Chapter 917 – Apprehension 

Ji Mo Ya thought about how Huan Qing Yan was thrown down from the Upper Plane, what happened in the Upper Plane?

“Firstly, someone is communicating with Spirit Treasure Continent’s Power of Will, and now Devil Energy has appeared. It is unknown if these two incidents are connected or not. Also, your clan patriarch had once used a thousand years of his lifespan as the price to make a prophecy. He says that when the Seven-Stars become connected, Spirit Treasure Continent will experience a heaven toppling change; it might be destroyed…” Wine Sage took a drink of wine with a serious expression.

The more Ji Mo Ya listened, the more apprehensive he got.

He heard had before that his uncle Ji Mo Wu Chang had once made great divination that caused his body to be in its current state, but no one knew what were the contents of the prophecy.

To think that it was a sacrifice related to the future of humanity, no wonder everyone would show Ji Mo Wu Chang great respect whenever they met him.

Ji Mo Ya’s heart was feeling shocked, but it was not displayed on his face.

“I must say, Ya Brat… you can remain calm despite your young age! Not bad!”

“Thank you for revered Sage’s praise.” Ji Mo Ya replied.

“Right, to not reveal any information this old man told you today, can you guarantee it? Not a single soul, else it will only bring chaos and panic to the entire continent.”

Ji Mo Ya calmly nodded, “Okay. Revered Sage.”

“Plant Sage is not in Holy City, let us first work together to locate the source of the Devil Energy. A third person must not know about this, understand?”

Ji Mo Ya immediately thought of Huan Qing Yan.

Nevermind, it is best not to worry that lass.

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Saintess Palace.

“Madam, be assured, as long as Young Master Ya needs it, Little Xi will do my best to assist him.” Bai Li Zi Xi was chatting random stuff with Madam Ru.

Madam Ru displayed a satisfied expression.

“I do not know why as well, but I just feel unhappy whenever I saw that shrew Huan Qing Yan. I really do not know what Little Ya see in him, she is not even half as good as Little Xi. I have only been rooting for you, I hope you can be my daughter-in-law…” Madam Ru said.

For a King Spirit Master to share her thoughts to a junior truthfully, it could be considered as giving Bai Li Zi Xi a lot of face.

Bai Li Zi Xi lowered her blushing face, “Madam, your words have placed Little Xi in an awkward position. Even if Little Xi and Young Master Ya are only friends, I will still help him. As for us being husband and wife, it cannot be forced, Little Xi does not have such extravagant requests.”

“You are a good lady who has a reputation, I know.”

The two of them kept exchanging pleasantries while Mu Rong Xin Nuo sat beside them like an invisible person, lowering her head while filling their ups with tea.

At that moment, someone gave a report from outside, “Young Master Ya has returned to the Holy City.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo lifted her head, delight was within her eyes.

Bai Li Zi Xi did not react, maintaining a graceful attitude.

Madam Ru asked, “Is he alone?”

“No, with Lady Huan.” The servant paused for a moment, “Lady Huan seems to be pregnant…”

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The women within the house were all startled, each displaying various expressions.

Madam Ru was in disbelief, a mix of joy and disgust.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo was filled with envy, jealousy, and hate, with a bit of pity.

Bai Li Zi Xi was the calmest, but there was doubt in her eyes, along with shock, as she remained still.

After a moment, Madam Ru reacted, “Little Xi, do not be anxious, let me take a look at the situation first.”

Bai Li Zi Xi stood up and spoke with a kind tone, “I will send Madam Ru off.”

“No need, no need.”

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