done similar acts before, but what returned were either beatings or cold looks.

“Here’s a piece of chocolate.”

Yang Tian had wanted to ignore the beggar, but Wu Chen Fei gave him a piece of chocolate. Fearing that Wu Chen Fei would regret his actions, the beggar immediately stuffs the chocolate into his mouth after getting it.

“Food in the post-apocalyptic world is very precious, some useless trash does not have the right to obtain them. You should teach that to your brother.”

“Chen Fei has been staying in the family all this time, I will find a time to teach him.”

Wu Ying Xue knew as well that Wu Chen Fei’s action should not be repeated since it was the post-apocalyptic era now.

When other beggars saw the student beggar succeeded, they all started to move and appeared in front of the trio.

Yang Tian threw a glance at Wu Ying Xue, the latter understood the meaning and covered Wu Chen Fei’s eyes.

“Get lost!”

Yang Tian took out Soft Bone Blade and hacks off the arm of one of the beggars, only after that did the beggars stopped approaching and fearfully ran away. The student beggar who got the chocolate from Wu Chen Fei was also amongst those that ran, the student beggar was deeply afraid that Yang Tian would target him.

Within ten seconds, not a single beggar could be found.

The Wu Family was located in the northern part of A City while Yang Tian and the group were at the southern region, there was still quite a journey to travel.

“Is there anyone from the Wu Family in this region? Inform the Wu Family to get us, it can save us the trouble of traveling.”

“This region is under the Liu Family’s control, how could there be anyone from the Wu Family here. Each family has its own territory, no one from another family is allowed to trespass into another family’s territory.”

“Aren’t you in Liu Family’s territory?”

“That is why we need to leave as quickly as possible.”

It was Wu Ying Xue’s turn to travel in a hurry, but Yang Tian was taking his time.

“Let’s leave quickly. If someone from the Liu Family discovers that I am here, they will capture me.”

“What’s in front?”

“The place where the Liu Family announced their missions.”

This area was a pretty good place, it was once a museum of the civilized age. However, the people gathered were all monster hunters, the metahumans from monster hunting groups would visit the Mission Announcement Point of each family to find a mission that their hunting group could take.

“Let us go and take a look.”


Wu Ying Xue did her best to resist, the Mission Announcement Point has many higher echelons of the family; Wu Ying Xue would be easily recognized by them. However, she was still dragged to the Mission Announcement Point be Yang Tian in the end.

“Corpse of Rank 3 Creature, Storm Wolf. Reward: One Rank 3 Energy Crystal, ten Rank 2 Crystals, one kilo of rice.”

“Left Arm of Rank 3 Creature, Demonic Power Ape. Reward: One Rank 3 Energy Crystal, two kilos of rice, one box of instant noodles.”

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