Chapter 174 – Unknown Soulbone

They were currently gathered in the town.

The Storm Monster Hunters have been observing for a period but were unable to find an opportunity to strike as the townsfolk were always traveling in a large group.

Today was a rare chance where some townsfolk got separated from their main group, yet Wu Ying Xue appeared and interrupted them, and the group was eventually destroyed by Yang Tian. One must say that their luck was abysmal.

“If we weren’t for some monkeys obstructing us, we would not have been separated from the group and be targeted.”

“So you are saying that your town is much stronger than the Storm Monster Hunters?”

“To tell you the truth, despite being only a town, our strength is great. Even the zombies of Fog Country did not dare to harass us.”

From their expressions, Yang Tian could see great confidence in their town. Even a town possessed such powerful fighting strength, no wonder the zombie king of City A was forced to live within the cracks for survival.

Wu Ying Xue was beside Yang Tian and heard the words of those townsfolks.

“Is your town called Bonfire Town?”

“That’s right, our town is called Bonfire Town.”

“You heard of it?” Yang Tian whispered to Wu Ying Xue.

“There are a few powerful towns near A City, it is because of them that A City can surround the zombies and defeat the zombie wave.”

Wu Ying Xue briefly summarized what happened during the zombie wave to Yang Tian. The fighting power of A City and the zombie wave was initially similar, they would likely develop an outcome identical to F City, dividing and sharing the territory equally. However, the towns near A City have grown into a significant fighting force, they coordinated with A City and fought against the zombies.

“If that’s the case, this Bonfire Town must be quite powerful. I wonder where the other towns around A City are located.” Yang Tian thought.

“Sister, since you heard of our Bonfire Town, you must be from A City?”

“We are from the Wu Family.”

“Oh, the Wu Family. Do you want to visit our town, we did not have any metahumans to protect us back, why not give us a hand!”

The few of them asked embarrassingly. Yang Tian did not plan to escort them, but Wu Ying Xue accepted their request without hesitation.


Yang Tian was about to pull Wu Ying Xue away when one of the townfolk suddenly placed an item in Yang Tian’s hand.


A soulbone from <Soul Land>.

“This dropped from the monkeys we killed, we did not know what is good about this piece of bone. Please treat this as a gift from us!”

Yang Tian immediately kept the soulbone.

No matter what type of soulbone it is, it would at least be Rank Six and above. Yang Tian was currently unable to absorb the soulbone at the moment, he needs to be at least Rank 4 to do so.

Seeing Yang Tian keeping the soulbone, the townfolk also felt at ease. In the eyes of these townsfolk, Yang Tian was the only one with real fighting strength, and his reaction earlier was obviously him planning to leave. As they did not have anything good on them, they could only try giving the bone dropped from earlier as a gift to Yang Tian.

The townsfolk did not know what uses a bone has, but from their point of view, a bone was not considered much as long as Yang Tian was willing to escort them.

If they knew the details of that bone, they might have not thought of it this way.

“What violent strength.”

Yang Tian could detect a violent strength from the soulbone and could determine that it was undoubtedly not a mental-type soulbone. It might be a soulbone related to strength.

“What is this?”

Wu Ying Xue wanted to touch the soulbone in Yang Tian’s hand but was rejected by the latter.

“Why are you such a miser.” Wu Ying Xue said, slightly annoyed.

“Let’s send them back!”

With Yang Tian escorting them, the rest felt much more assured.

In this life, it seems like the heavens are taking care of me. Delivering Devil Fruits, and even gifting me a piece of soulbone. If these had happened his previous life…


Yang Tian suddenly felt some resentment, the awkward atmosphere caused the townsfolk to feel somewhat confused.

“Crap, it is them again!”

The townsfolk stopped moving forward as a large group of crimson red monkeys appeared in front.

Carat Fire Monkeys

Large groups of Carat Fire Monkeys would usually be led by a Rank 2 leader. However, there were only Rank 1 Carat Fire Monkeys at the moment, the Fire Monkey Leader was nowhere to be found.

Except for Carat Dwarves, some of the Carat Fire Monkeys have also come to Earth. The attacks that the townsfolk experienced earlier was due to them.

Carat Fire Monkeys were sly by nature and will not engage in a frontal battle. It was likely that the Carat Fire Monkeys have set up several traps for them in the dark.

The reason for the townsfolk separation had been because they got caught in the traps set by the sly Carat Fire Monkeys.

“I am going to kill them!”

“Don’t act rashly, move back!”

They did not know what Yang Tian was planning but still did as instructed.


On the cliff at their left, fifteen Carat Fire Monkeys were hiding behind a round rock. If Yang Tian and his group approach that area, the Carat Fire Monkeys will push that rock. Also, on the right side, within a crack, there was a large amount of Fire Carat Monkeys hiding, Yang Tian also saw their leader, the Rank 2 Carat Fire Monkey.

When the round rock was pushed, the best place to hide for Yang Tian and his group would be the right side of the cliff. The moment they approach that place, the Carat Fire Monkeys would have charged out. Should that happened, the townsfolk would be in extreme danger.

“You want to play? I will let you have a thoroughly good time.”

Rank 2 Magic Energy Equipment, Energy Condenser. Energy Condenser was the most precise and fastest shooting magic energy weapon within Rank 2. Also, the bullets Yang Tian loaded were Explosive Bullets.

Energy Condenser aimed at the Carat Fire Monkey Leader hiding within the crack.

Only allowed on


The speed was too fast for the Carat Fire Monkey Leader to react in time.


A huge explosion appeared on the crack on the right side of the cliff.

Screech Screech

The Carat Fire Monkeys in front of them and those hiding on the left side of the cliff all screeched angrily.

Yang Tian saw the limbs of Carat Fire Monkeys flying everywhere within the explosion. The Carat Fire Monkey Leader might be a Rank 2 creature, but it’s fighting power did not reach Rank 2, even its physique was also weaker than other creatures of the same rank. Their only advantage was their intelligence.

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Rank 1 Carat Fire Monkeys could not even win ordinary humans as well, like how the townsfolk lack of fear when reacting towards the Carat Fire Monkeys earlier, this shows that the Fire Carat Monkeys felt no different than ordinary monkeys in front of the townsfolk.

“These monkeys are actually so cunning, we nearly got caught in their trap.”

The townsfolk wiped away the cold sweat they had on their foreheads.


Yang Tian made another shot towards the Carat Fire Monkeys on the left side of the cliff, but he only used a Rank 1 Flame Bullet this time.

The fire covered their bodies and burned their fur. The flaming monkeys scattered and ran everywhere, no longer displaying the furious expression they had earlier on.

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