Chapter 172 – Storm Monster Hunting Group

“Don’t we have them?”

“But they are heavily injured, how will they be able to resist the zombie assault?”

“Then they can use their lives to resist.”

The large man and his four companions were fighting bitterly against the zombies, not knowing that Yang Tian behind them was already treating them as bait and was even prepared to abandon them.

Yang Tian only wanted to save Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei, so to save people in this situation would require some price to be paid.

Yang Tian’s physique was only Rank 1, but his Mental Power was Mid Rank 3.

Using his Mid Rank 3 Mental Power, Yang Tian was able to instantly analyze the situation. Wu Ying Xue and the other five metahumans have formed a circle with Wu Chen Fei being protected in the middle.

The chaotic situation made them unable to discover Yang Tian’s movements.

“At this rate, we will only die.”

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Wu Chen Fei seems to be well protected, but how long could then maintain this with their current condition? Once a metahuman is killed by the zombies, Wu Chen Fei’s situation would become infinitely dangerous.

If Yang Tian enters Venom form, he could easily carry Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei out of here. Unfortunately, Yang Tian will have to kill the five metahumans.

Since he cannot do it personally, he will borrow the hands of the zombies.

Mental Disruption

Yang Tian used Mental Disruption, but it was not targeted at the zombies; he was targetting the five metahumans. It caused a problem to appear in their defensive circle, allowing the zombies to easily destroy their defense formation.

How could the five resist a Mid Rank 3 Mental Power attack?

An opening appeared on the five of them at the same time, the zombies immediate grabbed onto the opportunity. Their formation was destroyed in a second, Wu Chen Fei’s situation turned bad.

However, Yang Tian’s timing was also very accurate, the moment the five were in danger, he entered Venom form.

Then he stretched out his arms and grabbed Wu Ying Xue and Wu Chen Fei to him.

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“No, there is still Uncle Kang and the rest.”

“I am not asking you.”

Yang Tian ignored Wu Ying Xue’s struggling and quickly brought the two out of this place by relying on Venom’s speed.

The zombie horde shifted their attention to the five metahumans.

“You have the ability to save Uncle Kang and the rest, why did you not do so?”

Wu Ying Xue shouted at Yang Tian when they escaped the danger.

“Why must I save them? If not for Yu’er, I would have killed you and your brother.”

The five metahumans were, after all, serving under Yu’er’s family, he would certainly not kill them openly.


Wu Ying Xue soon went silent, they did offend Yang Tian first so it was only natural that Yang Tian wanted his revenge.

“What is his relationship with elder sister?” Wu Ying Xue silently thought.

However, Wu Ying Xue was sure of one thing, until she knew what Yang Tian’s relationship with his elder sister was, she would not reveal any information about her elder sister.

After experiencing battle earlier, the sky was slowly turning bright. Yang Tian brought them and continued their journey; at their current speed, they should be able to arrive at A City on the night of the second day.

The afternoon of the second day, Yang Tian and the group had arrived at a town near A City. It was unfortunate that Wu Ying Xue was injured, else with the speed of a Rank 3 metahuman, they would be able to arrive A City in a couple of hours.


Wu Ying Xue shouted and charged upfront.

Yang Tian looked at the direction where Wu Ying Xue headed and saw a group of metahumans robbing food from the townspeople.

“Can you do anything with that body?” Yang Tian silently cursed.

He brought Wu Chen Fei and ran to Wu Ying Xue’s side, Wu Ying Xue would only suffer losses in her current state. Yang Tian noticed an Early Rank 3 Storm Warrior within the metahuman group.

So there was an Early Rank 3 metahuman, no wonder they were so brazen!

“We are the Storm Monster Hunters, how dare a lass like you intrude on our matters?”

“She looks pretty good, why not we gift our leader… and have some fun.”

The other metahumans displayed lewd smiles.

“You dare!”

Wu Ying Xue wanted to use her Experience Light Sword to teach them a lesson, but she noticed that her current state was not enough to handle them.

“Why would we not dare?”

As they spoke, some of them started attacking Wu Ying Xue.

However, Yang Tian had also arrived.

Yang Tian’s sudden appearance caused the attackers to retreat.

Yang Tian observed the strength of the Storm Monster Hunting Group, an Early Rank 3 metahuman, five Rank 2 metahumans, twenty-odd Rank 1 metahumans. For Monster Hunting Groups in the early period of the post-apocalyptic era, this group can be considered as quite excellent.

Monster Hunting Groups appeared for the purpose of hunting mutated beasts and otherworld creatures when someone was willing to pay for a rare part of a creature.

In this aspect, A City has developed relatively well, they have understood the method of using the bodies of creatures to develop their abilities. Else Monster Hunting Groups would not have appeared.

“Who are you? Carrying a child wherever you go, what a joke.”

Yang Tian’s handsome face caused them to feel inferior, but this was now a world of survival of the fittest. That was why these people who were jealous of Yang Tian’s looks were planning to add a few scars on his face.

They were just a bunch of small-time thugs in the civilized age and had been jealous of actors on the silver screen.

Yang Tian’s current looks have exceeded many male actors of the civilized age and thus invoked the jealousy within their hearts.

“Enough of the nonsense, take him down and see if he will continue to be that smug.”

A Rank 2 metahuman with a Rank 2 staff weapon attacked Yang Tian.

Yang Tian had such people, who overestimate themselves,  many many times.

He thought that he could deal with Yang Tian with one strike, but he was only showing the latter several openings.

Yang Tian’s hand suddenly reached out for Wu Ying Xue’s Experience Light Sword. The Rank 2 metahuman only saw a blur as Yang Tian drew Experience Light Sword and hacked off the Rank 2 metahuman’s arm.

The Rank 2 metahuman’ center of gravity shifted due to the loss of his arm and he fell onto the ground.

Yang Tian threw the Experienced Light Sword and the sword headed towards the heart of the Rank 2 metahuman.


A sword flew over from the Storm Monster Hunting Group, colliding with Experience Light Sword.

The sword broke but caused the Experienced Light Sword to land two-meters away from the Rank 2 metahuman. The Rank 2 metahuman looked at the sword that stabbed the ground beside him and gulped, seemingly forgetting about his injuries as well.

“Come back.”

The Early Rank 3 metahuman called out. The Rank 2 metahuman quickly reacted and in a panic, ran back to his group.

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