Chapter 173 – Hunted

Yang Tian did not plan to continue killing as well, he pulled out the Experienced Light Sword from the ground and put it back into the sheath on Wu Ying Xue’s waist.

“Is Sir determined to interrupt our affairs?” 

The Early Rank 3 metahuman was likely the leader of the Storm Monster Hunters. He knows Yang Tian will not be ordinary from the strike he had displayed just now and did not dare to ignore Yang Tian now.

“If you are willing to let them go, we will not get involved as well.”

The one who spoke was Wu Ying Xue. Her uneasy heart felt safe when she saw Yang Tian stepping in.

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Although Yang Tian was unwilling to be involved in random matters, he had made a move, so Yang Tian could not step back.

“If that’s the case, you are determined to be involved?”

The leader of the Storm Monster Hunters raised his weapon to his chest, his meaning was apparent as well. If you want to be involved, then we can only fight.

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Mid Rank 3 Weapon, Spectral Snake Whip

“So what if I am?” Yang Tian sneered.

Yang Tian pulled Wu Ying Xue behind him at the same time to make it easier for him to protect them.


A black monster replaced Yang Tian’s position and appeared in front of them. When the leader of the Storm Monster Hunters saw the black monster, he sensed danger.

Blade Form

Two large blades replaced the arms while crystal clear saliva dripped off the sharp fangs. The eyes, only whites, were emitting terrifying killing intent.

Yang Tian charged towards them, the blades were like the scythes of a death god, reaping the lives of metahumans with every swing made.

The Rank 1 metahumans were wearing Rank 1 defense equipment, but they were useless under the might of the black blades as body and equipment were hacked in half.


The leader of the monster hunters sent his Spectral Snake Whip into the battlefield; while the Rank 2 metahumans wanted to help as well, but they had been unable to block any of Yang Tian’s attacks, how could they help their leader?

“Go and take those two as hostages.”

The leader of the monster hunters ordered the remaining metahumans. Those metahumans quickly went to surround Yang Tian, but Yang Tian did not give them the opportunity to. Whenever a metahuman went past Yang Tian, his black blades would turn them into a corpse.

The monster hunter leader wanted to create an opportunity for his subordinates and increased the power of his Spectral Snake Whip. The Spectral Snake Whip was indeed a good weapon, its irregular movement, and mighty piercing power could cause significant troubles for its enemy. However, the monster hunter leader was obviously unable to bring out the real power of the Spectral Snake Whip, or one could say that he was still not familiar with controlling his weapon.

Dark Energy gathered on Yang Tian’s right arm, the black blade on his right arm turned blurry. However, the monster hunter leader was detecting a significant threat coming from it.

Yang Tian charged towards the monster hunter leader again, the moment Spectral Snake Whip came in contact with the left blade, the blade suddenly turned into a whirl and held the Spectral Snake Whip in place. The monster hunter leader was also slowly pulled towards Yang Tian and the right blade hacks down at the former.

The monster hunter leader had no choice but to give up on the Spectral Snake Whip and took out a shield to block the black blade.

However, the powerful impact force he was expecting did not appear as a pile of black goo wrapped around his shield, his right arm was also caught by the black goo.

The monster hunter leader wanted to run, but it was too late, he tried to free himself from the black goo, but the toughness of the black goo had exceeded his abilities. Unless he decides to hack off his right arm.

Yet it was going to be something that he obviously would not be doing.

The black goo encased his entire body, leaving only his head exposed.

The monster hunter leader discovered that the black goo was from Yang Tian’s left arm and he started to regret clashing with Yang Tian.

“Release me, I will let them go.”

“Haha, you think you have any right to talk terms with me at this point of time?”

“I still have my subordinates…”

The monster hunter leader shuts up.

Yang Tian slammed the Spectral Snake Whip now in his hand onto the ground, creating a terrifying crater that caused the remaining members of the Storm Monster Hunters to stop moving.

“What! What are you doing?!”

The monster hunter leader started to panic and shouted out.

He noticed that his meta-energy was slowly disappearing, he was also losing the feeling of his body at various locations.

“Let me go, I will give you anything you want.”

The monster hunter leader started to shout in panic. Unfortunately, he was also slowly losing his voice.

Very soon, the monster hunter leader disappeared. The scars left behind on the battlefield were the only thing left that proved that he existed.

“You guys can accompany him.”

Spectral Snake Whip was displaying a much stronger might in Yang Tian’s hands than in its previous owner.

The Spectral Snake Whip moved like a real spectral snake, wrapping the remaining metahumans before they could react.

“Go and die!”

Yang Tian gave the Spectral Snake Whip a hefty tug, the tremendous binding force caused their upper and lower bodies to separate from each other. The metahumans possessed a stronger lifeforce than ordinary humans, that was why they did not die immediately, but they would eventually die if they were not healed.

They suffered pain in the last moments of their lives.

Yang Tian kept Venom, the meta-energy of the monster hunter leader was undoubtedly absorbed by Yang Tian. The latter decided to keep it inside his body first, he would convert the meta-energy into inner energy required by Martialists for cultivation.

Turning the power of an Early Rank 3 metahuman into inner energy was more than enough to allow Yang Tian to become a Rank 2 Martialist. 

If Yang Tian did not have the Dark Attribute, he would not have been able to devour the meta-energy of other metahumans, but now that he possessed the Dark Attribute, Yang Tian would not waste it.

After Yang Tian killed the monster hunter leader, Wu Ying Xue brought Wu Chen Fei to Yang Tian’s side. Wu Ying Xue looked at the struggling metahumans crawling on the ground.

“I can only give you a final release, are all of you fine with that?” Wu Ying Xue looked at the metahumans on the ground and said.



Wu Ying Xue drew Experienced Light Sword and stabbed the skulls of each metahuman, giving them a quick death.

The townsfolk were feeling grateful towards Yang Tian when he helped them fight the monster hunters, but when they saw how cold-blooded Yang Tian was when he killed them, they started to feel worried.

“Thank you, young brother, for helping.”

However, some townsfolk still walked up and expressed their gratitude to Yang Tian.

They were just a group of middle-aged people, on the carts they were pulling were several bags of rice.

“I am very curious about how you managed to survive till now with so many foods in your possession.”

It is tough for ordinary humans to survive in the post-apocalyptic era, and even harder to obtain so much food.

“In fact, it is not only us. Everyone in our town gathered and worked together.”

After the apocalypse, a metahuman appeared in their town. This metahuman gathered all the metahumans and ordinary humans together, and they worked together to fight against the invading otherworld creatures and mutated beasts. Although there were casualties, most of the townsfolk managed to survive until now.

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